Star Wars Comics

Werdna Elbee

02-02-2006 05:54:18

I've just caught sight of a new Star Wars comic being released based upon Knights of the Old Republic. The name of which isn't very hard to work out. It's pretty good.

Knights of the Old Republic

Also lined up by Dark Horse comics is SW Legacy all about a young Cade Skywalker 100 years after Endor. He's an anti-hero ...all tough, piratey and, in my opinion, a bit obviously pampering the young of today with their loud music and sad expressions.

Star Wars Legacy

Dark Horse intends to revise their whole comic output by winding down Republic (they have to now) and it looks like Empire is for the chop as well (to be replaed by!). These were excellent books and if you can get hold of them in Graphic Novel format they come highly recommended.

The good news in, most of the peole who worked on the comics leaving us are moving on to the newer books.

Ylith Pandemonium

02-02-2006 06:56:29

Those are already in store though, I've read em their awesome.

Dark Horse Comics makes the best comics of SW there are. I suggest
to read the Dark Empire Series, the drawingstyle is very unique with use of
waterpaint. plus a very descent story :)

Werdna Elbee

02-02-2006 08:38:17

Yeah, I've already read KOTOR. I should have stressed that more and said that's it's an excellent read based upon the time just before KOTOR1. Legacy isn't out yet tho.

I've always enjoyed the Rogue Squadron comics, especially Blood and Honor. They recently did a 3 issue RS mini-series that's worth having a look at too.

Empire was always a little hit and miss, since they were seperate stories, but Republic rocked. I had to stop reading SW Tales tho because it rarely had anything good in.


06-02-2006 09:25:25

Legacy supposedly may be similar to Dark Empire or the old Tales of the Jedi comics so has the potential to be good as its delving into entirely new waters without the restrictions of any of the existing eras.


09-02-2006 11:23:19

a little off topic but I would check out Army of Darkness released by Dark Horse. Hey it's Ash, everyone's here