Custom lightsabers

Dark hunter

13-07-2005 19:01:02

Greetings everyone,
My name is Dark Hunter and I make custom lightsabers. For those who may have not of seen the Heralds lightsaber my lightsaber hilts are tough stuff. I make the lightsabers out of T6 aluminum and the prices range on material and parts. I also can have the lightsabers with an electroluminescent blade but that will cost extra. So if you want a lightsaber hilt of your own design or choose one from my files email me or place a notice here. my email is


16-07-2005 11:30:11

I would be interested, but how do you make them? Machining? And what are your prices?

horus garm matt

19-07-2005 06:06:26

sweet. tell me more.

Dark hunter

20-07-2005 10:28:52

sweet. tell me more.

If you need details or images of my lightsaber hilts please email me. If you didn't see the email address above it is