Species and world of Yoda


06-07-2006 02:28:47

I know there isn't any real info yet on what Yoda is yet, but man, who hasn't wanted to be that funny green midget? I mean, we should try to come up with a name for them, you know, for role-playing and such. After all, as much as it hurts to say it, it *is* just fiction.

*Kal smacks himself for saying it, then goes and washes his mouth out with bleach*


09-07-2006 16:32:50

How about the Yukino species, sounds Japanese but it sounds cool.


09-07-2006 21:36:21

Good name. What would the planet be?


10-07-2006 02:46:14

.....YUKINO!!! Yukino pwnz!!


10-07-2006 03:24:30

The Yukino from Yukino? I guess that works, just like the Duros coming from Duro, the Rakata coming from Rakata, and so many others. I think we should be able to use them in the ACC. I mean, we can be Ewoks, so why not Yukino?


11-07-2006 11:42:28

Yukino sounds kind of weird in my opinion. I just don't think it matches well with the character and Star Wars as a whole


11-07-2006 14:51:03

what ya thinkin 'brother'.


11-07-2006 18:33:15

I don't really have an idea for a name, and I actually think it's cooler for him to be unknown. It makes him more mysterious.


11-07-2006 18:55:31

Except I read his bio...wtf, dude is the most mysterious person in the Clone War series (at the moment of my knowledge).


11-07-2006 21:53:34

Yeah, I know. That's what makes him so much cooler then most people


12-07-2006 05:56:34

I'm talkin that we come up wth a name for him for fiction. Like, who didn't consider being Yoda at some point in their lives?


12-07-2006 13:18:09

Me... :P

Wes Biriuk

14-07-2006 11:20:12

Imagine Yoda the Sith Master...


14-07-2006 11:51:06

That would be cool. Hard 2 imagine tho.


14-07-2006 12:13:20

He'd be darker skin toned, with dark red eyes and a pure black coat


14-07-2006 13:25:59

sh*t...that be raw as hell.


14-07-2006 13:32:55

That would be awsome, Yoda as a sith :D


17-07-2006 17:20:42

Heh, if I had any graphics skill I'd draw up a version of it. I'm going to look into getting someone to make a dark Yoda


17-07-2006 22:31:56

make him with a black saber for the darkness effect.

Maol Nor Lexu

18-07-2006 02:37:39

There are 2 apprentice with yoda name:
Evil Yoda and Sith Yoda

Maol Nor Lexu

18-07-2006 02:40:38

But very unfortunate, both of them are rogues now

Wes Biriuk

18-07-2006 03:55:20

Eeew... you can't just rip off character names...


18-07-2006 13:55:15

Yeah, they probably went rogue because they got mad at us when we said they can't use protected names


18-07-2006 15:31:20


Baron Zarco

18-07-2006 16:13:08

In a book set between EP 2 and EP 3 Yoda confronts Dooku at Dooku's castle and shows Dooku what it would be like if Yoda had turned to the dark Side. Dooku asked Yoda to join him. It was Yoda saying OK - this is what it would be like. I cannot remember exactly how it was described but it left an impression on me.

The book is called 'Dark rendezvous." I recommend it highly. The assassin droid that lies in wait for years is sweet too. But I do not want to ruin it for anyone. I will say no more.

Also, I remember when in EP 5 (ESB) when Luke says he's not scared, the lookm on Yoda's face (and that is pre-computer generation) was scary as Hell when he said, "You will be..."


18-07-2006 16:53:37

I've read the book, and really liked it. I've read pretty much all the Clone Wars books. Also, that look is scary, and thankfully we'll be able to see it again come September... November... whenever

Baron Zarco

18-07-2006 16:58:19

Yeah, unless Lucas changes that too. He's so eaten up with computer generation these days that I would not doubt that gets changed. If one will change things to Han shooting first as a limp wristed political/philospohical/moral statement then one will do anything. I know he owns it and can do whatever he wants but...damn.


19-07-2006 14:17:11

Well, from what it sounds like these two disk DVDs will come sepearately for each movie (which means you have to buy each movie) and will contain two disks. The first will be the digital version, and the second will be the theatrical version exactly like it looked like when it came out all those years ago. That's what I gather from it at least

Baron Zarco

20-07-2006 12:33:13

It's a miracle. I was under the impression that he was so "in love" with his chamges that he all but destroyed the original masters. he msut be running low on money.

As for the topic itself, I see no reason to assume that the "Yoda species" or its "world" are inherently any better at the Force than any other race. In fact, in the movies, one sees more human Force users that any others. Aside from that being attributable to the fact that the movies were shot on Earth, one could argue that humans have more Force potential. Those that assume that Yoda's kind are necessarily good with the Force make a mistake similar to assumesin that everyone with theinitial B.R. will be ggod at hitting home runs.

I am not saying that anyone here has said that though I have heard it often in informal discussions of the Yoda "master race."


20-07-2006 13:34:12

Well, according to Yoda's history he wasn't aware of his powers for a very long time. Like, the first fifty years of his life. If his race was so powerful you'd think we'd know more about them and they wouldn't be so secretive. As far as I know, I think that Yoda and Yaddle were the last of their kind


21-07-2006 03:26:34

Where was that written? Yoda and Yaddle come from a planet that is fairly secluded. Maybe they choose to keep from us, as their nine-century-old prophets can probably sense that seclusion is better. Besides, maybe the planet of Yodalings thought it would be better after the death of the Jedi and birth of the Empire that a whole bunch of Yoda lookalikes would be a bad thing.


21-07-2006 04:21:09

the reason that there are so many human jedi is because humans far outnumber any other species in the SW galaxy :P


21-07-2006 16:39:31

Ok, but I'm talkin Yoda. Oh, and humans are most common cause they breed like rabbits. >:)

And another thought, how long do you think it would take a member of a species that lives 900 years to give birth? It could be like a 30 year gestation period.


21-07-2006 17:21:29

o god...think of how many labors the women went through



22-07-2006 07:17:26

No wonder there were so few of them. The women didn't like the thought of being preggers for fifty years, and the men weren't brave enough to try to get them pregnant. Yoda's parents musta bin brave bastards.


22-07-2006 15:32:22

LOL, also, there are a lot of species that give birth much faster then humans.


22-07-2006 21:35:47

they had nothin else to except breed.

*has nothing to do*

*has an idea*


27-07-2006 03:42:43

As far as breeding goes, I think that the fact that the parents never had the bravery to spit out more than about 30 yoda-like critters every millenium, it would explain their high power with the Force.


27-07-2006 22:39:06

yeah...that their all not Force-sensitive.


29-07-2006 00:43:28

Um.. what? They'd all be sensitive. If you think about it, as hard as that is for you, Galaphile, maybe only the ones that could heal thru the Force really attempted to give birth.


22-09-2006 20:25:19

im not saying supershadow is accurate or anything, but on there it says yoda's species are called the whill. i think that is as good a name as any. but i think that george lucas is keeping yoda's species secret. imagine how cool you would feel if you could say you are the only person in the world who knew what species yoda was. and im pretty sure that not all of yoda's species are force sensitive. just because there arent many of them makes them all freaking gods of the force. think of it like this. there isnt a certain number of midichlorians that can be allocated to every species. kinda like allocating points on a character sheet. if there are less category, you can put more points in each category. it isnt like that. it is just a mix of chance and genetics that make beings force sensitive. maybe yoda and yaddle are related seeing as they are both the same species and force sensitive.


22-09-2006 23:13:23

The Yukino from Yukino? I guess that works, just like the Duros coming from Duro, the Rakata coming from Rakata, and so many others. I think we should be able to use them in the ACC. I mean, we can be Ewoks, so why not Yukino?

We can't use Ewoks...I've tried

/me wanted to be the tiny bears


24-09-2006 00:11:11

there was a what if comic about yoda and palpatine switching places. i dont remember the name of it or even what happened in it. it was pretty cool though. i remember that.

Baron Zarco

25-09-2006 20:51:37

Another thought that probably means nothing:

In the Star Wars role playin game, which is supposedly approved by Lucas, there is no identification of a "race" or species of Yoda or, for that matter Yaddle, though both their stats are given in one book or another. Further, the stat modifiers for creating a Yoda or Yaddle character are not given. In short, the issue of the name, much less the history and stats of their "race" or species, is studiously avoided. That tells me that Lucas has not approved any such inofrmation. Those books have damn near everything else in them.