Grant of Arms

Ark Dowell

03-07-2005 05:05:43

Just like what the title says, I was wondering what GoA really were. I already know that they are cool pictures that the Herald puts on your dossier if you request one, but what is it for?

Is it just some sort of trophy to prove that you have reached a certain rank? Or is it like some sort of armor? Armor that you can put points into wearing in the ACC? Or is it your symbol or something like that.

I know that this is a really weird question. Thanks for any info.

Mike Halcyon

03-07-2005 07:35:28

It is your symbol, representing you and your accomplishments.

Ark Dowell

03-07-2005 09:39:40

Oh, that's it? Huh. Thanks. I thought it might be useful for other things, but oh well...

Kaine Mandaala

03-07-2005 16:07:03

And they are currently on hold/suspended.

As tempting as that link in your dossier is, do not request one or else I'll get very, very angry... and no one wants that.

[Of course you know I'm just kidding... something that doesn't translate well in written form]

They'll become available again when Rebirth hits.

Ark Dowell

03-07-2005 19:44:26

I know, I've seen that sticky. :P And no one wants to anger the great, almighty Kaine Mandaala!

EDIT- Spelled your name wrong.