Lucas Vs Colbert

Kaine Mandaala

14-10-2006 10:40:49

George Lucas appeared on The Colbert Report.

George came with his submission for Colbert's Green Screen Challenge and they had a lightsaber duel.


14-10-2006 12:09:42

lol nice, I love the Colbert Report :D


18-10-2006 06:29:31

I not really sure i havent seen it :)


26-10-2006 19:14:31

Lol, cool. Sadly, I missed it when it aired...

Kaine Mandaala

27-10-2006 01:14:39

Well it's Comedy Central... which means it aired about 10 times.

In fact I saw it just last week when they played the Colbert Report at 6:00.

Laigerick Sithelhood

13-12-2006 20:44:29

lol, I remember that. :)