03-02-2006 09:19:56

Hey all u rs fan out there its back, actualy the whole point in this topic is to find out if a Board can be set up for this game. if the people in the office can help me i can be reached by pm or email.


10-02-2006 07:25:05

I play the game myself have for a long time now. Quite fun.


10-02-2006 08:03:31

marvelus, well if jac ever gets back to me i hope to set up a board for it


10-02-2006 15:24:51

I play as well but Shadow knows that.

Ark Dowell

10-02-2006 17:09:13

I retired from that game.

Ylith Pandemonium

11-02-2006 10:20:22

the ugly blocky RPG....ewww...


13-02-2006 08:22:50

its not that blocky, the board idea may have to be scrapped cos jac aint replying and i seem to be in disfavour with the admin staff