Fantasy Premier League

Maol Nor Lexu

17-09-2006 11:57:39

Suddenly this came out of my mind, why don't we open a league for DB in Fantasy Premier League?

This could be fun, I bet there are plenty football fan here who can join in. Just leave me a message here so I can open a league for DB football fan. If you didn't know much about the fantasy football league, here the address where you can check it out.

Werdna Elbee

18-09-2006 08:34:51

I'm doing that one already. Look out for LeagueBottom. Actually mid-table at the moment because my strikers are sucking.

Maol Nor Lexu

18-09-2006 11:36:03

Great. We could open new league for the brotherhood then. Anybody down with it?

Perhap we could give a cresent for the highes and outstanding in league for the next season. For this season, just for a test drive :P