Have you got the Skill?


27-10-2005 17:26:19

So, you think you're a good writer?

- No? So what - ACCLive! is fun...and not just because I say so!!

- Yes? well then this will definitly be a challenge for you - timed ACC posts, 2+2 format - quick and nerve racking for some... it's great!!

Plus - you can earn CF's!!

Go Play!! #acc on the undernet, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sunday Tournament... Be There!!

Tarax Kor

27-10-2005 18:56:19

Well, no. I don't have the skill. Nor do I have the correct spelling capabilities these days either. So I'm not keen on losing so much. Unless Gibberish is the winner? :P


27-10-2005 19:55:16

spelling is not an issue with Live! next excuse? :P

Macron Sadow

27-10-2005 20:32:33

Acc Live rocks.


28-10-2005 09:11:26

Wish I could, but When I seem to go onto ACClive noone else is on.


28-10-2005 09:23:03

well if the ACC live is all that, then why not...maybe someday.........

But still you need to lose three matches just to get on CF?

Why dont you add more to it, and at least give the losers a CF...I mean really its the lowest medal we have... :D
I would probaly be more apt to do one if the cf's were there....even since its 2+2 still it takes more thought to do a acc live match then it is to duel with some on these people playing games....just a thought :ermm: