Dice roller


13-02-2006 09:57:50

Ok i have tried using the dice roller many times but as of yet cant figure it out, can some one explain it to me.

Andan Taldrya Marshall

13-02-2006 15:05:36

The first menu is for the nubmer of dice, the second is for the number of sides on the die and the third is for and bonuses that are added to the roll. Don't worry about it though, it isn't really being used at the moment.


14-02-2006 04:41:49

thanks, still not quite sure about it, could do with an idits guide to it.


14-02-2006 16:55:33

Well at the moment the dice script is screwed to hell, so you'll have to wait till we reset it to really use it. I mean it works right now, just the output is messed up.