Thrawn trilogy audio books?


22-10-2005 16:02:46

Hey, all!

I was browsing around the audio book aisles of the Borders bookstore in the area of my job, and I was shocked to run into the Thrawn trilogy on audio cassette.

Since my commute is fairly long (About 1.5 hours {EDIT: 1.5 hours each way!}), audio books work out well for me. However, as most new cars, mine doesn't have a cassette player, just a CD/MP3 player.

Anyone ever run into a place where I can purchase the CD version of it (Assuming it exists), or download it as an MP3 or other digital audio format (Legally)?

Theoretically I can purchase the audio cassette version and convert it to MP3 (My standalone MP3 player has a line-in jack and I've converted a few audio books over that way), but the audio quality is sub-par and it's pretty dang time consuming.

Any help?