25-10-2005 02:22:15

If you don't know what those stand for then you don't play the game. I'm looking for people who play City of Heroes or who will be playing City of Villians when its released at the end of this month, I think its the end of the month. I'm looking mainly just for the hell of it, see if you want to hook up mostly after 1am cst and play hero. I'm on champion, global chat is Felscream give me a holler in game or here.

Sith Bloodfyre

27-10-2005 00:48:33

Hey Shai.

I play CoH, will play CoV (played in the beta of that), and I'll get in touch with you at some point. Global chat is @Red Bishop (forgot that space between, the first time), if you feel like adding me.