05-09-2005 14:56:35

I have played Runescape as an online RPG for some time now and thought it would be great thing for the db to get involved with, i have a propsition that revolves around creating a group or clan within the game that will represent the brotherhood. I have many other ideas abiout this scheme and how to make it work, but I wanted to throw the idea out to see what the responce would be.

P.S. if any of the db leadership read this and would like more information i am available on my email address


Shadow Stalker

Ark Dowell

05-09-2005 15:10:50

WOO! RS is awesome! I've played it for 2 years now. ^_^

EDIT- That's an excellent idea. However, it probably won't be acceptable as the DB is a SW club. They already have SWG for MMORPG's, sadly.


06-09-2005 06:41:23

well i hope that the db can expand into a wider universe


06-09-2005 07:09:50

I've heard about it but haven't fully played it yet, might try a demo of it, however I think if it did become an interet to the DB it would still go under the PA style of game, i have made suggestions to add other MMORPG's to the list as available under the baron possition however this in the past was poorly accepted by some members, my advice would be talk to raidoner who is the current baron about tying it in with the DB.


06-09-2005 08:25:52

well with any luck he will read this and get back to me, i can only help, wth any luck i can get enough interest to push it forwards


06-09-2005 10:09:00

best bet would be to catch him on irc as raidoner, or to send him an e-mail at:


07-09-2005 07:37:00

well email would be best for me

Kaelin Ring

07-09-2005 17:34:21

I think that it is a cool idea! I have played runescape off and on over the past few years and its a sweet game! Good luck and I am fully behind the idea!!!

Ood Bnar

09-09-2005 15:24:43

good luck!


09-09-2005 16:01:11

I have played RuneScape and it is a fairly interesting game while you are a lower level. However, as you progress through the game and complete quests, the game becomes really quite boring unless you become a member (which I am not) for $5 USD a month.


17-09-2005 03:40:22

it does become cheeper if you pay for several months in advance, if, raid has read this can he email me cos i cant get anything to send to him


18-09-2005 06:17:54

Your easiest solution would be then either catch him in #DBPA or send him a pm through the messageboard systems

Sephiroth Kali

18-09-2005 20:56:20

Runescape would be short lived on the free servers. they don't update the free ones with quests, ect.


23-09-2005 10:09:48

well the idea is thet we have a group that spans both members and non mebers, so thwat we can all help each other with the various elements of the game

Kaelin Ring

23-09-2005 22:20:35

I think that it would be a cool game that people don't have to download, or buy to play.


29-10-2005 06:04:56

does any one here have any form of contact with raid, becuase i dont have irc and he aint getting my emails


29-10-2005 12:10:34

I have played Runescape for about two months, and right now I'm lvl 21. Maybe making it a DB thing isn't the best of ideas, but if we knew who played runescape it wouldn't hurt.

PS: To anyone who plays RS, what's your nickname? Mine is grievousfoe1

Ark Dowell

29-10-2005 12:20:45

I don't think making RS a part of the DB is a wise idea. First of all, RS is set in a medieval setting while SW is... unmedieval. However, just meh opinion.

I'm Chaos Thief7, meh level is somewhere around 60.


29-10-2005 12:22:03

I haven't been playing as long as you all, though, but look for me when your on.

Ark Dowell

29-10-2005 15:18:20

I don't play anymore. I haven't played in a year because meh computer is gettin' slow. But if I see ya when I get on once in a great while, I'll let ya have some stuff if ya want.


29-10-2005 18:49:13



30-10-2005 05:22:59

well i am Kalinor if anyone cares, and well this is starting to go along the lines of what i was after, people in the db trying to join up on RS and get together, thats all i was realy after


30-10-2005 18:14:15

That's fine, but trying to make it a subgroup or something is a bad idea.

Ark Dowell

30-10-2005 18:15:31

Yeah, getting DB members who play RS united is a spiffy idea. :)


30-10-2005 18:44:04


Sephiroth Kali

04-11-2005 12:26:08

when I was playing I was sexyrunite lvl 50 I had full rune...

Ark Dowell

04-11-2005 14:02:13

I'm a lvl 73 miner with Addy[T]. Aiming for a full Zammy


05-11-2005 12:41:12

ok is there any way we can set this up as a board on the forum, similar to the spam board, who do i talk to about this, instead of creating a sub group


05-11-2005 12:41:39

oh and i am level 76 will ful rune

Ark Dowell

05-11-2005 12:53:45

I'm only lvl 58... :(

And I think you might have to get in contact with Cybey or Cyrus or Jam3z. Or whoever has control over the MB's.

Ylith Pandemonium

08-11-2005 16:13:33

OMFG..... :mellow:

even Legoland isnt that blocky! damn graphics!

If you want a proper free MMORPG check this out:

Not as beautiful as BF2 but it beats Runescape by far...


11-11-2005 14:47:23

what are u on rs aint blocky, have u been using classic rs cos the new one aint blocky in the slightest