Darth Maul Video Game


03-07-2006 21:17:07

I was just playing JA the other day, using a double-ended saber, when I thought "Maul has such a small roll in the movies, who really knows about his life?" and I thought, they should make a video game about it! Who agrees with me? And more importantly, does anyone know how to suggest it to Lucasarts?


04-07-2006 02:48:28

Or you could read the two (i think its two) Maul books. But I do like the idea of a Maul game.

Maul PWNZ!


04-07-2006 03:32:35

Indeed...a Maul game based on his life from his apprenticeship to Sidious to his death at the hands of Obi-Wan.

Sakh nhem

04-07-2006 12:49:50

Look on the Lucas Arts website and sse if there is an email for them to suggest stuff.


04-07-2006 14:18:11

Maul was mysterious and fascinating, and a game with him would be amazing and great. I was thinking more of a video game with Maul, Dooku, and Vader.
There arent that many and usually in the video games you have to play tons of Jedi and crap like that, I wud rather play the darker Sith or Jedi.


04-07-2006 17:59:19

They should have the whole apprenticeship of him in a game. You know, from when he begins his training, through all of his missions for Sidious, straight through to the fight with Obi-wan. And as far as Jedi go, people have said that he's fought a few before, so they should be one of the harder enemies.

They did a game for Jango, why not Maul? :maul:

Rich Gun

06-07-2006 19:27:51

If there is a Darth Maul game it should include how he killed Alexi Garyn who was a force-sensitive who was too old for the jedi. If Maul never killed him a jedi would of ben incharge of the Black Sun insted of Prince Xizor.


06-07-2006 19:57:03

what about the comics also, he was killed in them multiple times and came back with clones...


06-07-2006 21:42:35

The amount of things I've read about him all tell a different story, and it's impossible to establish the actual story, hence the need to make a video game about him. In the video game, they should start out when he was young, just starting to train, then progress through his life in intro levels, and when he reaches the age at which he does his missions, the actual game should begin. You know, the thing they did with Fable.


07-07-2006 02:45:55

I think a game about Darth Maul would be awsome, because Kal's right we really don't know a thing about him so a game would tell us more, or something like that


07-07-2006 03:22:11

Thanx Arc. Besides, how many of us are actually going to go to god knows how many bookstores around the world to read about him. And none of this can-choose-to-go-to-the-light-side crap. If a Maul game is made, it should be dark to the end.

Kaine Mandaala

07-07-2006 09:37:14

Thanx Arc. Besides, how many of us are actually going to go to god knows how many bookstores around the world to read about him. And none of this can-choose-to-go-to-the-light-side crap. If a Maul game is made, it should be dark to the end.

If the story were told in a usual fashion, Maul would be a light-side hopeful that gets shafted somehow. Something like:

- someone kills his family/girlfriend/friends and the Jedi do nothing
- someone he knows gets sick or in trouble and it's up to him to save them but ends up being too weak/late

or he's lured by the Dark Side with:

- whispers that the Jedi are 'holding him back'
- a hope to learn more to use the knowledge to help people in need

Lucas usually tries to make these villains seem like victims... except Palpatine. He's just a power-hungry nutcase.

Who knows - they may play off Maul's inherent evil. Maybe he WASN'T a good guy at heart. but then again - how many games do you see where you play the bad guy? I can't think of many, and even the few that come to mind the main character is a victim of circumstance.

Fewer still are those that are made by LucasArts, to which I can only think of TIE Fighter. SWG, KOTOR 1 & 2 and JO/JA don't count because you are in control of your own destiny, and they planned both paths. I have yet to see an exclusive "evil" perspective ghame from LA besides TF.


07-07-2006 14:22:07

That indeed is true. Maul should, not be the only game made about...how about Marka Ragnos, and how he came to possess his Sith Sword perhaps...or Naga Sadow....Exar Kun.

They still have alot to go on with star wars. And if I remember correctly they did one with Obi-Wan so sooner later were gonna get or Maul bioagraphy game.


07-07-2006 15:25:39

y dont they just make a video game with every Sith Lord/Apprentice/Ruler so u can choose to be Exar Kun, Ragnos, Nadd, and the others...


07-07-2006 15:59:16

I expect them to do it serpeartly...you know longer effect.


07-07-2006 16:00:55

yea. god point, kinda like sequels and stuff... starting from the Sith species all the way up to the Expanded Universe...???


07-07-2006 16:09:12

Werd...you know what would be tight as hell. A game on Yoda...i mean i really want more darkside games to come out, but if they come out with a game with Yoda man...damn that be raw. Oooo Mace Windu too.

What yal think.


08-07-2006 05:15:27

A game about Yoda would be great, if they told ya what he was and where he came from. Mace would be cool too, showing where he got his saber and using his patented Vaapad.

And about Darth Maul's past, they said in the EU that Sidious kidnapped him when he was a kid and raised him dark, hence why they should do it like Fable. He was evil from childhood. And as far as good vs. evil, they should have Maul and Sidious doing evil things, but thinking that they were good. All nutbars think like that. I have the perfect thing for an intro scene. Show slides from the game, say 15, and inbetween each three, do part of his quote from TPM about fear.


08-07-2006 14:18:35

Thats right...plus I wanna see that part when Sidious left him to die or something, then came back to see if Maul was still there. And Maul tried to kill him...therefore passing his test and becoming a Sith Lord.


08-07-2006 16:10:43

I agree with the part about how games revolve around the good guys too much. I'd certainly buy a game if it revolved around a bad guy like Sidious or Maul.


08-07-2006 21:54:05

I think a game about Yoda would be awsome to, I mean what do we REALLY know about the little green dude? A game would give us some insight into where yoda is from, how he became a jedi, and why he PWNS :)


09-07-2006 16:21:14

And how he apprenticed Dooku...oh and how he managed to communicate with the dead.


09-07-2006 21:53:33

It should be a long-ass game. Or even better, they should make a game series called Tales of Yoda or something like that where in each game they show different chunks of his 900-year-old life. They could make money for a couple of decades with that.


10-07-2006 02:48:01

For real...extend it like they did Oblivion...but this is his life of 600 freakin years man. All from they days of his apprentiship, to his death on Dagobah.


10-07-2006 03:19:14

It wud make one hell of a good video game series. They should pretty much drain themselves economically to make it, cause it would pay for itself like forty times over. It would pretty much keep them from ever going bankrupt.

Personally, I wanna know who trained him.


11-07-2006 02:12:01

So many people would buy that game, whether they were star wars fans or not, also to awnser Kal's question, I don't remember exactly but I think in the third movie Lord Sidious says that Yoda was his apprentice


11-07-2006 02:37:15

No, Master N'Kata Del Gormo was his master.


11-07-2006 11:39:01

I wouldn't keep paying money for a series of video games about Yoda. One, maybe two, is enough, but after that it would get boring. I mean, if you really wanna tell his entire life story write a book or a comic, but games aren't the way to go. Besides, I really wouldn't pay $50 for a game where I get to build a hut on Dagobah with the "almighty" Yoda.


11-07-2006 14:25:53

Well all this discussion about a Maul game... you're forgetting that he wasn't that much of an important character, he's only in TPM for half an hour or so where on the other hand Obiwan is in all the prequels pretty much all the time, and to the comment about all the other sith lords, I doubt lucas would want to waste money on something that wasn't about one of his creations. :P


11-07-2006 18:34:04

Yeah, he'd probably hate donig something that he didn't make himself wouldn't he? :P


11-07-2006 18:53:21

Indeed, besides hes a freakin billionair. But more movies I would like.


11-07-2006 21:57:44

I wouldn't, it'd screw up the whole saga then. I think going to TV was a fairly decent idea, and I'll enjoy it. Certainly the cartoon seiries which is really awesome!


12-07-2006 06:10:14

No, Master N'Kata Del Gormo was his master.

Ya, but what's a Master N'Kata Del Gormo? That is what the game should answer.


12-07-2006 16:42:57

Ya, but what's a Master N'Kata Del Gormo?

First off, he's a person, not a thing. So you should say who not a :P

Look on wookieepedia, I'm sure there's something there about him


12-07-2006 22:21:41

I use the term what's a with everyone I don't recognize the name of. And what i want to know is what is his training like, was he a stuffy old guy like most jedi, how did he fight, those sorts of things.


13-07-2006 04:21:13

i think it envolved jumping.!!!!....lol


13-07-2006 05:42:06

Ya, just maybe lol. However, I'm talking how his master fought. That dude had no legs.


13-07-2006 17:02:01

I looked it up on Wookieepedia, and here's what I found. It's actually very interesting: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/N%27Kata_Del_Gormo


13-07-2006 20:27:03

Wow that's actully fairly cool, thanks for the info Aabsdu


13-07-2006 21:10:40

I just got through reading the Darth Maul Shadowhunter book.

Its disturbing but exciting as well.


13-07-2006 23:10:24

If I'm thinking about the same book, then yeah it was pretty good. Is it the one with the jedi that Maul kills, and Obi-Wan as a kind of side-plot?


13-07-2006 23:45:00

Can you get that book at a regular book store? It sounds good


13-07-2006 23:56:29

i think so...I was hopin they stay alive, but that damn Zabrak was to dang good.


14-07-2006 12:17:08

I see plenty of them at my local book store, but if not I'm sure you can fnid it on amazon.com


14-07-2006 13:33:25

OK thanks a bunch Aabsdu


15-07-2006 16:50:50

The main lesson of Shadowhunter is: if you have a hunk of Taozin in your pocket and a blaster pointed at a Sith Lord's back...shoot to kill not stun. Because you know he's just going to wake up and be really miffed that you're trying to kill him with his own lightsaber.

And if things do go horribly awry with said plan get to the Jedi Temple ASAP. Never send a droid to do a man's job, and never assume the smiling Senator from Naboo can protect you from a Sith Apprentice or his Master (whoever that is).


16-07-2006 00:57:00

thats fo real...hey wait...he gave it to Palpatine, so where is it now.



17-07-2006 17:07:53

Droid? I read that book like six months ago, so I don't remember much except that Maul lived, jedi died, and that one guy froze himself or something like that


17-07-2006 22:25:40

the dude froze himself and escaped Maul's senses, therefor thinking that he was dead. Then he shut off his droid, sent it to the Jedi Temple, then went on a suicidal mission against Maul.


18-07-2006 13:50:35

Oh yeah, I'm starting to remember now. The droid almost suceeded didn't it? Of course it lost, though, seeing as how our sith friend still has a cameo in Ep I to fill ;)


18-07-2006 14:59:29

actually the droid was the reason the Phantom Menace started...it gave the information to the Jedi to go to Naboo. If that droid didnt tell them, Maul would still be alive.


19-07-2006 14:22:10

Ah, yeah. I remember know, thanks for the reminder! ;)


21-07-2006 03:37:42

Maul would still be alive, but so would Qui-Gon. That would mean that not only would the Trade Federation not get f*cked on Naboo, which gave Palpy his opening in the senate by the way, and that Qui-Gon would have trained Ani, preventing his fall to the Dark Side, stopping the rise of the most essential Sith Lord in their history, giving the Trade Federation no beef wit the Republic, creating no CIS, giving no reason for the clones to be brought in, giving the Republic no reason or method to turn itself into the Empire, preventing the grand reappearance of the Sith, and probably meaning that Palpy would have no rise to power. Luke would not have been born due to the fact that Jedi stay virgin and Ani, under Qui-Gon's guidance, would never have gotten busy with Padme, Leia would not exist either, no Jacen, Jaina, or Anakin Solo, no Ben Skywalker, no Kor and Cade Skywalker in the following century, and no Order 66.

So, in a way, the noble Darth Maul had to die like a bitch. Otherwise, no movies, boys and girls.


21-07-2006 04:35:26

This would be a fairly fun game to play, i mean after Maul got chopped in half, there was an entire new story line thought up for one of the best sith lords ever, also that it was pretty stupid for darth maul to be so cocky when fighting an opponent such as a jedi (padawan or not). Even if Darth maul was an unbeliveable opponent he still let his guard down and got cocky even if it was for a few seconds if i was him i would have been thinking about the possible ways i could have finished him off if Obi had gotten out of the melting pit I would have been working out a plan to finish him off, even if i didn't need it. >:)

Whoever makes this video game, if it happens, should spend the time and make the storyline of Maul be playable, from when Sidious kidmapped him to when he was sliced in half by Obi. Then they could make a sequel to the original game, and judging by the amount of fans they would definatly buy it and, if it were anywhere as good as the original game then it would be a best seller in no time flat. :maul: LOL


21-07-2006 17:16:23

exactly what I was thinkin


29-07-2006 18:44:10

I completley agree with Kal on that matter, case closed :P.


18-10-2006 06:30:26

They should

Makurth Mandalore

02-12-2006 16:05:44

Ya know, it seems that they never really do anything for some of the awesome side characters in SW. It's usually about the main characters.. And I really wish they would make a game about Maul...

Laigerick Sithelhood

13-12-2006 20:42:08

yea, a video game about the history of Mr. Maul would be ausome. >:)