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04-10-2012 16:44:02

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Week 1 Details
* No cure can be found for the Plague
* It is not known how this Plague came to be
* Currently all Journeymen are in Stage 1 of the Plague; Equites and Elders are not yet affected

Week 2 Details
As the Horizon claims more and more of the brotherhood, even the Equites are starting to find themselves affected. The plague continues to affect the minds and bodies of the affected, causing mental atrophy even as the flesh grows stronger. Unable to touch the force, the affected aren’t as immune to their effects as before. Small groups of disenfranchised affected have banded together, and have started to move with some semblance of organization. The spread of the Horizon has driven fear into those who have yet to fall under its effect, and they have all but isolated themselves from the threat.

To make matters worse, several large fleets have dropped into the home systems of the houses and clans of the Brotherhood. These battlegroups have done much damage already, and without enough Force-sensitive generals to lead their efforts, the worst is feared. The houses must try to unite their deeply fractured memberships to mount some sort of defense, let alone a counter-offensive. Some houses have called upon brethren of any house or clan for assistance, even those who have been affected by the Horizon.

(Journeymen are at Stage 2 of Infection; Equite 1 and 2 are at Stage 1 of Infection)

Week 3 Details
The Horizon Plague has now claimed all of the Equites, leaving only the Elders of the Brotherhood to stand against both the hoards of former Force-users as well as the invasion force that threatens to topple each system. Besieged on all sides the remaining Force users must rally the remainder of those loyal to their Houses and Clans and drive back the invaders. Work on a cure has begun, but none of this is known to those still fighting for their lives.

A Grand Master has fallen, and the enemy has shown its true face. The final fleet has entered the Antei System and the former Grand Master Zoraan, long believed dead, is at its head. None are safe in these final hours.

(Journeymen are at Stage 3 of Infection; Equite 1 and 2 are at Stage 2 of Infection; Equite 3 and 4 are at Stage 1 if Infection)

Stage 1 Infection Details
At Stage 1 the Plague has taken hold, feeding on the Force abilities of infected. As it “feeds” on the infected it transfers some of that energy back into their bodies. At this stage the infected gain +2 to all physical attributes (STR, CON & DEX). Although the ability to summon the Force is fully removed, they do not appear to feel pain in the same way and appear to be channelling the power [CTP] constantly.

Any Force powers used directly on the Infected seem to reinvigorate them, rather than stop them. The infection takes such usage into itself and adds to its feeding.

Stage 2 Infection Details
As the feeding continues then more and more of that power is taken in by the infected. At this stage the infected gain +4 to all physical attributes, but -2 to all mental attributes. Their minds begin breaking down as the infection takes root.

Stage 3 Infection Details
The infection has spread everywhere, feeding on the very last embers of the Force. The infected get a last burst of power, with a +6 gain to all physical attributes. However their minds fall further into the abyss, with a -4 to all mental attributes

Enemy Battlegroup (HOU is not attacked by an enemy force)
1 Allegiance class battlecruiser (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Allegiance-class_battlecruiser)
2 Vindicator-Class
1 Broadside-Class
1 Interdictor
1 Escort Carrier
2 Lancer-Class
4 Assassin-Class

Starfighter Complement (consider capital ships as fully stocked)
75% Starfighters (15% TIE Defenders; 35% TIE Advanced; 50% TIE Interceptors w/Shields)
25% Bombers (66% Assault Gunboats; 33% Scimitar Assault Bombers w/Shields)