Drawer Needed

Dark hunter

05-08-2005 00:25:42

Greetings my brother hood,
I am in the need of a concept artist. I would normally do my drawing myself but due to a bad accident, I am unable to draw anymore. Thus I need someone to draw me isometeric views of the eta 2 jedi starfighter, in other words the jedi starfighter episode 3. If anyone here would be kind enough to help me with this I would be very greatful. If you are able to please send the pics to jedimaster59@hotmail.com. Please make sure that the pics are either jpeg or bitmap. Again thank you.
Dark Hunter


06-08-2005 07:22:31

I would reccommend you try asking Sin. he's working on a character portrait for me just now and it's shaping up very nicely. you'll get his e-mail on his dossier, his number is 5507.


06-08-2005 09:44:35

hey dh, i originally told you i could do it, srry but me scanner doesnt work anymore, i odered a new one, srry...

Dark hunter

07-08-2005 00:58:15

Hey sorry about that, I forgot your name and this was the only way i could find you again. Again if you are able to do the ship thank you.


08-08-2005 15:34:27

i will as soon as the new scanner comes...