Kaine Mandaala

06-09-2006 13:24:21

It was released yesterday but here's the link.

Make sure you REGISTER.

Please don't be afraid to ask how to post. It can be a little confusing at first. Also check out the "Getting Started" link on the top-right. I just made that this morning to answer some of the already frequently asked questions.

Oh and you can even ask your questions in this thread. This way people will see it and the answer. Eventually I may add them to the WikiFAQ or the Getting Started pages.


06-09-2006 22:02:37

OMFG that's awesome. Amazing work!


08-09-2006 13:37:07

I put in an article of myself.

I had heard of it before awhile ago coming into development, and I am happy that it is here.


I am thank all who created it.


09-09-2006 11:46:45

It is really cool. Sarin and I are working now to get lots of articles about Clan Plagueis up! Great job to all who worked to create it!

Macron Sadow

09-09-2006 12:56:35

Looks pretty cool, folks!

Hmm, I can't seem to get my history to look quite right...... is there a tutorial anywhere on how to use Wiki?
thanks, Mac

Kaine Mandaala

09-09-2006 16:11:37

I'll take a look at yours Mac. I'll discuss it with you on IRC when I can.


14-10-2006 12:14:29

I've added mine, but it still needs work.
Great idea though :)

Ylith Pandemonium

14-10-2006 17:45:45

mine is up and running, there are things updated frequently so keep lookin :D