MAA Resigns

Corran Force

10-02-2005 15:35:14

Dear members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood,

As you all know I'm the Master-At-Arms, in which I have served for over 3 years now. I am the longest serving MAA in the history of the DJB, including pre and post-split.

I know this is going to come as a shock to most of you. My wife had our first baby boy on 31 Jan 05. The same day I got promoted at work to a supervisor position. This will be taking time away from my DJB duties. I have also been grinding on SWG to help the guild. I will become a Master Musician/Dancer to give guildies free mind buffs. These are very helpful in PvP as well as just solo grinding.

My Praetor, SO Khan Kunar, will be Acting-MAA as well as I'll be putting myself as Preator so we can keep the office going fine. I know that I will miss the position as MAA. At least no one else can say, for now, they are the longest serving MAA. Don't worry, I'll still be hanging around in the chans.

:'( :'( :'(

Sephiroth Kali

10-02-2005 17:08:11

Good Luck. We hope to see you back on full time soon.


10-02-2005 19:49:51

Hooah for CoFo and Hooah for the new KidFo !!


10-02-2005 19:52:17

Lol, nice one Khan, i agree, totally, youve done a superb job CoFo, Take a break :P


11-02-2005 14:54:31

Many thanks on the long time of service, plus congrats on the real life stuff.

Now if I wasn't already so busy, I could try to get your job :P


11-02-2005 16:22:06

Thats some crappy news wrapped in a whole bunch of great news.

Congrats CoFo

*Looks over at Anshar
*If you even think about I swear I will kill you :lukevader:


12-02-2005 12:25:06

Sorry to see you go, Cofo, but at least its for a good reason. Good luck with your family and real life stuff. As always, if you need anything, let me know. :)


14-02-2005 11:35:21

Congratulations on the baby boy, CoFo! And the best of luck in your real life endeavors. You did a good job as Master-at-Arms, and you will be missed.


15-02-2005 08:11:55

Congrats on the Baby and the RL Job Promo CoFo!