05-08-2005 22:27:01

Has anyone noticed in the game, the chick with the dual sabres near the end? Her name is Keto....related to Aleema or Satal?


06-08-2005 02:45:57

it's a possibility, though i doubt my suspicions your yours are true. Serra MAY have been a dark jedi gone lightie.


06-08-2005 04:20:21

Seeing as that there is 4000 years between the two I doubt it. If she is a relative it would be a very, very, very, very, very, very, very distant one to the extent that it doesn't matter. If you had an ancestor 4000 years ago would you really say you were "related" to them?

Its just lack of creativity from the designers as far as making up names goes. Alema and Satal both died without children anyway.


06-08-2005 22:37:06

but lets assume they did it on purpose. Why would they take her when they damn well know of her familys history?


07-08-2005 06:37:44

Thats like asking why do LucasArts release half the crap they do :P


07-08-2005 16:49:34

Thats like saying your related to Adam and Eve. I think after 5 generations it like doesn't count anymore, well at least in my book it doesn't. Does it matter whether they were related or not? No it doesn't. There is no huge plot twist that involves her mostly because she DIED. When I killed her I wasn't thinking about her history, I was thinking about my next move against Cin. It doesn't matter.