MB ranks


16-02-2006 09:41:29

can some one provide me with a break down of the MB ranks, i would like to know how many posts are required for each level.

Tarax Kor

16-02-2006 12:49:03

Well.. Not sure, really. But since you still have 771 posts to go to gain the first rank, I wouldn't be worried if I were you.


Ceric Crimson

16-02-2006 15:07:32


...as far as I can remember its..Novice, Hunter, Warrior, Battle Lord, Master, Prophet.

probly missed one...


16-02-2006 15:43:30

missed a lot, the MB ranks are the same as the DB ranks

Ceric Crimson

16-02-2006 20:59:35

Actually, yes I did miss a lot. I just listed the once that I'm personally familiar with...I guess you get other ranks as mods and what not.

oh, and when your in the negative with post counts, LOL


17-02-2006 04:06:13

lol, i am counting the days till it gets put back. Can some one tell me how many posts are required for each rank

Ceric Crimson

17-02-2006 18:23:01


lol, I think Hunter is a hundred posts, Warrior is 500, Battle Lord is 1000, Master is 3000, Prophet is...uh...5000

I think :P


17-02-2006 18:53:03

Hunter is 50 or so posts, and then Knight at 100 no idea after that, but there's more than just warrior, master and prophet after that, as far as I'm aware they've used all the DB ranks as MB ranks as I said earlier.

Ark Dowell

17-02-2006 20:57:30

If I may ask, how did you get -711 posts? Also, there is a topic with allof the post count req. and junk in the Soapbox MB.


17-02-2006 21:53:29

And why do you care about MB rank anyway? Clearly, as indicated by your current post count, you've previously abused this forum


18-02-2006 04:09:12

i didnt abuse, it, as far as I can see it was a missunderstanding that is awaiting being solved, in otherwords i unknowingly missabuse the boards

Ood Bnar

18-02-2006 11:06:32

-x posts = gungan

1 post = apprentice
10 posts = novice
50 posts = hunter
100 posts = knight
500 posts = warrior
1000 posts = battlelord
2000 posts = master
5000 posts= Prophet
10000 posts = ..........

Salth Khan

18-02-2006 18:59:49

Nice, but I think you have a little TOO much time on your hands there Ood. :lol:


19-02-2006 00:20:41

I got to Prophet :D

Ylith Pandemonium

19-02-2006 07:26:07

omg...5000 posts...your nuts :P

Kaine Mandaala

19-02-2006 11:44:18

I got to Prophet :D

But not legitimately - Spammer. :P

And how does one 'unknowingly abuse the forums' ? I think it's all pretty clear what you are and aren't supposed to do. There's even rules posted all over the place.

Ceric Crimson

19-02-2006 15:54:28

omg...5000 posts...your nuts :P

actually, she got to 9000, right dev?


20-02-2006 04:20:15

well i never saw any rules regarding posting on old topics untill after all this had happened, also i was trying to prevent spammers spamming on topics but this was seen as spam which i think is daft

freshjive taldrya

20-02-2006 11:02:12

Gee, when your sig has numerous references to Spamming and/or participation in Spamming, you kind of have to wonder at your credibility.

Just dont be a moron, dont spam in threads of substantial discussion and respect the rest of the rules as best you can.


21-02-2006 05:35:17

I was under the assumption that i was following the rules, but I have spoken to jac regarding this and he is gona stick the rules in one place so we all can read them

Sephiroth Kali

02-03-2006 16:07:25

Becareful of being judgemental. I myself had no idea that we shouldn't post on old topics until I read this topic. If not for Shadow's situation, it is likley that I would have done the same. Just because somone references the BoS in their sig, don't think that all they do is spam.

Kaine Mandaala

02-03-2006 17:02:17

Now we're in the "beating a dead horse" phase. This is how those who are blatant spammers try to boost their post counts and still look honest. It doesn't matter how many posts you've made. The higher numbers usually signify that you need to get out more.

I know a lot of the tricks. This is one of many boards I've moderated over in the past 13 years.

I suppose someone could easily just post randomly and have no idea that they're spamming. Some people are just clueless to the concept, and it's usually because they aren't that familiar with the online community. I try to go easy on people but every now and then I have one of those moments where I have no compassion for the situation.

This was probably close to one of those moments.

Anyhow - The rules, as I now have noticed, are posted in a forum - - FOR MODERATORS. This is the source of my confusion when people don't know what the hell I'm talking about. I suppose I could easily repost them elsewhere (or if they are already posted for the masses, then nevermind...).

In short - Everyone screwed up. I'll admit I was one of them.