Dark Jedi Initiation


31-08-2006 12:29:09

I haven't been around in some time but I keep getting the updates via email and I had a question. In the new DSC chapter on the Star Chamber it makes reference to our Initiation into the DB.

Some time ago I remember there being talk about actually writing up a ritual of initiation for each rank starting with the bottom and progressing as you went through each rank. I think it was going to be secret to those who did not have a given rank. And it was probably going to tell a stroy of some sort.

Anyway, I wanted to know if anybody had a copy of this initiation into the Brotherhood or if anybody knew anything about this project. I haven't heard much about it in some time and I wanted to know where it went because it sounded pretty cool.

Thanks for any info you can give.


31-08-2006 15:34:03

The initiation ritual is steeped in mystery, TIE fighter fuel, and kath hound fur. I don't think an actual document is around mainly because all evidence related to the Clans' initiation rituals is destroyed shortly after the ritual is performed to protect the innocent (well, no one is innocent after they have been initiated, least not in Tarentum anyway).

In short, I have no idea.

Kaine Mandaala

31-08-2006 16:22:27

Some sort of official documentation on a ritual of elevation would be great, especially to base the announcements on. I'm sure each clan would have their own twist on the ritual, but a base 'story' sounds like a cool idea.

Something for the Fiction Tribune, perhaps?

Sith Bloodfyre

05-09-2006 10:27:41

There was something like this in production at some point. There was a project that involved the DB in-site messaging system and such, that would send members a message on the site with the ritual, and so on, and so forth. Due to issues regarding not moving to the new site, and other projects that took precedence, and other unfortunate issues, the project got nuked.

If you're interested in seeing it actually happen, my suggestion would be to email Jac, let him know that such a possibility would make you happy, and that you'll love him forever if he tries to get that project up and running again. If you're interested in hearing about it from the person who was working on it, contact Trev.

Ylith Pandemonium

11-09-2006 16:51:38

not bad...not bad at all...

I'll push it forward to Erinyes to see if its alright.

I'll let you know :)

though, maybe we could focus more on the lower ranks and leave the
bigger ones to the clans themselves, because each clan has its own
way on dealing with those promotions.

but again, I'll pass the word and let you know.