Lightsaber guide

Sephiroth Kali

04-11-2005 14:25:45

Who made, designed the lightsaber guide for the website? It must have been done while I was gone but it is very informative. The person/persons responsible should be rewarded.

Kaine Mandaala

04-11-2005 14:26:29

Muz and Xanos I believe. There should be credits on one of the pages...

Sephiroth Kali

04-11-2005 14:32:09

Hello Kaine,

Thank you, have they been rewarded? It's really supurb work.


04-11-2005 14:54:25

I'm almost certain they have due to their constant work on the rebirth project. Never-the-less, a huge thank you goes out to them.


04-11-2005 15:04:53

They were both rewarded with Emerald Daggers for the guide and related works

Sephiroth Kali

04-11-2005 20:29:49

Good. hey Lech, I remember the book that image came from, how did you like it?

Macron Sadow

04-11-2005 20:40:16

It was Muz, Xanos and myself. And yes, we were rewarded.


04-11-2005 21:52:00

Be honest with you, I took it from someone else on a different forum. What book is it from? Cause then I'll read it and tell you what I think. ;)


04-11-2005 23:44:43

While we're on the topic, I do not understand the statistics that are provided. I am familiar with their roleplaying definitions, but requiring a 24+ in STR and CHA for Shii-Cho is going to really limit my ACC sheet. Did I miss something in my skim reading?

Macron Sadow

05-11-2005 00:02:05

I believe those are Rebirth based stats


05-11-2005 00:18:07

Ah cool, thanks. I'll have to read the Rebirth novel and plan my character out.

Sephiroth Kali

05-11-2005 11:02:10

Rebirth novel?

The book was part of the Jedi Apprentice series, it is called "The Rising Force" You can get it HERE.

You know looking at it again, its not the same image, someone must have moded the book image to create that one.


06-11-2005 09:21:08

The Rebirth novel is on the Policies page of the DB website :P

Muz Ashen

28-11-2005 13:51:22

1.) All stats quoted in the Lightsaber Combat Guide are based on Rebirth...which means it will be based off of the new DB-RPG character sheets that will come with the full scale Rebirth Launch.

2.) The ACC, as far as I know, is using what they can of the sabre guide. Due to coding limitations, they can't support the forms above Vapaad. Also, Vapaad is still restricted to combatants ranked Dark Side Adept or higher, and rank restrictions apply to dual sabers and saber-staves (like maul used).

3.) no clue as to when rebirth will be finished. We are all working hard on it. It'll be done when it is done, and it will be awesome then. Trust us.

4.) The Lightsaber guide will be undergoing an impressive update in the next few weeks. New forms and everything. :)Watch the news page of the DB site for details.

more details as they arrive...
In darkness,

Macron Sadow

29-11-2005 14:04:17

here is an interesting thought. After a re-watching of III, it seems the Shii-Cho master is the one that lasts the longest against Palps besides Mace in the arrest scene.

Muz Ashen

05-12-2005 16:46:31

Just like in real life, a master of a *basic* form is still better than a dabbler in *advanced* forms.

Art mirrors life yet again.. ;)

Salth Khan

08-12-2005 14:37:31

I just wanted to say that he work being done in the Herald's office is great. Having been in the EH DB and the DJB, I have to say that the work being done here is far more impressive than anything I've seen previously. Keep up the great work guys.

Oh and Muz, those custom sabers you design are kickass! B)