GJW X Debate: Light Jedi; Yay or Nay?


18-09-2011 18:22:55

The Dark Council has come to each individual Clan and House system to discuss the issue with the light jedi currently a part of the Brotherhood. Opinions on both sides of the issue have formed, with both sides putting forth their arguments to the Dark Council on whether or not to keep these light jedi around.

In Odan-Urr a similar conversation takes place between themselves and whether to continue to stay a part of the Brotherhood or find their own path away from the darkness

Light Jedi; Yay or Nay? Debate Event
-The debate will be conducted in specially designated forums, already set up for each House/Clan. Passwords may be obtained from Consuls and Quaestors
-Each Clan/House will decide who will form the two teams that will debate one another
-Clan/House members will debate one another on whether or not it is a good idea to have the light jedi as part of the DJB
-Members of Odan-Urr will debate on whether it is a good idea for them to stay with the DJB
-There must be a minimum of 3 members per team and each member must post to count for participation
-Same person may not post back-to-back for their team
-Same team cannot post back-to-back
-Cannot edit your post once another post is up
-To “count” for participation a post must be at least 250 words in length
-Debate is to be “In Character”

-Entries will be graded on Grammar, Readability, Continuity and Persuasiveness of argument
-If a Clan or House is not able to get the requisite minimum number of participants, or have a completed debate, they will earn no points

Either side may begin with their opening statement


23-09-2011 17:05:44

It is with great frustration and annoyance that I find myself penning these words. Aggravated by the Council’s invitation for discussion regarding the matter of House Odan-Urr, I feel like I need to lead the charge towards the issue’s obvious solution. As a member of no standing, with no title or position to lose, but rather a simple loyal practitioner of the Obelisk Order, I feel I can contribute a sense of clarify free of fear in the Council’s presence.

The matter we’ve been asked to debate is regarding the continued presence of the Light Jedi within our organization. For a time now, House Odan-Urr has been included under our territories with the blessing of the Grand Master. This has afforded them protection, free from harm from the other Brotherhood units under penalty from the Grand Master. They’ve been given access to our resources; many of whom failed out of our Shadow Academy are scoped up to take the path of the light. They also have access to Intel on our organization due to their presence, and freely take in deserting members to bolster their own numbers. In essence, their inclusion within our organization promotes their growth.

While any other unit in the organization would certainly develop the same jealousy from us, their threat to our existence is different in nature. Even though Odan-Urr is afforded the same luxuries as other units of the Brotherhood, they are members of the Light Side. They represent the polar opposite to our philosophies, only sharing the commonality of trying to eradicate the other side. These individuals and this unit represent the common enemy of our organization; yet, they exist within our own community. Therefore, today we debate whether it is right to allow their continued existence within our society.

As a member whom is entirely against their existence, I write today to be the first to speak against. While it is my hope that this provokes those that are for their existence to support their case, I will be outlining the tactical reasons for the removal of Odan-Urr. I also invite others who support the removal of Odan-Urr to speak on the philosophical differences and logistics as their reasons and hope this will persuade those who are still undecided.

From a tactical standpoint, the inclusion of Odan-Urr within our organization was an error from the beginning that can only be remedied with their immediate removal. From us they grow with the potential for endless recruits, gain Intel of their greatest threat, and survive with a state of protection no other unit could receive. It is these reasons why they need to be removed, and that needs to be now.
Numbers are not what always wins battles. Strength, training, and simple ability are all predictors of victory but numbers often will tip the odds of battle more than anything. A Warlord is a deadly individual on the battlefield, but can be quickly overwhelmed by a dozen lesser ranked Jedi. That is why recruitment for our organization has always been stressed. Any force sensitive individual we encounter is sent to the Shadow Academy because we need the numbers. That is why we abandoned Bane’s rule. However, as a means to our own protection our organization exists mostly in secrecy and under shadow and this cause isolation for us and hampers recruitment and further stresses our need for numbers.

Odan-Urr, however, is not as stressed for numbers as we are. They can recruit just like us and develop their numbers through similar means but also have an entire organization of similar souls that can be converted. Small as they are now, their numbers are not threatening to the entire brotherhood but already they rival individual units, all within their short time of existence. Under continued protection from the Dark Council, their rate of growth will continue while at the same time our numbers will be further hampered by their conversion tactics. An enemy that can both swell in numbers while decreasing your own is a dangerous foe, as we Tarenti know all too well from our experiments with the Rakghoul. If we are to do battle with the Light Jedi, it is best to do so now while united our numbers will be just as much an influence as our strength and training. Further growth for Odan-Urr will not just see their numbers increase but the possibility of hampering our growth.

Information on the enemy is also as vital to war as are numbers. Intel proves our leaders with the means to create strategies and tactics that can we used against the enemies’ weaknesses. Under the Grand Master’s protection, the rest of the Brotherhood units are denied collecting this information. We saw this from our reconnaissance shuttle’s capture, when any critical information we could have used was wiped by the Dark Council’s order. No unit knows where the Jedi’s home planet is located. No one knows their exact strength despite what the Master-at-Arms has released. And finally, no information on the strength of their navy and army is available for planning of a successful campaign. Should war with the Light Jedi began within the next year, we will be surprised in that battle as we were when we recovered Antei – when we thought Vong would be our enemy rather than the Light Jedi armies we found.

Odan-Urr on the other hand is constantly being fed Intel on the Brotherhood’s units. Through converts alone, they gather intimate details that have stressed our security teams these past years. As each time a member is found AWOL, we are forced to assume they will deliver our secrets to the enemy and the work of changing security protocols has became almost a daily affair. Our navy and army strengths as well as location cannot be as easily changed, so frequently the enemy is updated with information we have no chance of countering. This allows them to build their plans accordingly, and if we wait to be attacked they may very well make significant advances - enough to damage one or more units permanently.

The protection and security the Jedi receive at this hour is another advantage their unit has over the rest of us. Were the Giant Torpedo Rays of my home plant ever discovered by a predator, they’d electrify the waters surrounding them and immediate destroy the threat to their selves. The purple reef eel of the same planet, would not tolerate any intruder into their nest – especially if they be a potential pest. Odan-Urr on the only hand has been accepted into our organization despite their potential hostility, and further allowed to grow – till one day to pass on their virus into our numbers and take over our nest. No other unit within the Brotherhood has this sense of protection and security. Where was the Dark Council to protect us during the Rakghoul outbreak or invasion by the Church of Infinite Perception? Yet, most recently even our reconnaissance attempts against Odan-Urr are blocked by the warmer of the Sith King’s throne.

As I have shown, our tactical advantages against Odan-Urr are slowly slipping through our grasp. Further allowance for the Jedi’s existence, not just in our community but in the universe, will see the scales of war turn against us in any future engagements. If these Jedi are not a participant of our goals, they need to be removed now while we still have the full success of destroying them.

Prelate Raiju Kang


23-09-2011 17:36:08

While I agree that the Jedi are our natural enemies and have been almost since the discovery by the Force countless millenia ago, I have to disagree on the stance that they should be barred entry to and help from the Brotherhood.

We may differ with them ideologically, and we certainly differ from them in methodology, but they could provide quite useful to the Brotherhood in the coming months. These Jedi are refugees and by taking them in they find they become indebted to the Brotherhood. As our Order grows stronger so does their Order grow weaker. There Jedi could prove to be a very valuable asset in the future should we come to another open war with the Jedi.

For now they are under our "protection", but in the future that can easily change to being our hostages. Should open conflict arise we already have a bargaining chip to undermine and weaken the Jedi. Those fools would do anything to spare the lives of their comrades, it would be quite a valuable asset to hold in our hands.

And, let's not forget that the Jedi, while too sentimental and caring, are still formidable users of the Force. If we were to harbor these Jedi their own sense of honor would lead them to trust us...a foolish move on their part. We can use that trust not only to keep them in line, but to also corrupt and undermine their vaunted Jedi ideals.

How many of us were once Jedi? How many of us once called some sentimental fool "Master"? We will find those who have the weakest resolve and corrupt them, turn them against their brethren, and teach them the true power of the Force by using their anger, fear, and frustrations against them. Will will show them to harness their full power by giving in to their rage and emotion...we will turn them and bolster our own ranks with their power.

Just as many of you, I hate the Jedi and wish to eradicate them from the universe once and for all. But, instead of openly opposing these Jedi I say we grant them safe haven. Through this one act of "kindness" we can create such havoc and chaos amongst the Jedi and continue to weaken their Order from the inside.

DJK Cesare