Run-on discussion


06-10-2011 21:44:47

Use this thread to talk about upcoming events in the run-on.

For now, I have completed a starting post that gives everyone an easy entrance. However, I have also left it open to what we are to do, though part of that I imagine will be influenced by what the official fiction does.

For now, it looks like we're going in to fight the Mandalorians back- save some Arcona ass while we're at it.

I would encourage everyone to go with the flow as we're given it. Having graded GJW run-ons in the past, deviating drastically from the story line will cost us. Yes, it makes it harder to be creative, and we are confined by certain rules, but if it helps, think of the official fiction as like an unindicted co-conspirator at a trial. They're involved in the whole plot, but without any of the blame.


19-10-2011 00:00:17

In order to give the clan a little more story ability, I've introduced the "Tang'va" into it. Raidoner (mentioned in the GJW fiction) was once a member and the Tang'va, as a family, have been banned from the DB. Back during the major cheating case (, several Tarentum members were involved in the case. Just to give you some ideas, at least that I can remember/can find:

1. I was a course teacher at the time and noticed some of the cheating.
2. Dranik was Magistrate to the Headmaster (Kaiann at the time)
3. Spears Tarentae was Praetor to the Headmaster at the time (soon to become Headmaster)
4. BF was on the CoJ as the Left Hand, or defense

My idea is not to make things super personal, such as between Muz/Halc and the main enemies, but to give us some enemies to fight on a more personal level rather than generic droids, Jedi, or Mandalorians. At the very least, BF, myself, and Dranik would be targets, albeit rather low on any list since their main beef would be with Muz.

I am also taking the approach that the Tang'va, and those they convinced to help them, are using this alliance with the Jedi as an opportunity to strike back at the DB. But, I'm not saying it was a grand plan, as that is obviously being orchestrated by someone else. Nevertheless, it is very convenient for them. The whole "kill two birds with one stone" thing...


19-10-2011 07:11:49

Great idea Anshar. I'll post this afternoon and try to help advance this.


22-10-2011 01:39:01

Scion, this is mostly for you. After you and I finally handle the people on your ship I'd like to do some close air support for our troops on the ground. I was thinking of getting shot down and join up with the ground forces. Maybe with BF? So if anyone wants to write me in at all you all know what my intentions are. IF you write about me getting shot down, please dont make me look like a bitch :P. But if not, I'll take care of it.

Btw, I put myself in a TIE because my character is a pilot first and foremost. But also because I was unsure of any Navy positions being confirmed at the time. I thought it would be a easy way to have the best of both worlds.

On a side note, is anyone kinda lost when it comes to the storyline "comic" that is put out?? I'm completely lost and I have no idea who half the people are in that thing besides Muz. :)


22-10-2011 02:07:32

Just to recap:

1. Raiju decided to attack Plagueis.
2. BF gets the Tang-Mandos, who obviously have some rank to get some support into the area, to head to the same area where Raiju just attacked Plagueis.
3. BF, Anshar, Dranik, and Jason are en route to kill the Tang-Mandos, stop the fighting between Tarentum and Plagueis, and contain Raiju- not necessarily in that order.

Apollo and Scion, close air support would be a viable option here to introduce a character or two if needed.


22-10-2011 16:54:05

Apollo and Scion, close air support would be a viable option here to introduce a character or two if needed.

For the time being, Tarentum's fleet is still providing artillery support upon request, and picking targets of opportunity. Commander Piersen is not incompetent, but neither is he outstanding.

Rax would probably be able to find some fighter support for characters on the ground as well, although Tarentum doesn't have all that many fighters and most of them are probably busy protecting the fleet so we can continue bombardments. Arcona may be able to lend a few in a pinch.


23-10-2011 23:29:20

Noooooo I was about to post!! Why is it locked???


24-10-2011 09:26:28

War is over