Regular Programming?

Kaine Mandaala

29-08-2006 20:47:13

If there was a regularly schedule program on DJB Radio, would you tune it for it?

If yes - please comment on what type of show you'd like, what music you'd want, or any idea you think would be good for such a thing.

If no - why not? Looking for valid reasons here.


30-08-2006 16:43:59

I would tune in if I had time to. It would be nice to maybe have a brief DJB-wide news period (five minutes at most). The music part doesn't really matter to me since I listen to all kinds of music.


30-08-2006 17:24:34

DJB Radio? No way?! Does that exist?

Anyway, podcasts are the way ahead baby.


30-08-2006 19:56:52

I would definitely tune in if it were more than just somebody's playlist. I'd want DB talk radio -- interviews, discussions, DB news. Like NPR for the DJB. Maybe a little music for flavor, but seeing as I have 8 million songs in itunes, music is the last thing that I'd tune in for.

Kaine Mandaala

30-08-2006 21:07:48

Cuch and Aghasett may be on to something.... :)

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

31-08-2006 08:47:42

Hmmm. A DJB talkshow. Interesting. How would you get the interviews? It would probably be really cool though.

Looks up and thought bubble apears.

Wake Up! It's DJB in the Morning! Yes, It's the Dark Jedi and were broadcasting live, to all you Brothers out there that need there info on the go! Let's start this morning off right with the joke of the day! This on was submitted by a Rodian from Coruscant. It goes:

2 Dark jedi walk into a Jedi Enclave.
One looks over at the other and says "See, I told you if you left those pansies here they'd redecorate the place!"

Hahaha. That was good. Now, onto sports. After recent violent outbreaks, the Dark Council has decided NOT to allow soccer players to bring their sabers onto the feild. They believe that this will cut down on violence. There is also talk of making them put on Force-limiters so they won't cheat.

That's all the time we have today, so Goodbye, and Godspeed!

Oh My!


03-09-2006 11:52:53

Podcasts are possible for interviews and such, how ever for our audio shows we will have to use the radio.

Werdna Elbee

03-09-2006 12:54:02

Rather than Podcasts, would it not be possible just to repeat shows?

(timezone reasons more than anything)


04-09-2006 22:16:09

That can be done.


05-09-2006 09:10:30

What kind of music? Everything. Since we have so many people we probably have to play all kind. But please not too much mainstream.