weakness of Lord Vader

Sephiroth Kali

05-12-2005 19:10:28

Hello everyone.
I have been reading Dark Lord: Rise of Darth Vader, and it appears that Vader's suit really did weaken him, not only preventing him from using Sith lightning, but his mobility and more. He even had to adapt his saber techniqe. I will update this topic as I continue, BTW who is Asajj Ventress?

Macron Sadow

05-12-2005 21:08:25

Asajj was a female Dark Jedi trained by Dooku during the Clone Wars era.

Muz Ashen

06-12-2005 08:35:42

Pre suit, Anakin Skywalker had studied Djem So, a very highly kinetic and rather defensive art. It was also known to have strong ties with the Dark Side...yet another puzzle piece contributing to his eventual turning.

As he began to rely more and more on his Force abilities.. the crushing and battering, like we see him doing to Luke in the Empire Strikes Back film, he had migrated his personal style to Dun Moch, a more *aggressive* and mental art, using the force to do more of the fighting for him... because, well, people are flexible, robots have more or less limited ranges of motion... and Vader is more machine than man at this point.

at any rate, he was more likely than not, trying to emulate Palpatine's use of the Trakata and Lus Ma forms, which are far more *Dark Side* oriented, and very very effective (as Palps demonstrated successfully against a Ataru master (Yoda), a Shii-Cho master (Kit Fisto), Saesee Tiin, and Agen Kolar, and even with moderate success with the *creator* of Vapaad (Windu).
So, in short, yes, Vader's style did change... and while his decreased flexibility and mobility did probably play a big factor, it was probably more out of refinement of his own personal style...he did grow up...

Gotta remember, with the resources of the Emperor, he could have had his body upgraded to a much more dextrous form.

Kaine Mandaala

06-12-2005 08:48:31

Gotta remember, with the resources of the Emperor, he could have had his body upgraded to a much more dextrous form.

Seriously - just look at Grevious. Imagine if Vader was given that kind of mobility?

Sephiroth Kali

07-12-2005 15:51:04

I don't know, as the book it temporaily unavalible.

It would make sense, being that the Emperor did have a hand in the creation of Lord Nyax as well, How ever according to my research, Vader was very uncomfortable with the suit AND not only that but himself. He was plauged by Padme's death, believed that his control of the Darkside was not where it needed to be, and that he could not kill palpatine.

Palpatine was of course wise beyond measure. He was very aware of Vader's insecurities. He could see Vaders potential, but also what was standing in the way. TBC

Muz Ashen

07-12-2005 16:26:43

And to think, if only Mace had let Anakin come along to arrest Palpatine, none of that would have ever happened...

...well at least that way...

Would Palpatine have killed Anakin as he did Kit, Saesee, and Agen? Or would the team-up of five of the best Jedi saberists been enough to stop the Sith Lord?

Sephiroth Kali

08-12-2005 07:06:06

Likely, however, Palpatine had the ability to see possibilities of the future. It is likely that he forsaw the possibility and was prepared for it. Perhaps he would have killed ther others, leaving Anakin and Mace, filling Anakins mind with thoughts of unease. Remember, Palpatine was ready for the Jedi when they arrived


03-01-2006 19:38:06

Palps does say in the movie that Anakin was going to be better than both of them. (Yoda and Palps) ep. III

So if he was thinking of the possiblity that Anakin would be deafeated, he had not planned for it.


04-01-2006 00:03:32

Anakin would have become vastly more powerful than any jedi alive or any future generations if he was able to have had his flesh and blood body. Since a good part was either cut off or burned off he lost a MAJOR connection to the Force, he still had a big connection, it was just injured. Plus as much as I hate to say this, but the quickest way to power (i.e. the Dark Side) is not the most powerful.


Im reading Rise of Darth Vader now, and I have some addons to this. If you notice from an RPing view that Vader in ANH, ESB, and ROtJ was alot more bulkier, than he was in RotS. One reason is because in RoDV it states that they used inferior mechanics for his arms, he could have over the years rebuilt them into more powerful versions with hydrolics like his artifical one that he build after the AOTC fight. Also it states that his suit tends to bulk up at the joint from not being attached to his robotic joints.
There is an almost 20 year gap between RotS and ANH, that plenty of time for Vader to tinker with the nonessential parts (i.e. his arms and legs) of his armor. I think that if Vader was the same in those 20 years, Luke would have very possibly beat Vader in ESB.


07-01-2006 12:47:10

as much as I hate to say this, but the quickest way to power (i.e. the Dark Side) is not the most powerful.

not so. This debate about whether the Light Side or the Dark Side is more powerful is irrelevant. When it comes right down to it, there is only the Force. There are elements of it which are light in nature, and elements which are dark. Light Side users cut themselves off from the aspects of the Force which have a dark nature, choosing to concentrate more on the light (non aggressive) areas. Dark Side users, however, choose to explore all of the aspects of the Force. They do not deny themselves the power that can be gained by feeding on their emotions, and acting aggressively. In short, the light and dark sides of the Force are not seperate entities, but two halves of a whole. Jedi only utilise one half of this entity called the Force, whereas the Dark Jedi make use of all of it. This is why darksiders are more powerful...


07-01-2006 19:04:49

The only reason I said that the Dark path is not the most powerful is because Dark Side practitioners tend to over look light powers as weak since most are designed towards protecting, also because most Sith arent really patient, and as such take no focus on powers other than those that can get them power quicker.