Who is your favorite


10-07-2005 06:40:12

Mind my spelling and have fun who is your fav.


10-07-2005 06:45:11

Mind my spelling and have fun who is your fav.

I planned to vote for Jac... But Maul will do as well :D


11-07-2005 14:09:19

Darth Sidious...
Just because he was evil and crazy, and downright cool. Lol. I mean, come on-- He managed to make it so that he was served the Republic on a silver platter. Gotta love his evilness.


11-07-2005 14:12:39

Is anyone going to choose Count Dooku? He sucks.


11-07-2005 18:08:15

Hmz, my vote goes to Doku. Shame, that he got his ass kicked by Anakin, but he was still very cool. dark jedi with style. Not an angry child like Anakin or disgusting old perv like palps.


12-07-2005 02:57:53

Go Darth Maul that lightsaber rocks

Ark Dowell

12-07-2005 03:21:06

Go Darth Maul that lightsaber rocks

Exactly. I voted for Darth Maul 'cause he had the only double- bladed saber in the movies. :D


12-07-2005 03:36:42

I voted for Mace Windu...

Yeah, he's a Light Jedi... But he was badass. I wasn't impressed by Maul. Good with a saber, but he was too cocky. Died easy. Palpatine? He was interesting, though I hated all his cackling in the Revenge of the Sith. In the Original Trilogy, he was a lot more impressive. So was Vader... But I guess a few years hunting Jedi will do that to you.

Ark Dowell

12-07-2005 06:01:21

Master Windu had a purple lightsaber... that was cool when I saw it for the first time. But I prefer the Dark Side.

EDIT- I have a good reason for this... I had a typo. <-- Good reason.


12-07-2005 10:34:19

Hmm...if this has to be from the movies, then Kit Fitso for having the cool head :P Actually, I'd say Obi-Wan just because he never really lost; was cool in all 6 movies and kicked ass when alive (remember, he let Vader beat him...never know how that match would've turned out :P)

Now, if it's just Jedi in general, then just look at my avatar for that answer :P


15-07-2005 06:47:27

Like with all trivia answers...

Darth Vader.


16-07-2005 11:03:01

Darth Vader, because like, he took on an entire temple of Jedi, and like, won. So...yeah. All you others who picked Maul are retarded, Maul got killed, Vader pretty much killed himself, besides vader could take maul any day of the week.


19-07-2005 17:30:51

it is close


20-07-2005 17:49:35

no quigon jin? so i picked his apprentice obi wan...who is the only living remnant of qui gon's teahcings...well hes not alive, dv killed him...oh well


21-07-2005 11:16:45

I see your point Tyrus and I would be willing to bet that Obi would have lived had he not let Vader kill him....why did he do that anyway????

Drodik alTor

21-07-2005 15:07:29

I think cause Obi-wan knew he had to teach Luke to fight Vader. And if Luke stayed in that hangar place he would have gotten his a** shot off.


21-07-2005 15:19:52

No I don't think thats is. I think it had more to do with the training. I think Obi remembered how he screwed up with Ani and didn't want to do the same to Luke, so he died forcing him to the only Jedi remaining.


21-07-2005 23:18:37

I thought EP1 made Maul look like a real pansy, but reading most of the books he starred in, "Shadow Hunter" etc. He was really a bad ass, the novel Maul is the one I liked, it seems to me that GL toned down a bit of his characters or completely miscast them. I also feel that he did that with Grevious too, making him run away from battle more while in the novels he really was very gritty.


22-07-2005 16:03:41

The only Maul book I read was his journal. I don't hink it made him look like pansy, more like he didn't utilize the full extent of his abilities.


26-07-2005 02:15:55

yes and sidous the ugly thing should of died instead i meen maul is a great fighter and sidous it a gay [Expletive Deleted]


26-07-2005 20:24:11

Maul, just beacuse he's a Zabrak :P

andd he has bad-ass tatoos.

And "Shadow Hunter" was an awsome book, it's actually the only SW book that I own, and one of two or three that I've read. The other were...well...meh. That one was awsome though.


27-07-2005 10:02:50

Maul was an arrogant badass, and he died an arrogant badass. I don't see what everyone likes in him. You all know he wasn't the first sith to wield a double bladed lightsaber right?


12-08-2005 12:12:13

Luke for sure, he is such a hero. And if he could be turned he would be a powerful ally.


01-10-2005 17:37:57


Ood Bnar

02-10-2005 16:28:49

Obi-Wan, because he has such great one-liners in the movies


03-10-2005 19:25:12

obi may be better at fighting in my book but i can relate more to anakin


12-10-2005 04:29:49

Count Duku

Jaysun Adumarii

12-10-2005 04:47:11

I voted for Obi-Wan. Ever since I first watched Star Wars when I was two or three he's been my favourite character.


12-10-2005 04:48:44

Darth Maul is winning...


12-10-2005 05:05:39

:'( somehow Qui Gon is missing ...


13-10-2005 08:56:03

Probably somebody removed him,because no one voted for him.


13-10-2005 09:26:31

I can relate more to Obi.


13-10-2005 09:48:55

Everyone's relating to him...what are you,blood relatives? :D :D D


13-10-2005 10:08:00



14-10-2005 14:55:59