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Sephiroth Kali

08-03-2006 19:24:20

In response to the several EH Dark Jedi who have contacted me for instructions on joining/remaining with the EH Dark Jedi Brotherhood, here they are.

The crux of the confusion has been that the separatists have "hijacked" the DB member database, they "claim" that anyone who does not "opt out" is automatically with their group. We could not disagree more. Our reasoning is that since this database was stolen, the rank and file unsuspecting DB members were not consulted beforehand, therefore they did not join them and are still in the EH.

That being said, please READ and FOLLOW these instructions closely if you desire to stay in the Emperor's Hammer Dark Brotherhood Subgroup!...

1. To insure your EH Dark Jedi Brotherhood Member Profile is recorded with the NEW Emperor's Hammer Dark Brotherhood Member database, go to the EH DB Rejoin Form and re-register.

2. Please go and request to be REMOVED from their club's database...This is their message board for removal requests...Feel free to note your displeasure with their actions...!!!

3. Show your support for the EH ! If you'd like to dramatically show your support for the EH, that would be great...! Please go to and register your name as a strong supporter of the EH. Please note that this step #3 is VOLUNTARY...It is just a show of support... :)


08-03-2006 22:53:04

The above dates back to the Seperation has no bearing to us today


09-03-2006 00:37:40

Kind of funny that the same stuff we did 2-3 years ago, the BHG did a few months back and they are still allies, but those of us who would like to keep in both clubs (DJB and EH) are not allowed by the EH. To the point even that those of us who have been in it for years are expelled and not allowed to rejoin them. Goes to show you who is tolerant and who just wants to have fun in the SW universe and those who want to be stuck up and too prideful.



09-03-2006 00:47:13

Yes, they have standing orders to immediately expell any "rDBers" or rebel Dark Brotherhood members found within the EH DB.


09-03-2006 02:14:14

i have recieved messages similar to this several times in the past due to my past membership within ther inteligence agenciy, stuff like can u infiltrate the brotherhood to see what there up to, and can u find out if members of the DB r in the EH so they can be dealt with. Personaly I think there a bunch of fools that take this all far to seriously, come on now infiltrating, reporting, its a club for christs sake, i joke about the idea on the spam board and i laughed at it when they assigned me to do the same with other groups b4 the split


09-03-2006 05:11:46

Well Ill jump on the bandwagon there, Ill admit I was one of those people awhile back within the "elite" part of intel. (IntOrg) Now that I look back though it was pretty stupid, and kick myself in the a$$ now for all the people I snitched on.

Kaine Mandaala

09-03-2006 10:13:06

You just got this recently, eh? The "Loyalty" link doesn't even work anymore. Those guys will never learn. We broke off for a handful of very good reasons, and to this day they still don't know what they were.

Hell - Even Ronin "quit"... and he founded the club. :)


09-03-2006 10:25:51

In order to maybe clear up the original question:

In the days directly after the split, we kept the original database since we had the site. This was more than anything a convenience issue and one of member protection - anyone who was not yet clear whether they wanted to be an EHDB or a rDB (r read as "rogue" by the EH and "real" by us) member could make that decision informed and with some time to think (at that time, we had no coding tools to retain dossiers without them being active). In this time, we immediately honored every removal request, so it was indeed "opt out". (This was also the time the EH wrote the above quoted text)

After a few weeks (about four to six I think), the procedure was changed since we then had a new coding instrument available in the form of the super AWOL check. For those not yet having experienced one - this is a semiregular occurrence on the DB site. On a certain date, every dossier (even the GM's) is set inactive and invisible. The listed membership drops to zero. Internally, however, everything remains in place and all it takes to reactivate a dossier is to log in. After some four weeks of this, lower-ranked members who have not reactivated themselves are purged completely, those with higher ranks get archived so that we can restore them if needed. Archived dossiers are killed off after an additional time of no activity.

Ever since that point, membership in the DJB was truly "opt-in". Nobody not having expressly stated their desire to be a member by logging in is currently on our rosters nor have they been since mid-2003.


09-03-2006 18:44:55

Yes, they have standing orders to immediately expell any "rDBers" or rebel Dark Brotherhood members found within the EH DB.

We are not the "Rebel Dark Brotherhood" or the "Rogue Dark Brotherhood"; we are the "Real Dark Brotherhood" :P

Muz Ashen

09-03-2006 19:46:16

just plain "Dark Brotherhood" works fine for me.

Sephiroth Kali

09-03-2006 21:05:28

Thanks Kainne, that clears it up!


10-03-2006 01:23:37

I wasn't saying we weren't the real Dark Brotherhood just that that is what they refer to us as.

Tarax Kor

10-03-2006 02:09:44

Does anyone really care what the EH think of us? Or for that matter, does anyone really care about the EH at all for that matter?

Baron Zarco

10-03-2006 13:01:25

No and no.


15-03-2006 12:23:20

Funny thing is, that URL prolly doesnt work, since the latest insurection. I think the DB lost alot of hosting, due to kicking out certain members, heh. :-p

But, the EH is history now, they are at the beginning of the end. :-P

Sephiroth Kali

15-03-2006 14:50:14

Good Riddence. Can we close this topic?
Thanks in advance.

[EDIT] Good idea. Done.