Writers Corner

Ylith Pandemonium

21-10-2006 06:56:48

This is to see what you guys like to see about the Writers Corner, Anshar and I have been discussing
long about what it should be and could be. But we both have different visions on what it should be.

So, I'd like to hear what you'd like. So Anshar and I can make the Writers Corner a better place and
help you guys with some well earned activity recognition for your hard work at writing!

so let me hear it folks!



Andan Taldrya Marshall

21-10-2006 10:57:04

I was under the impression that the Writers Corner was under the Fiction Tribune's office, not the HM's. That's what would have made more sence, to me at least; the Writers Corner is a place for people to post and review fiction, the FT deals with the MTs and other fiction-related things in the DB while the HM deals with training and the SA.

While you could make an argument that the Center improves a person's writing through the use of reviews, that would mean that the ACC should also fall under the HM's office because the training and qualification battles help to improve a person's ACC writing. This is not the case, however.

Ylith Pandemonium

23-10-2006 04:36:10

please note that I'm part of the fiction member staff ^^'

Andan Taldrya Marshall

23-10-2006 11:31:19

Ah, sorry about that. I saw the 'Anshar and I' line and assumed. :$


26-10-2006 16:37:11

I think it's rather funny that ever since the Writer's Corner was taken out of my hands, no one has ever asked me how I ran it and why. They just changed things around according to how they thought it ran. But what do I know :P


28-10-2006 13:12:13

I picked "other", with something a bit different in mind. Basically, people will submit their work of fiction to the Writing Corner Staff (not the forum itself). The staff would then review the work and if it meets a set criteria or a certain quality of work, it would receive a DSS and be allowed to be posted on the Writing Corner forum.

If a piece isn't "good" enough, perhaps a description as to why can be given. But if it is fine, it can be posted automatically and others can comment on it as they want.

Or, another idea is to have 2 forums. A regular one where everyone submits and another one where those that earn a DSS can be moved to. So the truly "quality" works will be in one place, but there can still be a place for everyone to post their stuff and have others review it. Perhaps the "quality" ones can be hosted on the DB site in an archive as well.

Werdna Elbee

28-10-2006 13:26:09

I think the DSS's and entry to the Writers' Corner should be awarded by the quality of the work. If it's decent, it gets in and a DSS is awarded to the member. Quite frankly any old crap gets into the Writers' Corner, it dilutes the whole thing and people don't read the Writers' Corner because the quality is poor on average.

I don't care that someone has scrapped together 10 pages of poorly wrote, ego-filling rubbish. I'm not happy that someone is posting a chapter every so often and not following through to the end.

DSS is not a merit award. Come back when it's finished or made better.

When you consider that you can get a DSS for posting a short news report it stops me worrying too badly about the number of pages of 'effort' counting towards the DSS. I'd rather read 5 good pages than 10 below average ones.

I'm not saying that only the best of the best of the best should get in. But it should at least be able to get half marks by someone grading it first.