Durge VS. Jango Fett


14-07-2006 02:21:46

Who would win? This is my first poll, so gimme a break if i didnt do it right >:P . I think Durge would win cause of his species, strength, and his arsilery...

Wes Biriuk

14-07-2006 10:57:13

Durge also... His species is almost immortal. Along with his hatred for the Mandalorians, he would wipe the floor.


14-07-2006 11:52:47

I think Jango would win. He killed Jedi with a blaster. A blaster! who else could do that on their own?


14-07-2006 12:12:38

I'm sure Durge could, I mean, he almost killed Obi-Wan


14-07-2006 13:18:44

Durge would win...i mean damn i can shoot a Jedi when the fool is takin by surprise.


14-07-2006 13:35:08

I think Durge to, he's just way more powerful


14-07-2006 14:19:55

Jango may of killed a Jedi with a blaster before, but how do u think Durge came into the picture as a Bounty Hunter type deal....


15-07-2006 12:50:13

Obi popped Durge with the Force. I didn't see anyone do that to Jango.


15-07-2006 22:19:44

Cause Jango's and Boba's armour is immune to the Force, read the comics...


16-07-2006 01:02:51

could it stop a deadly boulder. Or a log or a Rodian or some species. I think not!!

Muz Ashen

17-07-2006 02:02:48

a.) Anakin killed durge, not obi-wan. and it took a sun to do it. That's crazy, i tells ya. Crazy.

b.) Boba Fett is over-rated. Any balls people think he had for standing up to Vader is instantly negated by the wussy taking a swan dive into the sarlacc.

c.) waaah waaah, mandalorian shmandalorian. The mandalorians pretty much were toasted a long time ago. A LOOOONG time ago. Boba's just a clone of his daddy, Jango. Who got pretty much dismissed out of hand by Mace.

so, at the end of the day, Durge prolly hits the Fett's jetpack, which malfunctions (again) and ends up killing Boba.


17-07-2006 17:19:55

That's one way to put it :P


17-07-2006 22:30:58

I think Muz doesnt like Mandolorians.


18-07-2006 04:52:39

I think Muz doesnt like Mandolorians.

I would agree...

And since when did durge almost kill obi-wan?
Last time I checked Kenobi owned him.


18-07-2006 14:27:58

Well, in the cartoon series he owned him, but I think in one of the comics Durge caught him by surprise and almost killed him. If I remember correctly, though, Obi came back to kick his arse


18-07-2006 15:30:12

ha...where can you gets these comics at.


19-07-2006 14:23:05

Well, seeing as how the one I'm talking about is pretty old you probably won't find it in a local comic book store, but I think there's a website that sells Star Wars comics. twf.com or something like that.

Baron Zarco

19-07-2006 17:58:00

Durge wins, for all the reasons stated by Muz and then some.

The Jango Fett and Boba Fett characters could have been really cool but Lucas chose to have them basically do nothing. I know they were fighting the best (in the form of the SW heroes) but still. They seem pretty incompetent to me, at least compared to Durge.

I want to see who really wore the pants in the Fett family. There has to eb a badass female who slapped Jango and Boba around. Damn, somebody had to shoot straight when the bears came to get 'em. How did they survive without her?

By the way, are the Clone Wars cartoons considered canon?

Remdan Tyranius

20-07-2006 01:34:22

Durge all the way.
(all the reasons I was going to use have been specified in many of the posts above^^^)

Muz Ashen

20-07-2006 11:29:08

zarco: the cartoons are considered canon...as much as the clone war comics, if not more so, due to GL's hand in them.


20-07-2006 13:32:19

This may be a stupid question, btu what exactly does canon mean?


20-07-2006 14:17:01

that its exist or something other in the SW Universe....


20-07-2006 20:19:23

Only the Star Wars Universe, or does it apply to everything?


20-07-2006 20:49:42

canon, like species for SW, it has to be supported by other sites and the LucasArts place, or in other words, it has to be real in the SW Universe....


20-07-2006 23:04:04

Official, yeah, I get it now


21-07-2006 17:07:48

thats what i thought...it means official right and non-canon means it didnt really happen or whatnot


21-07-2006 20:43:51

Well, non-canon means that it hasn't been deemed to really happen. So, yeah


22-07-2006 07:08:53

Canon means that Georgie boy went and had a chat with all the people making books and comics and whatnot and said, "look here, now see," and went through, picked the ones he liked, and fired everyone else. It's to make sure that we don't have to follow a history where, for example, Han solo becomes a Jedi, gets killed in a fighter accident, and wins a war against the hutts in the same day. Without canon, there would be no storyline to the EU. Star Wars would have died after ROTJ if not for canon.


22-07-2006 15:31:02

Heh, that dictator George. Yeah, I agree, but I never did like how they made Leia a jedi. In my opinion, that was one of the stupidest things that's ever happened in Star Wars


22-07-2006 21:33:31

i didn think so...not all that exciting since shes old as hell, but it was ight to me.