Best Type of Activity in DB


25-06-2005 21:17:31

I personaly think writing fictional stories are the best form of activity because it usually opens the void of your character more. Everyone else post reasons for your choice. :D


26-06-2005 16:38:47

X wing Alliance. In fact, any time you get activity from something that nobody ever does, its the best. I mean, the less its done, the more significant that little bit is.

JK might even be better.


26-06-2005 17:24:55

I love the ACC.


05-07-2005 05:23:57

I've always enjoyed writing and here i have a wealth of material to inspire me...

Sato Khan

05-07-2005 10:02:52

I like the fictional aspect, character development so on and so forth. It's fun and a little satisfying to see a character you create advance within the DB.


05-07-2005 12:03:30

I enjoy writing/grading poems most, which is why I selected that...

But if I answered your question literally I should be answering which I think is the best activity for the DB... and I think that's ROs - it's something you can't get elsewhere, and it gets people meeting each other and working together in phyles/houses etc towards a common goal.


05-07-2005 16:12:58

As a QUA, I have to say the best activity is IRC presense.

Not joking, IRC opens up EVERYTHING in the DB and the more you are seen online the more active each leader thinks you are. Though, this isn't to say IRC activity alone will get you promoted but your activity, actions and attitude on there is key to unlocking your advancement.


05-07-2005 18:48:23

I think run-ons are the best way to have fun in the DB. You never know what will happen in a run-on.

Macron Sadow

05-07-2005 18:50:00

I have met some neat friends here, and that is what is best in my opinion.

Aidan Kincaid

05-07-2005 21:23:55

I chose ????????? because you didn't list leadership. Leading is the best activity in the DB and the most rewardable (and no, not just medals and promotions)


05-07-2005 21:38:38

pfft. humping shady, of course.