KM in BHG Fiction

Kaine Mandaala

01-09-2006 14:02:44

This was a funny find for me today, from about a year ago.

There are many plot holes in this piece. If I could contact the person who wrote it, I can fill them in on what's wrong... which is the majority of it. I don't mind people making fiction with my character. I just want them to get the facts straight.


[EDIT] (about 5 read-throughs and an hour later) You know - in giving it a second glance I'll say this: I'll let it stand. Here's why - all the mistakes in information and flawed account of events lead me to embrace it as 'bad recon' and mistaken identity.

They didn't catch me. They caught someone trying to pass themselves off as me. The person who got caught and escaped is an imposter. That's the way this is being accepted by me - and who's a better authority on their own character than the creator?


Wes Biriuk

06-09-2006 03:41:28

Kaine, I think this was originally an OM (Online Mission, a "who dunit" story which you have to figure out.) submitted for a KAG (BHG equivalent of GJW).