Offical Letter of Reprimand


13-10-2005 09:23:35

Why was I given an "Offical Letter Of Reprimand" for so called Impersonating my brother. This was a mistake. My brother and I have been using the same computer and having some trouble with email's that why we kept switching. If that makes me booted down to Novice than the punishment system is crap. I have never done anything against the rules. Because I have no access to my email I am making this a public arguement. I want an Explanation.


13-10-2005 09:35:23

Why do you get so angry,just talk to them and everything will be fine.


13-10-2005 09:48:01

Note: I also sent this to you over email when you contacted the DC.

1) the IP's were the same. this can be dismissed, if he is your brother.

2) the email addresses you used were the same. with the amount of free email providers around right now (hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail(for which you could have asked an invite on the forums), etc.) this can not be dismissed.

since you never offered any proof that he IS your brother, we had no support for your claim. thus, the punishment for cloning.


13-10-2005 09:52:55

What do you mean "proof"? He's my brother, what more do you want me to say? We were having internet connection problems, at first AOL wasn't working so we used Yahoo, then Yahoo was blocked for some reason and AOL was working. It was very confusing. He quit the DB anyway he said it was for "Geeks". Despite that look at what HE SAID ABOUT MY STORY THAT BASTARD. Sorry, but I wouldn't insult my own story. I am serious I leave for a little bit b/c stuff has been going on, in which case my brother gets on, looks up my history finds the db and joins. I would have stopped him b/c I would have known this was gonna happen.

Muz Ashen

13-10-2005 10:14:28

As your official Letter of Reprimand shows, Cloning is illegal.

While the IP sharing can be understood, why is it that your brother and you both have the same email account?

If you would like to open the case for review, you may, but expect to be asked for concrete evidence that backs your story. It's far too easy for people to just go "Ack, it was my brother" when they get caught. We'll need something more substantial than that.

To open the case for examination and review, send an email to explaining yourself.

thank you,


13-10-2005 10:22:37

But I don't get it.Why would he use the same e-mail and why in the first place would he clone?


13-10-2005 10:22:55

Very well. I sent an email explaining the situation.