Winter-een-mas Competition


25-01-2006 13:09:48

Title: Winter-een-mas Comp

Specifics:In the spirit of Winter-een-mas as seen in the popular webcomic CTRL ALT Del. Winter-een-mas is a week long holiday for video gamers to play video
games, (good excuse). I'm hoping with this comp that it will help improve activity within the DB, and to showcase the various games that DB members play aside from the usual Star Wars Games.

How this will (hopefully) work:

The object of this comp is to play as many games against as many differentDB members. and submitting a screen shot with their DB name, and who won/lost.

The game can be anything, as long as theres a screen shot with the DB
players name with win loss.

This competition is open to the entire DB, and will run for a week.

Start Date: 1/25/2006End Date: 02/01/2006

Unit in Competition: Entire DB

Platforms: PC, Any Online Multieplayer game.

Awards:3rd level crescentsCFs for wins, 1 for every 3rd loss. Goodies for Clan with most participation.

Werdna Elbee

28-01-2006 05:11:47

A nice little tribute to Jedi Outcast by the man himself


09-02-2006 06:00:06

sounds interesting i am sure it will be a roaring success