Da Vinci Code


27-06-2005 23:53:37

i sk8 i play football i play hockey and i read books :P

had anyone read the book i finnished it andi recomend it to anyone who likes suspence books it gives a lot of kewl info about christianity and the rennasaunce and i though that we could discuss the book if any of you have read it

Muz Ashen

28-06-2005 16:20:13

This is the poorly written attempt to explain away the merovingian line of kings, no?

I don't want to sound abrasive, but i tried to read this, but couldn't. The krath in me screamed for better writing, and i had to put it down. Sorry.

Kaine Mandaala

28-06-2005 23:45:23

Do what the Obelisk do, Muz... acquire on CD.

Though, truth told, since I ripped it I have yet to listen to it.


29-06-2005 07:01:59

think this post could probaly be better in the general topics, and on a note, the davinci code is coming out to the cinema, oh and korchek try avoid commenting how you presevice people, it's good for comments and crit's but not good to take it to a personel level


29-06-2005 17:28:42

im sorry

the da vinvi code movie is coming out 2007


30-06-2005 09:38:16

Personally, I enjoyed the book more for its entertainment value. I really haven't looked into the whole line of kings and all of the information it threw at you, but it has piqued my interest at least. And the reason it is so popular is because it takes what can be fairly complex ideas and gives it to you very simplistically.

Good writing? Nope, and it did put me off at the very beginning but after I managed to get past that, it was enjoyable.

Sato Khan

30-06-2005 15:18:08

Personally I had to fight my way through this book, re-read several sections and my face wrinkled more than a few times. For me the literary style was just too sluggish, but the plot is quite original and I like that in any story. It's a far stretch but suspensful in and of itself so I have to say that overall its a decent book.


30-06-2005 23:37:29

well now I have to read that book, heard good things about it allready

Drodik alTor

01-07-2005 15:15:12

remember ppl. That this book is only Religious fiction. There is no proof of the events within the book. There are only ideas and suggestions. It's good ppl are opening their minds but this book should not dominate your faith. It is only the authors opinion.


01-07-2005 17:58:56

I've heard all this controversive facts about Christian's life, Da Vinci's paints and so on... so it didn't make me suprised, but this book was very interesting, I've read it in two days (just like other Browns's books;) ). I like his writing style, even when he tells total fiction.


04-07-2005 07:07:29

LOL, What does this post have to do with SWG? and why am I allowing it in our forum?

ANSWER: Well this is a general discussion and I think its meant for PA members to discuss all topics and no it has nothing to do with SWG...Although I think Da'Vinchi would of loved SWG. :)


04-07-2005 12:38:45

Ok raid, with that comment, you just got removed from Baron :P


04-07-2005 16:59:36

I actually liked Angels and Demons more than the Da Vinci Code...


05-07-2005 10:13:16

i sk8 i play football i play hockey and i read books :P
had anyone read the book i finnished it andi recomend it to anyone who likes suspence books it gives a lot of kewl info about christianity and the rennasaunce and i though that we could discuss the book if any of you have read it

People have to remember that it is fiction, and that just because this guy says he knows all about the "secrets of Christianity" doesn't mean he really does. Take it, read it as a work of fiction. If you like it, great. Just don't assume it is real. If you don't like it, go read another book.


06-07-2005 18:22:46

I keep meaning to read that at some point... it had great reviews but I've not really had the interest in reading what I'm aware is essentially historical tripe, though I often do like that sort of thing simply because it comes off as a rather nice ironic parody on real events. I read a book called "The Devil's Apocrypha" last year by John A. De Vito which claimed to be something he had discovered in a secret chamber in the basement of his grandfather's old house, something about his grandfather having had a vision of Satan who told him all about 'the truth' and stuff.

It was clearly a whole load of nonsense but it was quite amusing to read. It painted Satan as the good guy and made God out to be this evil person who had sent Satan to prison for trying to be fair and give people the freedom to do what they want and not be enslaved by a bunch of unnecessary rules. For what it was clearly meant for, to make people open their eyes and see some of the inherent flaws in many religions, it achieved its aims well. Though, like I daresay is the case with Da Vinci Code, it was too good at presenting a one sided argument most of the time by listing a lot of false information and twisting history enough to make it sound believable. Its surprising what you can do writing about stuff ninety percent of people have no clue about, as people then tend to actually eat it up and believe you even if you're speaking out your ass, which in a way was probably another of the author's critiques on the origins of most actual accepted religions.

But, anyway, going back to Da Vinci Code, I'll probably wait for the film. What does everyone mean about the 'poor writing'? I never really read any reviews outside the headlines that claimed it was great, I'm surprised to hear the writing was bad, I figured it was actually well written? Or is that why it was popular? Written for the masses and not for people who actually appreciate decent writing? If thats the case I doubt I'd be able to read it, I really can't stand poorly written books. Though, that said, I also can't stand books that people praise as being the best ever (by which I'm refering to things like Shakespeare and even Tolkien where the tone of the writing is just way too old fashioned for me to read without gagging).

Da Vinci Code does humour me for the sheer extent of how much crap it must have in it. The whole conspiracy theory to do with the Merovingians... I read about that on the internet, I find it hilarious how many people actually have been taken in and believe it as if its true, despite the fact that many of the facts actually are direct contradictions with established history. Its kind of like the Devil's Apocrypha again, though thats obviously a joke because most people aren't going to believe the guy's grandfather had a vision of the Devil, but the stories in Da Vinci Code are more easy to buy even if you are completely atheist, as its not impossible stuff, its just very far fetched. It'll no doubt make a cool film, and in many ways maybe I'll enjoy that more without having read the book, as it'll have the suspense of a decent film, something that most films are seriously lacking in these days, so perhaps I won't go and spoil it by reading the book first. If I remember right its the whole story about the Merovingians being the blood descendants of Christ through Mary or something? And that it would undermine the Catholic Church by admitting Christ had sex, or something like that? Now, I'm atheist, well, agnostic, and have a considerable knowledge (as in ten years of study) in Christianity and I must say the whole idea does some quite amusing given its sheer absurdity. I can't say I'm bothered whether Christ was real or not, had sex or not, died on a cross or not, but the whole story about his lost descendants is one of those super far fetched things that I tend to enjoy. I liked National Treasure which I'm told was a rip of off Da Vinci Code so I guess I'll like it.

It does amuse me though how many Christians jump up and condemn people like Brown for attempting to destroy Christianity or whatever by writing these kinds of books. I suppose in a way it saddens me too that people can't laugh at themselves anymore. I can see their point though it amuses me that some people can actually be so dumb as to believe everything they read in a fictional novel. Next thing people will be saying Hercules was real and that he could really lift mountains and was reall the son of a god just because he was said to have existed in the old Greek legends. I can never understand how some people can be taken in by a book just because it sounds real... though I do find such people funny. It makes me feel at times like writing a religious book of my own just to see whether in 1000 years people are worshipping the Goat King because they dug up my ancient texts and thought I was a real god.


13-07-2005 20:17:13

Loved the book. Good fluff, quick and breezy, with a cool play on the notion of the Devine Feminine.

But a far superior type of art/history/mystery book for those that liked 'Da Vinci Code' is Eco's 'Foucaults's Pendulum'. Epic secret society tale.