I'm going to end it!

Sephiroth Kali

29-11-2005 15:19:28

Who was the Greatest Sith Lord, It is summed up in our Dark Side Compendium

Only Palpatine has been able to spread his darkness completely and totally over an entire galaxy. What has proven to be the lasting genius of Palpatine as Emperor is his devotion to collecting all the knowledge of the Dark Side that he can, as well as what Light Side information he can corrupt and preserve. He is no more altruistic than any other, but his newfound immortality has given him the patience that all before him have lacked."



01-12-2005 18:34:15

Yes, well, Vader still had a helmet, didnt he?

Vader still wins!


09-02-2006 06:35:12

I am sure i said this already but i disagree Kun was the best

Ceric Crimson

10-02-2006 18:41:32

Yeah yeah, Revan would still find a way to outwit the lot of 'em. He is just too damn charismatic to resist.


22-02-2006 02:10:13

Bane is teh best w00t!
But i Like Palps that deformed biznatch

Sephiroth Kali

22-02-2006 02:35:56

Holy [Expletive Deleted]!

Sidious is God! He knew about the Yuzon Von before anyone in the galaxy! That's why he created the Empire!

Everyone in the DB must read Outbound Flight!

Ceric Crimson

22-02-2006 15:20:30

Oh...ok, then. That makes everything so clear all of a sudden! Thank you, thank you!!!

Good thing I think Revan is still the best.

Adien Falaut

24-02-2006 12:55:05

wow that's a tough one really but yes I have to agree with sephiroth sidious was the only one to get as far as he did.


07-03-2006 08:22:48

i dissagree, Kun techinacly out lasted sideous due to his being bound to Yavin 4, read the JEdi Acamey Trillogy and I jedi

Adien Falaut

07-03-2006 13:38:44

I'm working on I Jedi now


08-03-2006 03:16:22

very good book, mine has disintergrated due to too much reading, i must get a new one, i did note that Jedi accadamy and I jedi dont quite match cos Corran is never mentioned in the trillogy


15-03-2006 16:22:37

Maybe Sidious might be the best according to the Compendium, but the best Sith Lord I think would have to be one who is barely mentioned, but gains his own title.
The Greatest Sith Duelist and Combatant Ever, Tulak Hord. He desired combat, and he lived his whole life according to combat. I love combat just like he did, and that is why i think he is the best, because he studied combat to defeat the Jedi, not expand his knowledge and somehow fit that into the Jedi.


15-03-2006 19:40:48

I agree, but if you want to go into the EU part of Star Wars than almost every Sith invented is super cool and powerful. Sith are just cool, that's all there is to it


16-03-2006 17:18:27

Well, I know that they all had there own special ability, but I just think if they all dueled eachother (all the Sith ever), then Tualk Hord would win, Traya mentions him in KotOR 2, and he is known as the Greatest Duelist of the Sith.


16-03-2006 21:43:38

Yeah, I'd never heard much of him before though. I'll have to look up some info on him, he sounds really interesting


17-03-2006 14:03:45

Really? I thought it was said that Ajunta Pall was one of the greatest dualists.

But you guys are forgetting Freedon Nadd and Naga Sadow