Marriage in the DB

Lorien Sinclair

25-11-2005 15:33:52

Y'know, with Starrett proposing to his Lady (congrats again, you two lovebirds), a thought crossed my mind (scary thought, I know):

How does the DB stand on marriage within the community? What about same-sex marriages, for that matter?

Just askin', folks....don't kill me.


25-11-2005 16:35:38

Do you mean in RL? There have been a few couples who have married each other in RL and were in the DB. There's no stand on it...power to you for finding someone however.

As for gay marriage...well...we have enough people who are gay or bi and as with any marriage, whatever they want to do is up to them

Aidan Kincaid

25-11-2005 16:50:34

However if you meant those retarded online "weddings"... well they're retarded and if you feel the need to be fictionally married to other Dark Jedi you *should* seek help immediately.

Otherwise what Halc says is correct.

Tarax Kor

25-11-2005 19:56:19

I wanna marry you Shad. <3

Seriously though... RL-through-online marriages is nice and all that. You found someone you like/love/lust after through the internet. No different than a blind date, singles bar, personals ads, etc. Just another medium.

But fictional marriages... uh.. seriously. Find something better to do with your time. Choose a less creepy and more constructive creative outlet. It's just, I dunno... TOO involved in the fakeness of the virtual/internet life.

Mike Halcyon

25-11-2005 20:16:19

Although fairness demands to point out that there have been online, fictional marriages in the DB past. Whatever floats your boat, I guess - but be prepared to be ridiculed.


Kaine Mandaala

25-11-2005 22:23:31

Fictional marriage: If it is for the purpose of your character, go for it. Just try not to annoy people with it. Don't cyber in public channels just because your characters are hitched, or make comments to each other through the forums.

As with all the comments here - it depends on your intent.


26-11-2005 20:12:05

Fictional marriages are fine from the MAA perspective - even if you want to share a last name that's also ok. It won't count as a 'family' unless you have 3 or more people with the same name.

But like everybody else said, I'll still make fun of you :vail:

Oh and to just add to what Kaine said.....good NOT do NOT do NOT start cybering and turning run-ons into love stories even if your character isn't married. It's incredibly childish and horrible. It's ok to have some romance in a story - that can augment your work - but if you can't do it with taste, then don't. <---unrelated to this topic

Werdna Elbee

27-11-2005 05:34:42

So I should remove my lines like "...then she held his firm..."

Aidan Kincaid

27-11-2005 16:36:22

nah sex is ok... just no fluffy romance :P Eh.. maybe insert "hardcore" before sex... then it's ok.


27-11-2005 18:36:27

Oh goodie...just what we need. het/slash shipping in the DB. Although, the comedic value in competitions could be interesting if done right...

Someone wanna shoot Shad for me, and Avada Kedavra Mike while they're at it?

Mike Halcyon

28-11-2005 10:08:01

Expelliarmus! Just in case you hold anything in your hand right now, Oberst... >:P


28-11-2005 10:38:47

freaks :lol:

Sephiroth Kali

28-11-2005 10:52:45

OORAH freaks


28-11-2005 13:09:08

Yay! i finally found Hogwarts!