Episode 3 Abridged


10-06-2005 07:48:09


Good stuff.


10-06-2005 12:45:11

Heh that's good stuff.


12-06-2005 19:58:30

lol, that is awesome.


12-06-2005 21:37:13

What do you mean awesome? Making a mockery of the best episode so far isn't my idea of awesome. So what, yes there is a few flaws, it happens. You wanna make fun of a movies series make fun of James Bond, how he seems to get younger in all of his films. And make fun of the dip[Expletive Deleted] who wrote that for all of his spelling mistakes.


13-06-2005 00:15:20

dude, I enjoyed Ep III too. It's a joke.


13-06-2005 09:18:55

Hahahahah! That's fantastic :lol:

You underestimate my power to decide not to jump to the low ground in front of you where I will be able to safely continue duelling, but to instead try to jump all the way over you and get my [Expletive Deleted] cut off!


13-06-2005 14:18:02

Heh, that guy is pretty awesome. His other scripts are really funny, too.

Jaymz: If you really want to see something insulting... check out our good friend Maddox's review of Episode III: http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=episode3. Gotta love Maddox.

Shinichi Endymiron K

20-06-2005 19:36:46

Dude Maddox nailed that one.