obi-wan fx?


29-09-2005 17:04:36

will there be an obi-wan fx lightsaber? are they just waiting for the sales of the three already out to slow down? if you know anything post!!

seriously any news

Kaine Mandaala

01-10-2005 17:04:15

In a quick scan of the Master Replicas site and their press releases/news it seems that there is no plan to make an Obi-Wan Force FX lightsaber.

The only three available now are Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker (aka Luke's ANH Lightsaber) and Mace Windu.


01-10-2005 17:23:34

that sucks i mean obi is like the greatest swordsman in the saga and they dont make one

Kaine Mandaala

02-10-2005 13:01:26

It doesn't matter how great he is. To them, what matters is popularity. Vader/Anakin will sell.

Mace? I think it has to do with an official Lucas-Approved purple blade that adds to his popularity.


02-10-2005 16:14:39

yeah they have evry color blade but no green either


28-10-2005 09:09:14

Lucas should release a full line of FX sabers. Vader, Palpatine, Obi-Wan, Grievous, Anakin, everyone