Run-on Discussion


08-03-2009 03:20:04

This thread will be used to summarize run-on events, discuss ideas, etc. for everyone. Here are things to know so far:

1. You can call posts; after 4 hours, though, we need to get the story going. So, don't call until you have the time to write.
2. Give others a chance to post; try not to post too often.
3. I highly encourage everyone to avoid mentioning/using personal craft, and also to avoid the whole "I got up, got dressed, took a shower, etc" routine. It is boring and judges don't like it
4. Read carefully; ask for clarification.
5. Stay consistent with your location and actions.

To summarize the current story, Tarentum has just entered the Shroud, with the goal of reaching Antei in two days to meet up with the DC fleet. We don't know anything of the current conditions on the planet, despite what you've read in the prologue (research "dramatic irony"). Our ground forces won't be used on Antei. The Renegade will be destroyed; you cannot be on it, nor be in command of it.


08-03-2009 03:28:49

As I've reserved the first post, I'm thinking of just putting in some short details of the travel through the Shroud, with different POVs before something is noticed (I'm thinking a Vong ship, but I can leave it as vague in my post). I guess my only question would be if Oberst is not the assigned Elder of his ship (or if that should even be mentioned), and whether or not those navigating the ships through the Shroud are still able to communicate. Just some details would be great so the post looks sufficient.


08-03-2009 03:42:17

(See, this is how we use this thing, folks :P )

Oberst would not want to surrender his consciousness to navigation in getting ready for the battle ahead. Other than myself, I didn't mention any navigators, but it would probably be prudent to use the less active elders. I recommend:

1. Telona (she will try to be active, so we need to keep her involved in the story anyway)
2. Depriest
3. Reinthaler
4. Spears
5. Zero
6. Anshar (already in use; and active)

This leaves guys like Sith and Korras, who are fairly active, to write as they please within the confines of the story. They can help with navigation, or fulfill other roles they may have in the clan's military.


08-03-2009 03:53:54

Also on the note of what we don't know. Seeing as we have entered into the shroud. We most likely do not have any intel on the 8th fleet at all since it tried to jump through the shroud.


08-03-2009 04:20:59

Keeping in mind the "thing" I've had the ships detect in my post - should it be something like a Vong vessel, we should notice how it is much weaker as if it is dying. If you don't know what I mean by this, read the prologue on the GJW site.


08-03-2009 05:51:55

I am amped up to help as much as I can to get tarentum into 1st place for this war.

4. Read carefully; ask for clarification.
5. Stay consistent with your location and actions.

I still need help though, I don't know how to write what happened to me between shattered tears and now. how did I escape capture/death when i was left behind on the planet. I still need somewhat of a good story cause I don't want to appear out of nowhere (being I am not a main character) and don't want to show any tendencies of god-moding.

I would appreciate some help with this


08-03-2009 07:51:01

I did a little post to help Ronovi's aswell. I didn't mention what the blip was either but yeah I was going along the same line like a vong ship or something.


08-03-2009 09:29:52

I'm going to write the "thing" as a dead Vong vessel. It can't be anything else at this point, and it should get us thinking: was there a greater force, perhaps, that had something to do with this? {Since we don't know about the plague... yet, we automatically think that there is a bigger force ahead of us. That or a civil war, perhaps?}


08-03-2009 09:57:59

Several things should be remembered.

#1 - By the time we actually start on the journey, we should have been able to detect the presence of the rest of the DC fleet behind us, preventing any retreat.

#2 - There is absolutely nothing of interest to our Clan on Antei besides the artifacts contained within the dark hall and any other buildings on site.

#3 - The DC's armada dwarfs the combined power of all the clans by a significant degree. Any help our fleet could provide would be minimal.

The question of "what are we doing here" needs to be answered. Our clan is being forced to undertake the current adventure against its will and basically under threat of firing squad if we do not comply. I suggest we extract ourselves from the position of helplessness as soon as possible.

Sephiroth Kali

08-03-2009 12:08:20

After the last post, i'm thinking that we need to investigat one of these dead ships. there has been no mention of hostile activity, and I hesitate to have us jump into it.

to help us, is there any setup as far as the layout of Tarentum's forces in this? How many ships do we have, which ones are present?


08-03-2009 14:10:04


Specific events of your backstory don't need particular mention here. For everyone in the clan, the fact is that we're here and now involved in this conflict. I may have mentioned this before, but some simple explanations of you not remembering how you escaped during previous events is sufficient for this run-on. Not knowing the other fiction event details, I can only surmise that you might have a chance to explore what happened to you in private entries.

Clan goals/purpose: we are largely here because we are members of the Brotherhood, responding to the call of the Grand Master. Tarentum has never had an interest in Antei, since the Grand Master always ends up back in control of it, no matter which clan might actually occupy the Dark Hall at the end of any given event. Tarentum would have some interest in Lyspair, largely relating to the hidden vaults beneath the Shadow Academy... vaults that I set up as Headmaster, and am one of the few to actually know of their existence. I do agree with Doni, however, in that we should be looking for opportunities to fight any battles on our terms, and not with the threat of the Arcanum and Rending Hand behind us.

As for the Vong ships in the Shroud, we need to stay away from investigating them via boarding (unlike with "Of the Past"). Once confirmed that they are dead, the clan would have little interest in them. They're not a threat, and we don't have the time (fictionally and practically) to go aboard.

With out anything official in the war fiction, it is probably very safe to still assume that the entire clan fleet is present. For one, I doubt Sarin would want us to come in under strength, nor would we want to be in that type of position vis-ŕ-vis the other clans. The only other alternative at this point is that the Corsair and Doomsday are not with us (the other ships having been named already as being here), either left completely behind or simply trailing the other vessels, but ahead of the DC follow up fleet. Given that Tarentum has one task force now, unless Oberst states otherwise, assume all ships are present.

Sephiroth Kali

08-03-2009 14:42:17

okay. I'll wait for someone else to post first, I'm not familiar with run-ons, and I dont like the current confrontation, with no hostile forces previously being identified. Besides, I cant connect to irc right now.


08-03-2009 16:11:19

quick question: for those who don't command ships/squadrons, can we write ourselves within the support roles of the ships (working the gun systesms, communications, etc) /members of the squadrons?


08-03-2009 16:40:26

Just a quick note on the run-on itself: One thing that is very important is realism, which is something Cestus worked on in their Shattered Tears run-on.Though story is important, realism is also crucial, and the judges are going to look at how we carry out things in the most practical way. Therefore, I wanted to give a few tips about realism:

1. Considering the Shroud itself: As I said in my post, any move to conflict is dangerous if the guidance by the Elders is thrown off. Also, sending out squadrons into the Shroud is out of the question. As pilots are not as inclined to navigate the Shroud, sending squadrons would result in numerous casualties.
2. Be careful in noting what has already been said and give a good reason for adding something else. If one object is identified by a ship, throwing in two more all of a sudden without explaining that they've been picked up throws off the realism a bit. How were they detected in the first place? Be very specific when you bring up new material like that.
3. Use continuity. From what we can tell, the ships we're finding so far are either dead or dying. I know action is good to have in a story, but it must be rationally carried out. If you plan on trying to cause conflict, some build is necessary, as well as some thought-out methods of making it happen.

That's just my two cents.

Sith Bloodfyre

08-03-2009 16:41:11

Anshar and Oberst can verify or deny this, but here's what I've always assumed.

I am a Dark Sider (note: I am not a Dark Jedi, I am a Sith Master). I am not a gunner. I am not a cook. I am not a radio operator. I am a Dark Sider. When it comes to the ship, there are other military personnel who do that major portion of those duties. Sometimes, though, I'll see something going on that I can help with. If I feel like helping, I do. No one relegates me to "help out with the Navigators, they need an uberpowerful Force-user to help with their job."

For the most part, you will be doing a lot of boring stuff, like training, meeting with Clan leaders when they require you, meditating in the Force, communicating with other members of the Clan, etc. You learn how to tie that in with the overall story, and even sometimes work with other members on a little side story if and when said stories are approved by Clan leadership.

Be involved with whatever you like, to a certain extent. If there's literally nothing going on, and you feel like having your character train with the ground troops, or learn how to effectively run a turbolaser cannon under the tutelage of said skilled gunners crew, go at it.


08-03-2009 17:21:27

Sith has got the right idea. Unless you have a specific military role, you're kind of along for the ride at this point. It would be better to stay out of the way, at least during times of crisis. The Elders are used for navigating the Shroud because of necessity; were we in regular space, you would not likely see any of us where we are. I asked Ronovi to state specifically which ship the extra members of the houses are, but if you are a pilot or assigned to the ground forces, you would be with them. Otherwise, go with what she said for the house-ship assignments.

While we don't know for certain just how things will work out, we do know that this phase (at least fictionally) won't last more than two days. We have been informed we will be assisting the ground forces of the Iron Throne's army when we reach Antei. From there, depending on our specific mission and the elements we are assigned to, we can use our characters as the situation calls for. Commissioned rank or not in Tarentum's military, at that point, you'll be a Force user in with non-Force users, much like how many Jedi were during the Clone Wars.

So, right now, the only goal is to reach Antei. Our ship's crews are well trained, so they shouldn't need our help in most cases. I hate to use the phrase calm before the storm; it might be better to compare this to the Allied soldiers sitting on the troop transports getting ready to invade Normandy. Eventually, everyone boarded the landing craft, but for awhile, they stayed on the larger ships, waiting for the signal. The army guys let the navy guys do their job. So, in this case, most of us are in the position of the Allied army soldiers: waiting for our turn to go into hell. But, first, our naval comrades do their part.

I know, it sounds a little boring; heck, throw that into your posts: nervous energy and what not.


08-03-2009 18:16:08

Just a note on what was said earlier about the DC fleets: I agree that we should try to fight our own battles without having the ships right on our backs. So I was thinking of writing the possibility of attempting to maneuver the ships away from the DC fleets, like shaking off a pursuer. Sort of a "Hunt for Red October" motif. I know this will risk the chance of it looking like an anti-DC move, but Tarentum has always been a clan that has attempted to fight its own battles without the council breathing down our necks.


08-03-2009 23:09:38

Well [Expletive Deleted], this is my fault for not paying enough attention.

We're not really supposed to know that the Arcanum and the Rending Hand are following the clans in. Since I can't edit the posts, I'm going to do a bit of "retconning" so to speak in my current post. Let's make this screw up small.


08-03-2009 23:14:03

I can always edit my post, Anshar. I can cut the last part of it out right now and it'll still work.


08-03-2009 23:44:10

It is too late, since my post is already done (and the call before that). We'll have to go with what we've got now. We'll just have to be more careful in the future, and this quickly becomes a small issue. We have almost 7 weeks to make up for it :P


08-03-2009 23:48:38

I see. Well, I added the part back in. Hopefully it won't be too much of a smudge.


09-03-2009 00:49:16

isn't there some way we can detect them and work that into Ronovi's post (re-editting it)? Obviously its in the GJW fiction so their presence is useable. We just have to explain how we know they are there. As you said, we don't know they are there but that doesn't mean it can't be "we don't know they are there, yet"


09-03-2009 01:29:32

Wouldn't all ships have an IFF? I mean, even if they're waaay back, passive scans at long range would detect something, and if they have an IFF that corresponds to a DB frequency, our systems would identify them.


09-03-2009 03:29:02

Isn't the Shroud supposed to interfere with electromagnetic waves? It is a deep nebula with a lot of ionised particles that should technically interfere with our comm. systems. Am I right?


09-03-2009 04:25:37

I'd just like to reiterate and draw attention to the fact that everybody from House Gladius (with the possible exception of our Elders who would be preparing to navigate various ships through the Shroud) are all on the Cocytus. Apollo is the captain and I am the XO of that ship. Similarly, it was established in an early post (Ronovi's first post, I believe) that Tridens is on the Phlegathon and Cestus is on the Requiem.

That means no big in-person meeting of everybody in the CIC on the Phlegathon. Brimstone, you need to make a slight edit to your last post. We do have the fancy holographic doohickeys to talk with between ships. Good writing demands that the devices be mentioned explicitly so that the reader, as well as subsequent writers, are not confused as to various characters' locations.

One more time: if you are in Gladius and you're not Telona or Trouttrooper, you are most definitely without question on the Cocytus with Apollo and myself. The only other exception to this is if you have a commission with the Tarentum Army or Navy and would be stationed aboard a different ship.


09-03-2009 05:10:33

ok cool, ty for pointing it out. I fixed the ship I am on. I wasn't to sure of which I was on. hard to keep track who is still in clan and who isn't sometimes. but it is fixed.

just to clarify, is CIC - chain in command? I just wanted to get info straight

Sephiroth Kali

09-03-2009 11:19:29

Reserve next post!


09-03-2009 11:30:30

Sephiroth, you reserved in the wrong thread.

Anyway: Scion, I guess since I saw you as a part of Oberst's military staff, I accidentally had Vai place you on the MK. I just e-mailed Vai to have him put you on the right ship, so I apologize for the confusion.


09-03-2009 12:49:01

ok cool, ty for pointing it out. I fixed the ship I am on. I wasn't to sure of which I was on. hard to keep track who is still in clan and who isn't sometimes. but it is fixed.

just to clarify, is CIC - chain in command? I just wanted to get info straight

Actually, CIC stands for "Combat Information Center"


09-03-2009 13:28:47

Anyway: Scion, I guess since I saw you as a part of Oberst's military staff, I accidentally had Vai place you on the MK. I just e-mailed Vai to have him put you on the right ship, so I apologize for the confusion.

No worries, I just wanted to be as clear as I could because it seemed like several people were confused. Continuity is a very important factor in this and it's hard to keep things coherent with so many characters. We can't afford to have the judges read through this thing and find characters teleporting from place to place. This isn't Star Trek, after all. :P


09-03-2009 13:39:45

I suppose the best way we can outline locations without people getting too confused is in a list, so here goes. I outlined all of this based on what I read in the run-on, so let me know if I left anybody out:

Magnus Kaerner
Maxamillian von Oberst - Marshal
Lieutenant Commander Stevenson
Adien Corsair - Captain
Spears Tarentae - Navigator
Welshman Erinos
Doni Tzu, Ronovi Tavisaen, Frey Gallandro, Huldrych - Military Staff

Dranik Tarentae - Captain
Alisa Cadran - XO
Anshar Kahn Tarentae - Navigator
Archean Erinos Tarentae - CAG (Commander, Air Guard)
All members of Tridens who are not already assigned to a naval position on another ship

Apollo - Captain
Scion Altera - XO
Telona Murrage - Navigator
All members of Gladius who are not already assigned to a naval position on another ship

Kazarelth Talismarr - Captain
Sith Bloodfyre - Navigator
All members of Cestus who are not already assigned to a naval position on another ship

Let me know if that's clear enough. Get it? Got it? Good.

Severon V

09-03-2009 14:48:19

I decided that I would like to join the run-on. However, my posts may be a little short because I don't have much time to post. If there are some misspellings I am sorry. Remember that I am typing in a hurry. Thanks.


09-03-2009 14:59:06

Yeah I was wondering...Is there minimum word count for the posts?

This is all going super fast for me. You all look like you're in a hurry. I hope you will stay as active until the end.

I was thinking of posting, but where am I at?


09-03-2009 15:02:17

Yeah I was wondering...Is there minimum word count for the posts?

This is all going super fast for me. You all look like you're in a hurry. I hope you will stay as active until the end.

I was thinking of posting, but where am I at?

Frosty, you are aboard the Reqiuem with the rest of Cestus.


09-03-2009 15:03:37

I don't think any minimum word count was given, but we should be able to give enough bulk to the post to make it look good. I always think that the plot of the post needs to be balanced with the bulk so not too much or too little detail is given. You may have to ask Anshar or Oberst what they're expecting, though.


09-03-2009 15:10:27

It's not like I have super RO skills but my character might look good in the RO. :D The sucky part is that I'm not with my brother, also I was in command of the I Corps. Am I still and could I use it when we land on Antei?


09-03-2009 15:11:21

It's not like I have super RO skills but my character might look good in the RO. :D The sucky part is that I'm not with my brother, also I was in command of the I Corps. Am I still and could I use it when we land on Antei?

Damn the hell for double posts. Sorry! :D

Please remove it.


09-03-2009 15:31:44

As we will mostly be working in the Army of the Iron Throne, we maintain our military positions, but all in all, we're soldiers dabbling with other soldiers. While there will be NPC commanders, we as Dark Jedi have a right to assert ourselves in terms of our opinion of operations. For now, however, the RO is strictly navy-based as we go through the Shroud.


09-03-2009 15:36:43

I'm also pressed for time but I'll post what I can so as to add to the overall story. Anyone is free to use my character in their posts, just remember to look at my wiki. Keep in mind that I am very loyal to the clan and will risk my life for it. I'll try to keep up with reading every post but if someone could throw out a summary every now and then that'd be awesome.

Oh and my son will be six months old tomorrow! ^_^


09-03-2009 15:45:11

Congratulations, Telona! That's very exciting. I'll see if I can put up what's going on at a regular basis so everyone can see what's going on.


09-03-2009 15:46:16

Woot! May he grow strong an healthy Telona, like her Dark Jedi Mother.


09-03-2009 16:21:44

May his midichlorian count register off the scales so he can be a powerful sith with us one day


09-03-2009 17:07:49

Count me in, limited posting this week. But everyone feel free to use my char, preferably on the MK as I think Oberst and I agreed way back when I got my in clan promotion that that;s the ship I'd be bumming around on.


09-03-2009 17:46:27

There's been nothing specifically mentioned regarding word counts, though we generally prefer that your posts take up at least a 1/2 page single spaced in MS Word. One page is considered a good length on a post and when I write a post, that is usually my personal minimum goal.

Also, just a few thoughts to chew on here...

-It looks like our plot for the moment is taking the course more of playing some cat and mouse with the DC (specifically, the Arcanum) while we continue towards our goal. As Dranik pointed out to me this morning, Sarin doesn't want us to deviate from our courses, or there will be consequences. Of course, our interest does ultimately rest in preserving ourselves, even if we have agreed to go to this fight. So, we're heading on a perfectly legitimate course right now.

-We can slow down posts at this point, since we have to stretch this prologue run for the whole week, unless things change. This is, however, a good time to get your character involved. Once we start with the other actions (bombarding and/or landing on Antei), it is a bit late to suddenly make your presence known, though it can still be done.

-Whatever Vong ships are left in the Shroud are pretty much dead or dying. At this point, I'm not seeing them become a major obstacle.

Severon V

09-03-2009 18:16:59

I have no clue about you guys but I think this is great. This is my first Jedi War and I am enjoying it. Thanks all.


09-03-2009 18:31:45

Severon, I want you to be careful before you post. Welshman reserved a post before you did, so just be vigilant about that.

Sith Bloodfyre

09-03-2009 19:47:18

Just for another reminder on specific ship-related issues, please read over information provided by Oberst to the Clan through the mailing list, and even feel free to ask questions over this thread. Specific ship-wide issues:

1. Ship officers do not handle navigation of the ship, communications and other facets of running a capital ship personally. While Han Solo may navigate/fly the Millenium Falcon and even man the guns personally at times, that's not how it goes on a capital ship. Officers oversee the staff that is assigned to that post and facet of ship operation. Captains do not have a Captain's Chair on the bridge. Stuff like that. Remember, Oberst gave us all great info on this.

2. Writing quantity is not as important as writing quality, but quantity can enhance quality, especially when it comes to ship life. There is stuff always going on around a capital ship especially. Feel free to be involved in that. While you don't need to talk about taking a shower and getting dressed, a conversation regarding the "omens through the Force," or whatever else is going on that is PERTINENT to the story can enhance it and give it real life feel. Make the ship a ship, not just a tool for movement in the run-on.

3. Ship staff is NOT throw-away resource/cannon fodder. You do not have the right to kill ship staff at random to show off how powerful you are. And, if you are doing this, you probably don't have the level of power to do it anyway. This is an incredibly green move to make.

4. Talk to other members of tbe Clan and form a writing group to give your character something to do within a group. It's ok to ask veteran members to be a part of the group they're in so you can get to know someone, and be a part of something if you don't have an idea. We are a Clan, not just a collection of loners and isolationists.

Happy writing!


09-03-2009 20:23:19

Three times for emphasis, eh, Bf? :P

I've updated the list on page 2 about where everyone is so far. If you need it, look at it.

Sith Bloodfyre

09-03-2009 23:30:23

Weird triple post is more like it. I'm at work. Internet is based on WiFi where I can find it. Sue me. :P


09-03-2009 23:43:25

Might be best to place the list of where people are as its own post so its more accessible for the reminder of the GJW.

Sephiroth Kali

09-03-2009 23:49:57

Weird triple post is more like it.  I'm at work.  Internet is based on WiFi where I can find it.  Sue me. :P

Maybe I will. :P


10-03-2009 00:01:00

I'll see what I can do, Raiju. Let me see if Oberst or Anshar would approve.


10-03-2009 00:27:32

Also, I wanted to make note of Severon's posts. Severon, you're the rank of Protector, which is pretty low. Therefore, I highly doubt you would sense the coral skippers in a premonition before people higher in rank, like Scion and Apollo, would notice. Precognition can happen, but normally only with higher-ups more attuned to the Force. I'm not saying you have to edit your posts too much, but if not, please just keep it in mind.


10-03-2009 00:41:38

I would also like to point out a few things that have popped up while reading. Granted, I'm not an English major, but I'm seeing a lot of words being left out of sentences as well as misspellings. For instance, Ronovi forgot the word 'from' here:

"I can't say for sure...but this time, it's coming behind us."

And several posts before that, Anshar forgot the 't' in 'not'.

They are simple mistakes that I know I've made in the past, and will probably against in the future. But we need to make sure we use spellcheck and, for Heaven's sake, please read your entire post. Do not just skim it. Catching the small stuff like this probably annoys judges to no end.

One other point I would like to bring up. Granted I'm not a Vong specialist.. but all Vong technology is organic. Correct? So they have ships that are living beings, not build but grown. I noticed in a post that we were detecting "power signatures" from thier ships. If I'm not mistaken, they don't even *have* power signatures. We could detect things such as activity of certain ship functions, but I do not think we could detect any power readings due to the fact that, they don't use power.

Just my thoughts..

Oh! Now that I think about it. Kaz, in one of your posts you mention the 'CDC'. I think you mean CIC, right?


10-03-2009 01:39:09

According to Oberst:-
CDC = Combat Direction Center
CIC = Combat Information Center


10-03-2009 01:56:15

I was thinking about this after Muz brought it up on the Tarentum IRC channel, and I figured it was a good point. According to Muz, sometimes people get too anxious to jump start the plot and start pushing it in ways that aren't necessary, and some introduction of character, as well as means as preparation (not as specific as the bolts in your ship or the color of your robes), can add some weight to the story. Therefore, I figured I'd say a few things.

Like Anshar said earlier, it shouldn't be a problem slowing down the run-on a bit. Currently, we're heading toward the Vrakely Energetic Rift in order to make our own route away from the DC, though that should be kept merely as a side note. Second of all, it looks as if Vong ships are pretty much dead as we go along. Don't worry about conflict or action right now; that will come later. Near the end of the week (or maybe sooner), we will most likely be going ahead with possible naval strikes.

Second of all, it's good to have the characters speculate once in a while about what could be killing the Vong. Too much repetition of thoughts or excess detail about it, however, seems to drag down the story. It's okay to have your character wonder about it maybe once, but don't make it your character's motive unless maybe he/she is a major alchemist and wants to get to the bottom of the mystery.

For now, I say build on the relationships. Get your character into the story. You don't have to be piloting the ship, or helping navigate it; just have your character discuss, think, act, do things. I had my character, for example, go into an empty cargo hold to do what she normally does: practice her fighting techniques. While some characters don't necessarily isolate themselves like that, just think about what your character would do in a situation where not much is really happening. Make something from nothing. And be absolutely sure to keep a started plotline going!

And that's my two cents.


10-03-2009 03:21:04

According to Oberst:-
CDC = Combat Direction Center
CIC = Combat Information Center

They are, functionally, the same thing.


10-03-2009 03:43:34

I got a question. can we write in some observances in our posts from the last jedi war that might be of use. Like they were talking of the Ithor Baffor Spores that might be affecting the ships, same thing I brought up in the last war when I had used some grenades that were made by chiss scientists with the spores in them.

I only bring this up as I don't want to seem god-moding if I posted "I know I know what is killing them" when I had in the prior GJW had brought it into the story mentioned.

Just asking before I post anything about it.


10-03-2009 14:04:48

My last post I made was under the spirit of developing some depth for the journeymen of Cestus, namely Jaron, Rathelm and myself.

I hope it doesn't cause too many issues.

Severon V

10-03-2009 14:28:33

Welshman, if you read this post I just want to tell you that I am sorry for taking your spot. I was in a hurry and wasn't paying attention. I apologize again and if you are offended, I apologize.


10-03-2009 17:10:27

In terms of your post, Vai, I noticed that you called Jaron my padawan. Technically, this is not the case; padawan is the Jedi term for an apprentice. I believe with Dark Jedi, apprentice is really the only word we use (if we were pure Sith, we may say minion).

Also, it seems as if you jumped locations in your post. While Kaz wasn't incredibly clear, he did mention that Saitou was approaching the bridge and nodded to you. The cargo hold seems to be a little ways off from the bridge itself, so it might be good to clarify how you got to the hold or maybe just changing your location so it fits.


10-03-2009 17:18:13

In terms of your post, Vai, I noticed that you called Jaron my padawan. Technically, this is not the case; padawan is the Jedi term for an apprentice. I believe with Dark Jedi, apprentice is really the only word we use (if we were pure Sith, we may say minion).

ok, fixed and fixed. I must have misread Kaz's post on my location, though the bridge doesn't seem to be a good place to train either :) all those buttons.


10-03-2009 17:54:52

Severon, I'm going to advise you not to post too much. Please leave about 2-4 posts between yours so everyone gets a chance to post.


10-03-2009 17:57:18


Telona is focusing on navigating the Cocytus through the Shroud. I doubt she is concerning herself with rather your character is bored or not.

Might want to choose another member of your house that might be concerned.


10-03-2009 17:59:50


Brimstone wrote it in his post; Severon is only writing off of that. While I figured the same thing, that Telona would not occupy herself with anyone while she is navigating, I figured I'd let that part in Brimstone's post slide.


10-03-2009 18:26:10

ok, just something I read and I didn't see that Brimstone wrote that first.


10-03-2009 18:32:31

Don't worry about it, I'm not offended hehehe.

Lucky we're on different ships and we didn't balls continuity up!


11-03-2009 04:12:01

Severon, I'm going to advise you not to post too much. Please leave about 2-4 posts between yours so everyone gets a chance to post.

To all:- With regard to this, in week one, there is nothing much to write about that you'd want to post twice or thrice per day, is it? So, it would be wise to keep all your posts to a maximum of one per day. A lot of people would like to participate in this, and having too many posts behind them only makes their jobs worse. Many just give up, and only 5-6 people write a story that is essentially the Clan's story. Give everyone a chance. Help others- introduce them, give them something to write about; this entire week is only for introductions and basic character development.
When there are more people, it's definitely more fun.


11-03-2009 09:15:44

They only problem with this is that there is alot of us in the clan, yet, we do not know who is actually going to participate in it so that makes it difficult who to write-in. also, unless you are a leader per say, most of us don't know everyone. I been here for 2 years and still don't know everyone.


11-03-2009 11:18:41

I'm sure you know *somebody*, Brimstone. You teamed up with Severon, which means you knew who he was, OR it was an accident. Either way, you two can help each other out, or seek help in doing something jointly, for example learning combat directional services etc.
Fact remains that other people know guys who want to post as well, don't they? This goes out to everyone. For example, Frosty wants to post, so I'll be helping him out in my next post so he can easily meld in. I know Sero and BF both wish to post, so I've given them some background so that they seamlessly integrate themselves into the story.
I say team up with people (preferably in the same location as you are in), it's always fun when you have lots of people talking about your character instead of just you.
Make sure you research any player character thoroughly before writing them - the best places to look for character information are these:-

1.) Character History.
2.) Character Sheet.
3.) Wiki - which, if done right, is a repository of information.

Use these tools to make your posts more informative and personal!


11-03-2009 11:35:39

As in numbers, if I did the math right, 13 members have made a post to the runon thus far.

There are currently 84 (active) members in the clan that could contribute. Now, most journeymen might not see where they fit into this and thus might not contribute. So, minus, GRD & lower there are still 52 members who have been around long enough to contribute. Question is how can we bring the missing 39 into the story.

We are 29 posts in, and where the story currently is; now would be a great time.

(I must be bored at work and have alot of time on my hands)


11-03-2009 13:25:47

As in numbers, if I did the math right, 13 members have made a post to the runon thus far. 

There are currently 84 (active) members in the clan that could contribute.  Now, most journeymen might not see where they fit into this and thus might not contribute.  So, minus, GRD & lower there are still 52 members who have been around long enough to contribute.  Question is how can we bring the missing 39 into the story.

We are 29 posts in, and where the story currently is; now would be a great time. 

(I must be bored at work and have alot of time on my hands)

Not really. Aside from my midterm this morning, and my paper defense tomorrow, there's really nothing for me to post about. I tend to avoid writing about the mundane unless I absolutely need to, so that something else can be set up or as a catalyst for later action/resolution. Currently, I'm at the CIC. What would I write about? Reading reports on engine function? With a runon, posting a lot doesn't matter so much as posting what's worthwhile. You guys have a lot more freedom to write, interact and function. As the overall military commander of this operation, I have to be bogged down with minutae, or I wouldn't be doing my (fictional) job.

Sure, it'd be great if you could post 50 times for the runon, but wouldn't it be better if you instead made 25 posts of significance?

Severon V

11-03-2009 14:41:39

We are all in this together and we should all post. I am sorry for filling the run-on with just me. It is just that, no one else really wants to get interested. I email them, but they do not answer. It's as if we are the only ones who care at all.


11-03-2009 15:07:58

I have a post in mind, but it's really just describing what I'm up too during the space journey (as an OT I'm not sure I'll have a lot to do with ship board operations), and of course my thoughts as to where I fit into the grand scheme of things? Does anyone have any objections to such a post?


OT Talon Zetar (Obelisk)/Cestus of Tarentum [ACC: INI]
SC-SoA / AC-ToSH / DC-CP / Cr-1R-1E / CF-BlF / DSS / S:-3M


11-03-2009 16:07:52

well kaz, the main people I know, are already writing. remember, i spent nearly a year away, half rogue, cause of the job I was on. so I don't know that many.

also, the last time I threw someone in wasn't writing, I ended up with alot of backlash.

as for Severon, don't know him personally as this was the first time i heard his name. just going by what Ronovi said on trying to integrate others and him being practically new, was a good "timing" event for me to be involved.

Plus being DJK, I need to start training the lower recruits if I want to work on the next levels of ranks to progress. :D


11-03-2009 16:17:52

I think it's a good idea to attempt to incorporate newer members into the story because it gives them a purpose. A lot of lower Journeymen I know are nervous about stepping in because they've never written a run-on before. So any introduction of them (not even just by name specifically, lower ranks in general are good), if relevant to the vague plot we have now and correct in your power capacity, is good. Want to gather a group together and teach them some tricks? Make it relevant and make sure you don't make yourself look more powerful than your rank allows. Want to just interact with them? That's good, too. Newer members of Tarentum are still members of Tarentum, even if when the real action starts they may not be able to contribute much strength-wise.


11-03-2009 16:32:41

Brimstone, please do not have any ships attack or signal the start of war in your post. It was specifically mentioned that we are not supposed to be fighting live Vong ships; it will dock the clan points. Also, based on the last few posts, the Vong transport that the Cocytus found is dead. Like every other vessel we've come across so far, it's dead. Every corpse out there was ejected from the transport due to explosive decompression. So there is no point in shooting at it with a turbolaser. These are just small edits, but please do them so we can follow the rules and continuity is kept. Thanks!


11-03-2009 16:38:23

I figure since the earlier posts showed that we had them targeted and ready to fire upon, that they would have shot at them. I know reading they are dead, but not everyone on the ship has been alerted to that fact. Only the higher-ups in the food chain.


11-03-2009 16:40:42

I understand. That's why I did not correct your "They must have been discarded" because most likely you would not have heard what Apollo and Scion had scanned. As for shooting at the vessel, I would say don't shoot at it merely because it's on the port side and therefore not in the ship's way, and the earlier ships were in the way so we blasted them. Just little details like that are important. Other than that, your post is fine.


11-03-2009 16:46:18

well, I figured that a shot would have happened at that time since they were targeting the last one. I was just trying to have continuity :D

that would have been a good time to have the lower ranks like me and others to think we are under attack or to prepare for what lies ahead.


11-03-2009 16:47:36

Don't worry, I think the bodies alone should have the lower ranks be a little intimidated by the idea of war. Just keep that in mind.


11-03-2009 20:53:44

Oberst brings up a good point, in that there isn't much going on right now. And it is tough to write in this first week because of the prompt. But, that's why I'm encouraging you to slow down posts a bit. My best guess is that we'll need Sunday to help wrap things up and move us into the next phase. I anticipate making a post late Saturday night about us preparing to exit the Shroud, so we won't be too far off.

If you can't think of anything to post, that is, if you are "bored," then you don't have to post. We're off to a good start with what we've got, and we've already got almost half of the total posts from the last GJW run-on.

Our goal right now is to keep the ships moving towards Antei. We don't need to encounter the Vong any more than we already had. I threw in the two live ones just to shake it up, and Telona promptly got rid of them, which is all well and good. Kri's instructions specifically state the "odd" Yuuzhan Vong ship. The addition of the dead bodies was a nice touch.

As for writing about other clan members, pretty much anyone is up for grabs to write about. Of course, make certain you review their history and wiki article and, if they're actively participating, make certain you don't put them in two locations at once. Members who aren't active right now, but who might join later, will just have to deal with what has been done.


11-03-2009 23:26:39

I agree with Anshar and Oberst in that you don't need to feel obligated to post. I've been posting because I wanted to get my character and other characters, like Welsh, a little more involved in the story. For me, if I can write a post that's relevant, full of content pertaining to story and character, and a decent length, that's good. But if you want to get your character active in something like training or conversation, you just need to be careful that it's something at least slightly significant.

It looks like the run-on has slowed down a bit, so it would be a good time for those who haven't posted yet to introduce your character and his/her location. I know there are a few people who have already shown interest in getting themselves into the story, so my opinion is don't hesitate to at least get yourself situated. Even if it means you may not be able to post too much else until after the action picks up, that should be fine.


11-03-2009 23:56:35

I know I'm going to slow down some. Atleast until we get out of the shroud. For now, Vai needs to control his anger before he does something stupid :)


12-03-2009 02:45:17

I know we should be slowing down, cause this of course is going to be a 7 week war, but what I think we should do, and what a real military does, is start organizing strategies and manuvers for a space, ground, and eventually final assault.

We should be having the military commanders organizing and assigning groups and squads into battle prepareness for this. Alot of the new people in the clan are really not going to be able to do much against the vong, but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't be prepped and assigned their duties.

I think the next 3 days before the fodder hits the fan should be used at this time to get us battle ready. What do you guys think?


12-03-2009 06:08:27

At this point, we know the clan is working under the overall command of the Iron Throne when we reach Antei. Sarin and his commanders have the assault planned out, and our role in it. Oberst and his staff, per the instructions of the battle plan event, have come up with contingency plans. We're at the point (actually beyond it) where getting battle ready should be done. Like I said, a good analogy is the soldiers waiting to invade Normandy, but before they get into the transports for the actual assault. We already have our assigned units within the clan (houses, then battleteams for the majority). We'll play whatever role(s) get handed to us with the next phase.

Severon V

12-03-2009 14:24:59

Ok, I think I am finally getting the hang of these run-ons. Soon, I may be able to write longer posts, but for now I will stick to the short ones.


12-03-2009 15:59:21

To Kaz: I'll be posting tommorow mate. I'm half thru the RO, it's not that I'm a slow reader but I just don't have time. Tommorow, prepare for hell! lawl


13-03-2009 02:03:51

I believe tomorrow we should start out with the approach to Antei. If the next Orders are on Sunday, we've got only two or so days to finish up our Orders. I figure we'd let people like Anshar or Oberst start that round of action, but I believe at this point, we better get the ball rolling. Shall we begin the main military strike (if there is one in the run-on) by at least tomorrow morning or afternoon?


13-03-2009 10:12:52

we shouldn't write any "strikes". We have no idea what our targets will be once we enter space over Antei, I think we should work up to the final hour within the shroud and then let Anshar make his post saturday night about us leaving the shroud.


13-03-2009 10:47:55

Anshar/Oberst should write about us leaving the Shroud and facing whatever we do face at the other end of the nebula. Oberst/Anshar should write about a "strike", should it occur. We don't know anything yet. We might just be faced with more dead ships, and might be asked to land on Antei (as ACC co-ops begin, so focus will obviously shift from the navy to the army.) It's still speculative, so don't do anything before the Clan Summits.

Severon V

13-03-2009 13:55:19

That sounds like a good plan. I agree with Tavisean that we should wait for Anshar.


13-03-2009 14:17:42

Severon, concerning your post: I understand if maybe you want to get some stories out of some characters like Brimstone, but asking about how he got his first saber is a little irrelevant to the plot. It makes the story look like it's going off on some random tangent. Maybe the first time he encountered the Vong? Or went to Antei? Those are more relevant questions to ask with plot points.

Also, if you read my post and Raiju's post, you'd see that time has elapsed between the dead body incident, so now it's later at night. Your post is not continuous with that time lapse, so please edit it so it matches.


13-03-2009 15:04:33

Just as long as no one else posts in the run-on, you can still edit your posts. Once someone else posts, though, what's done is done. It does look better if we only do grammatical edits, but content can be changed. Remember, edits are timestamped, so judges can compare them.


13-03-2009 15:15:07

I'll be taking next post, in an hour or so.


13-03-2009 22:33:36

Okay, everyone, this is something you need to read. This i what the Clan Summit has planned and it's something we should have done.

I have posted what Anshar and I have agreed to be the second-to-last post for this week's orders. There, I do not just advise you, but tell you, with agreement from the Consul, that you are not to post from now on. I believe most of you have had your chance to get involved, but this decision is better because I believe we're getting a bit too much filler in this plot.

Anshar will be writing the last post tomorrow, most likely around 12:30 his time. He will wrap everything up and finalize the last part of our orders. Please sit tight, don't worry about posting until the next week's events are up, and relax. We've got this all under control.

So again, starting now, please do not post. Anshar will finish the week's orders.


14-03-2009 01:10:03

Just to expand on what Ronovi said after reading the last few posts, but I'd greatly appreciate it if everyone took a break from posting today (Saturday). We've made good progress with what little we had to go on. I will post again at about 12:30-1:00 am Sunday morning. I'm working late Saturday, though hopefully I'll get out on time (but you never know). The next round of the war will start at 12:01 am EST on Sunday morning. Things should be getting more exciting from here on out.

See my clan notes, coming to you shortly after I post this.


14-03-2009 03:36:24

Oh, Apollo. We said not to post. We'll let it slide this time... :S


14-03-2009 04:09:24

sorry, I didn't just see this till now that no posts supposed to be made till tomarrow. If you want, go ahead and delete mine if need to. Just thought I would answer Severon since he was posted he was talking to me.


14-03-2009 04:22:09

It's not a problem, Brimstone. Just please remove the content in your post and replace it with "remove post." I already put a little reference into my post about you telling your stories to Severon.


14-03-2009 13:37:45

You know what would be cool? If we all had some kind of template to post from. Like Raiju's posts, he has the place and the time in Bold, that kind of stuff. It will make the reading a lot easier and it will looke like a team work.


14-03-2009 17:17:02

While the full template itself that Raiju uses may cause a little confusion with the hours he puts down, I do think that it's excellent to at least label what ship you're writing from so the judges know where the story is jumping to. Since in about a day we're going to be close to Antei, I highly doubt we're going to be in space for much longer. But until we get onto Antei, I do say that maybe when your'e writing about yourself or somebody else, try to put then ship you and/or he/she is on in italics like I do. It's not the full template, but I think it'll do and it's simple.

(Keep in mind, of course, don't go editing your posts for this kind of template; remember the rules. Maybe just add them to your future posts)


15-03-2009 02:44:31

Ok, everyone, we've started the combat phase of the war, and the run-on itself. This is where everything we've discussed becomes very important. So, without further ado, this list of things to watch out for:

1. God-moding- as tempting as it is, don't forget that battle droids can kill Force users. Rewatch Attack of the Clones if you must, and specifically the Battle of Geonosis. Injuries will be sustained, ranging from minor to serious. I'll leave you to your own with your character, but try to keep it real.

2. Setting- keep yourself where you are, and others as well. If Bob is fighting a kilometer away from you in a previous post, don't have Bob near you in your post. Watch for orders and assignments that may move your character (or put them in a starting position) and react properly and accordingly.

3. Minimal Jedi- there aren't a hundred Jedi for each of us; hell, there's not even one Jedi for each of us. Resist the urge to run across the Jedi. In fact, for the time being, I'd prefer if everyone avoided encountering them at all. With point #1, if/when we do encounter a Jedi, dont' god-mode on them. Jedi aren't pushovers, despite what many would like to believe.

4. We are a team here. Work together; use this thread to talk things over.

To recap the goals for this week's part of the overall RO:

1. Find what we can of damaged AA batteries and get those items back to base
2. Protect base from droid attacks, including air attacks.
3. Prepare to secure territory for the command center.

Please note on the map that the compass (upper left corner) indicates the "north" is the right side of the map. We are part of Operation: Spectral Giant, which puts us slightly to the left side of the map at the top.

Keep up the great work.


15-03-2009 03:06:57

As you can see in my post, I've directed that some members be assigned to stay at the base and some to go in groups to find equipment. I have set up that lower-ranked Journeymen (Guardian and below) will most likely stay behind with selected members to supervise them and defend the base. Don't feel too tempted to search rather than defend; there's a lot to do on both sides. I, as well as Anshar, am also suggesting that you discuss search group assignments here in the discussion thread so people don't end up in places they shouldn't be in. This is why it's important to read the run-on closely so you don't accidentally place someone somewhere else.

As Anshar said, don't expect Jedi. For now, expect aircraft, droids, and droid infantry. Those are our main targets for this objective. Also, keep in mind that you are not in charge of the Army of the Iron Throne's men; there are NPC commanders there to do that.

For now, here is the first established group that I wrote in my post (Keep in mind, House members will most likely stick together):

Ronovi (Me)
Doni Tzu

Keep in mind that the group is pretty balanced out in power: Two Jedi Hunters + One Dark Jedi Knight + One Equite + One Elder.


15-03-2009 05:49:00

Oh, Apollo. We said not to post. We'll let it slide this time...  :S

I had already started that post BEFORE you said anything. You should have seen I had already called next.


15-03-2009 06:07:21

Ronovi, I found one thing wrong with your post, if you dont mind. Dont use the name Stinger Missles. Those are current US Military Surface to Air Missles (SAMs). The judges will/should know that. So we can't use that name. Check the Star Wars Wiki to see if you can find anything close to that OR instead of staying Stinger, just say shoulder launched surface to air missles. Yes its a mouthful, and you should play with the wording a bit. But, we need to make sure we dont make a mistake of giving something a proper name if it is, in fact, *not* the proper name for it.

Other than that, good post. :)


15-03-2009 06:43:12

I just changed it to shoulder-mounted rocket launchers. It was the closest I could find using Wookieepedia, so hopefully it's okay.


15-03-2009 07:29:34

I need to know who along with me and severon have left the cocytus. only ones I noticed on board and have posted was Telona, Scion, and Apollo. I don't want to make any posts before I find out who is where, because I don't want to state we are with them, if they remained on the ships. If I can get word asap, that will allow me to post correctly.

Also, what is with the droids we are fighting? I thought we were fighting Vong on the ground. I do not see where the droids got involved.


15-03-2009 09:14:38

Brimstone: Read the fiction that goes with the competition.


15-03-2009 13:44:52

Just wondering about the command centre: Are we to begin setting it up this week? Or is that next week's goal and we are just suppose to march towards desired location after setting up the AA positions?


15-03-2009 14:57:18

I just noticed...why is all of high command on the ground? Welshman should stay with the fleet. :P


15-03-2009 16:10:16

Ah, thank you for pointing that out. Fortunately no one's posted after me, so I'll have Welshman stay with the fleet. If he wishes to be on the ground, that's his call.

Raiju: According to the objective for this week, it appears as if we're just preparing anti-aircraft batteries and setting up the centre. There's no specifics about marching to battle yet, so my guess would be that yes, we'll be setting up for most of the week. That's why Anshar told me to add scouting groups in my post so we could have a good sum of the Tarenti do some searching while the rest help out in preparations or helping the lower-ranked Dark Jedi.


15-03-2009 17:02:46

Ronovi, I don't think you understood my question.

the orders from Muz state that we are to set up the AA batteries and "mobilize northeast in order to secure territory for a Central Command site."

Regarding the second part (the mobilization) I want to know if we should plan on arriving at the place and securing it this week or will we just be focusing on moving there (like we did last week with the shroud)

Sith Bloodfyre

15-03-2009 17:21:48

My advice would be this: we can do everything up to making the command center 100% at the ready and operational, and the DC moving into it. We can select a site, mobilize to it, and begin preparations to establish the command center. That seems pretty obvious in the orders Muz has given. We just don't need to get too far ahead of ourselves, and it also won't take "just one good post to get the command center up and running." Let some work get put into it.

Also, I just finished reading through the run-on, and I wanted to give some more advice on what's going on. And yes, I know I need to get posting, and I can now that stuff can happen. But here's what I see:

1) Don't end your post with the end of someone else's post. Sometimes, it can be necessary to "go back" and fill in some gaps. However, having your post go back and do stuff, productive or not, and then end where the person before you left off, is actually not entirely productive. If you "go back," do it in a productive way, and then actually move on past where they left off. Make it obvious that what you added is actually beneficial to the story, and then press it forward. That always helps.

2) We live in an era of space-wide communications through the holonet and such. "Paperwork" is handled on datapads. Paperwork can actually be handled on any ship, regardless of where people are. And, in cases where members have command positions, feel free to utilize the adjutants and aides that would normally be assigned to you. There really are going to be others around you, especially in a position of authority. And, also remember, we are not here with our own troops. We have the Dark Council's troops, the "Army of the Iron Throne." Don't use our own Order of Battle. Make sure we're using the DC troops and names (if possible) assigned to us.

3) Re-read your posts before you post them. Actually read them word-for-word. Don't skim because you already remember what you said. Give it a few minutes, or an hour, after you finish writing, go back and read, and see if every word you intended is actually there. See if it all makes sense. See if it all sounds good. Write it up in Word instead of just hitting "fast reply" and writing it here on the MB. Seriously, it'll help.

4) Read what others are writing, and use it if you can. BUILD on what has been written before. Don't just read it and move on. Remember, what all is already here HAS HAPPENED. It should be continued logically. Ronovi makes a good point in one of her posts, about "Ah, calm... AH! Another Vong Ship! Ah, calm..." and such. Rubber banding between decisions about what is, or should be, is bad. If the Vong are dead, they are dead. If they are dying, they will soon be dead. We probably shouldn't encounter many "I'm not dead yet! I think I'll go for a walk! I feel happy!..."-type Vong anymore, if we encounter any at all. Yes, there may be some, depending on how the disease spread, how fast it spread, and how well it spread, but let that be dictated by Anshar. If you want to do something like that, hit him up. Email him and Oberst. TALK to people. Work as a GROUP. It will make our run-on better.

I have been pretty impressed with what has happened so far though. I'm glad to see so many people getting involved and interested in the run-on. Be proud of what we're doing. We're in a GJW. This can be the best time of the year. Let's make it the best competition we can. Have fun guys.


15-03-2009 17:36:45

Ah, now I see what you're getting at, Raiju. My mistake. Bf put it best, though. So hopefully he answered your question.


15-03-2009 18:05:18

yeah he did, thanks.


15-03-2009 19:41:30

Come on Welsh!! Some of us are trying to slack off at work damnit! >:P


16-03-2009 22:27:53

Okay, I'm starting to see a lot of "Exiting the transport posts." My suggestion would be to cut those down and actually focus on getting the orders done. If you want to be on the scouting team (and I haven't mentioned your name), feel free to do. If you want to stay with the army and help set up the command center, that works, too. I'd just say try not to insert your grand entrance; it just looks messy considering the intro was for the beginning, not the middle.


16-03-2009 23:19:28

Calm down Ronovi. There's only been 4 posts since we left the shroud. There's going to be posts regarding how we got from the ships to the ground. Likewise, you need to loosen up a bit. People aren't encourage to participate if every time they post they find you critizing them here. I know you want a great story, but you can't write it by yourself. Be flexible and let people write how they want.


16-03-2009 23:38:51

I apologize. I meant to merely suggest something and did not mean to sound uptight. I am also not trying to be critical, just attempting to give some advice that people can leave or take. If it looks like I'm trying to control the story, that's not what I'm trying to do. I do want a great story, but I also want to be able to give my opinion and hopefully not discourage others. I merely want to give suggestions just so we can avoid too much filler. I want to make observations, and I'm sorry if it looks like I'm trying to downsize others; I really don't try to do that. XP


17-03-2009 00:54:19

Ronovi does bring up a good point, though. "Getting off the transport" is akin to the "getting dressed, going to my ship," problem that many run-ons encounter. So, to future posters, just be cautious with this. As I said before, we're trying not to irritate the judge(s). And trust me, as a former judge, nothing irritated me more than reading what is essentially the same post repeatedly.

I will post sometime tomorrow, as I'm dead tired from work. In fact, I'm about to go to bed...

Anyway, you can keep posting. I'm thinking by Friday at the latest we need to have the majority of the AA batteries established, and begin mobalizing to the "northeast"- whatever that means, given that we're almost off the map already.

Keep up the great work everyone. We're off to a great start and we can keep this momentum going.


17-03-2009 08:26:25

Okay so, I sent an email to Obs and Anshar regarding me staying on my ship for the duration of the RO (since I'm a ship captain). I'm going to continue with NOT being on the ship since the fun is on the ground and I'm obviously here to have fun. ;)
And, since neither BF nor Saitou have posted, I'm going to go ahead and add them to my three-member team to make it 1 Elder + 2 Equites which is a balanced enough in comparison to the other teams that have been established. {Also because I love them so much =P }

I'd also like to point out that the pace at which we are going on right now is decent enough. I don't think we need to exceed another page this week, since reading 6 "novels" (considering the fact that we have 6 weeks) will not be much fun if the judges are under pressure. If we keep it fairly short, but intense and realistic, we can win the event AND help people follow the RO better. :)

Sephiroth Kali

17-03-2009 12:20:14

A word in my defense, I thought it prudent not to just appear on the battlefield without any word of how I got there :)


17-03-2009 17:48:54

Because I wasn't 100% on what groups were actually formed, yet, I played this post safe. Please do like Ronovi did and post in this discussion thread who is in what group.

Also, regarding BF, Saitou, and Kaz. I am only giving them an opening to get involved in the run-on. BF and I have already talked about where he and the other two will be taking things. Don't tag along with them, or start going off on your own missions. That's why I had them talk to me about it in the story. We will wrap this into the overall story and, if the opportunity arises to where it will affect the rest of the clan (as I expect it very well could), we will go from there.



17-03-2009 18:23:59

Wait, hold on, I'm a bit confused. I wrote that the search groups had already started off, with my group heading north. So I felt like I missed something in Anshar's post. Is my group out searching while the others are under attack? I feel like I didn't do too well in specifiying the action in my own post, so I just need my enlightenment on what's happening, where everyone is and what they're doing right now.


17-03-2009 18:57:15

might want to fix the r-o by anshar's post. it is showing his post and a post asking for next post. just a heads up.

and btw, can I get a clarification of where me and severon are? are we still on Cocytus or are we assigned a location? like above mention, we don't need more "just landeded and exit transport" posts and since we are already in battle, just want to get inserted.


17-03-2009 19:12:30

At this point, all clan members (unless otherwise noted, like Welshman) are on the surface, at the landing site at the very least. That's why I'm asking for the groups to be listed out here.

Consider my post going back in time a bit with concerning the battle and such. So, the teams can get going now in their posts. It is, though, like BF said... it is ok to go back in time a bit (which I felt was necessary to touch on the fighting Muz described in the orders) and then going beyond where the posts ended.


18-03-2009 01:24:51

ok me and severon are together. I would like any of the equites/elders to step up and have us in a group with them so we can get some orders on exactly our job. Are we part of the attacking forces or defense? I am just covering my butt so I don't get god-like if I post. thanx


18-03-2009 21:16:26

Just to note, not every member has to go seek the battery parts. They can stay and help defend the base for the time being.

And what other groups do we have going on?

Ronovi's group, listed in her post on this discussion forum, and Sith/Saitou/Kaz are all we have for certain. If I have to, I'll make a post placing some groups together; it does us little good to claim we have several crash sites to check, and only send out one group. So, speak now or forever hold your whining.


18-03-2009 22:53:32

I am with a group made of Ronovi, Sato, Doni & Jaron out searching for wreckage.


19-03-2009 00:17:20

Raiju and the whole Yu battleteam are on the east frontlines and have been joined by Seph and Zama to defend the currently assembled AA batteries. However, if you need another team to go out we can but only if no one else steps up.

Severon V

19-03-2009 21:12:50

I wouldn't mind staying and protecting the base, if Brimstone wishes to accompany me. I know that he would like to join the search, but I am pretty sure that the base protection is important too. I think I am going to stay at base, but I just want to make sure. Thanks.


19-03-2009 22:09:31

I am all for protecting the base. Since we haven't been assigned to a specific group. Allows me to play sniper with my charric rifle. :D


19-03-2009 23:13:41

To recap my post...

1. Oberst and the Iron Thron army commanders have devised a strategy to push the enemy further back, both to permit establishment of the final AA batteries and give us the room to move northeast, as per Muz's instructions.

2. I saw some confusion with Ronovi's team, so I hopefully eliminated that by having the TIE Avengers, released by Archean, drive off the Vulture droids circling the landing site. Otherwise, I belive those LAATs would have been history.

3. Force vision thing will work out later as the GJW story progresses. Right now, the idea in my head is for it to actually be a battle tactic by one of the Light Jedi, but we'll see.

4. (Forgot to add this initially): I'm also trying to move the story forward and have us accomplish the objectives. We only have Friday and Saturday (it is 11:50 EST right now) before we move on to the next phase.


20-03-2009 13:24:26

Severon, Brimstone, you guys can be with me guarding the base and AA batteries :) If I get some time I'll post all that.


20-03-2009 18:50:14

ok kool Telona. look forward to working under your command. Just like old times ehh :D


20-03-2009 23:17:52

Uhh I read the thread earlier today.. like this morning. Sooo I kinda put Telona with myself, Scion, Donos and Dralin doing a scouting mission. >.<

Telona, do you want me to change it? Or do you like it? Let me know.


21-03-2009 22:54:14

Ok, we kept Telona with Apollo's group. Brimstone, I gave you and Severon a little something in my last post.

To recap at the moment:

1. We have secured the territory to establish the base
2. AA batteries are up and running, somewhere in the neighborhood of 75-78% of the original planned number.
3. Everyone will basically be starting from the CC post, unless you justify your existence elsewhere. For example, Ronovi's group and Apollo's group may not have reached the site just yet, unless they want to say they did in their first posts at the start of the new week.

About an hour before new orders come down.

Please do not post any more at this time.

Sith Bloodfyre

22-03-2009 00:51:58

Here's an idea. The whole "Feuds keep springing up" is guided bullshit. I say we give it cursory attention, maybe a limited skirmish or two, but I'm getting sick of being forced into it all the time. I say we ignore it for the most part and don't fictionally get tied up in it.


22-03-2009 01:13:11

Yeah, Ronovi, Oberst, and I have been having the same discussions about that. We're all on the same page with what BF mentioned. I even recommended to Sarin, Muz, and Raken way back when that they not take this approach. But, I guess they wanted to.

At this point, CP seems to be in front of us, so we have no real reason to do any harm to them, because they're absorbing the main attack. Something we might want to consider is getting a hold of the bodies of Force users for our necromantic research, since those are hard to find.

Our objective is to establish and secure a landing site, so we need to accomplish that. Now, if an opportunity for some minor conflicts comes out, we can have some conflict with the other clan(s). We'll see how the story goes.

Also, at this point, I don't think we can avoid the Jedi any more. But, we've got to be careful with that, and not everyone is going to get a chance to fight him. I do have an old Jedi character I can introduce; if we throw in some Magna guards or something like that, we can have some more to go around. In fact, maybe Monday I will do that.

But, we can't be introducing lots of Jedi, and not everyone will get a chance to fight them. We'll definitely use this discussion thread.


22-03-2009 19:31:59

In what direction from the command centre is this landing zone suppose to go?


22-03-2009 22:47:59

As Muz doesn't say in his orders, I suppose we have some choice in the matter. Being a landing zone, I figure that we should put it west (that is, towards the top of the map) of the Central Command's location (red dot on the updated map) since it is flatter than the surrounding area.


23-03-2009 02:39:26

Here is a profile on Jorax Tuar, the Jedi I introduced in my last post. As noted before, this is a character that I've had in my back pocket for quite some time, but I haven't used him for anything in quite awhile.

Jorax Tuar
Jedi Master/Guardian

Sex: Male
Race: Human
Homeworld: Esseles

Skin: dark brown
Hair: short, cropped, brown
Eyes: grey
Height: 5’8
Distinguishing features: right arm is cybernetic; he does not hide this

Lightsaber: single orange bladed weapon
Forms: Ataru, Djem So, Vapaad

Combat Ability: Jorax is a first rate fighter, skilled in numerous saber styles as well as martial arts techniques. Though a bit shorter than the average human male, Jorax is physically stronger than most, and his brute strength easily rivals that of Oberst.


For someone so restless, he is always at peace.
-Luke Skywalker on Jorax Tuar

Born five years before the Battle of Yavin, Jorax Tuar exhibited no great potential for the Force early in his life. This fact may have spared his life from the Emperor’s agents, and Jorax grew up in a relatively normal life. He proved to be quite adept at sports and, in particular, contests of physical strength and ability. He proved himself time and again in boxing, wrestling, and martial arts contests. However, he lacks nothing in his mental faculties.

When he was fourteen, Jorax was noticed by Skywalker, who believed that the martial arts had awakened Jorax to the Force. At first reluctant to go, primarily because he viewed the Jedi as only monks, Jorax was persuaded with tales of the Jedi as warriors, seeking to preserve peace in the universe. Having lived through the Imperial re-conquest of Esseles during Operation: Shadow Hand, Jorax knew what it meant to feel weak.

Jorax trained diligently as a Jedi, though lectures and classrooms bored him. He particularly loved learning how to use a lightsaber, and he pledged one day to learn and master Vapaad. Jorax, at twenty years of age, took part in the Battle of Korriban against the Disciples of Ragnos. Though he managed to kill a great many of the enemy troopers, he only had the opportunity to fight and kill one Reborn. In that battle, Jorax lost his entire right arm at the shoulder. Given a cybernetic arm, Jorax refused to wear any sleeves over it, or even to receive skin molding.

Jorax continued to serve as a Jedi, in particular seeking out pirates and slavers, whom he considered to be absolute scum. Sometime during his travels, he encountered Anshar. Their meeting was brief, and though both could sense the Force in each other, they had little time or desire to discuss things further.

Despite his warrior mentality, and his status as a Jedi Guardian, Jorax has never drifted close to the Dark Side. Nevertheless, Jorax felt that Skywalker’s interpretation of the role of the Jedi was lacking, especially with its ties to the political structure of the galaxy. Jorax believed that such ties would one day render the Order useless. He argued this viewpoint based on his own experiences in dealing with local authorities after he brought a gang of pirates down, or otherwise interfered with under the table dealings.

During his last mission as a member of the Order, Jorax was recruited by Omancor Crask. Drawn by a similar view, and promises of using his combat skills for a greater cause, Jorax willfully joined Crask and the others. Though he sought to destroy the Yuuzhan Vong, Tuar argued against engaging the Dark Brotherhood in full fledged battle.

Above all else, Jorax views himself as a holy warrior on a crusade to do what he can to destroy the Dark Side, and those things that the Force does not know. He does not fear his own death, nor does he have trouble with killing when he must. However, he always offers his opponents their chance at redemption.


23-03-2009 04:55:48

sorry guys, I haven't been on for last 4 days, came down with the flu and been bed ridden ever since. I will try to make it up


23-03-2009 13:19:04

So, I've added a little of the "Clan-Jedi are being converted etc. etc." part into our story. If there's anything wrong with my description of Jorax Tuar, please drop me an email. :)

Severon V

23-03-2009 14:27:33

I'm sorry that I haven't been busy. I couldn't reach a computer for a while. Also, if my last post looks like I don't like my position, don't worry. That is just the way my character acts. He is a little peevish.


23-03-2009 14:41:54

Just wondering where you are planning to take this "large something", Severon. Based on what you and Brimstone have written, you guys are still back at the original landing site, with the AA batteries.


23-03-2009 18:36:18

I know we want to keep Sith, Saitou and Kaz on their own; however I'm going off Ronovi's post and feel this would be a good way to get some Jedi to interrogate.

In addition, I know its unlikely for a Jedi Hunter to face a Jedi with a Armory Saber. Yet, I feel my fast and painful battle is realistic enough for how it would go.


23-03-2009 20:43:03

My only thing I'd mention, Vai, is just to remember that Sato's still there, too, and Doni Tzu would notice my predicament but take it into his hands to help me. As an Adept, he has other priorities rather than rescuing his apprentice. Other than that, good job.

I just hope that if anyone continues off of it, they allow me to get back into the battle - my character, of course, is not helpless, hehe.


23-03-2009 21:12:45

Since no one else has posted after me, I have gone ahead and added more to my post.

Sato is engaged and Ronovi is back in the battle. The condition of Vai is questionable and Jaron is unknown.


24-03-2009 02:04:44

No, I didn't disobey orders. We just can't land our troops. Yes, I did dump a lot of explosives on the ground.


24-03-2009 04:55:17

Hey all,

Just a silly question from me, if I try to make a post about my char and my apprentices, where is the available or appropriate setting? And if I might know, where's Rekio's character? Sorry for catching you all late, my work schedule is still tough but my eagerness to write has returned even though still in very limited time.

Just an idea, how about throwing a weekly synopsis to the members in the mailing list also, so that people can still follow in detail? Just a thought anyway.

Thanks for your attention and help.



24-03-2009 04:56:19

This was supposed a silly accidental double posts, but yeah, the net comp was very slow.


Severon V

24-03-2009 14:25:56

Are there tank droids on Antei?


24-03-2009 14:57:13

There could be. Armored Assault Tanks & Ground Armored Tanks were the main repulsorcraft units back in the clone wars.

A small number of these units could be in use by the Jedi; most definately with upgraded systems. Just be careful in the use of them for realism.


24-03-2009 17:30:59

Severon: Like Vai said, there may be, but just keep in mind what's already been established. We can't have tanks suddenly rolling toward the base if it hasn't been mentioned before; it needs to have already been mentioned.


24-03-2009 17:59:02

Ironically if the Jedi actually did want to push us off the planet, a massive armored attack against our landing zone is the accepted standard response to such a problem. Clearly our opponents are idiots :P


24-03-2009 18:16:05

If we can possibly notate this as part of the force approaching, then it should work, so long as it not written as, "Oh, look! Tanks!" and just coming out of nowhere.


24-03-2009 19:38:05

Anyone? Your help will be much appreciated.


24-03-2009 20:01:30

Hey all,

Just a silly question from me, if I try to make a post about my char and my apprentices, where is the available or appropriate setting? And if I might know, where's Rekio's character? Sorry for catching you all late, my work schedule is still tough but my eagerness to write has returned even though still in very limited time.

Just an idea, how about throwing a weekly synopsis to the members in the mailing list also, so that people can still follow in detail? Just a thought anyway.

Thanks for your attention and help.


Hi Odin, so looking at how forces are deployed right now, there are three teams out beyond the base; A team of Cestians, a team of Gladians and a team of Watchers (on a special mission for the clan.) The other forces remaining would most likely be at base camp awaiting further orders from Oberst. We did mention the Tridens forces were in the clan fleet and would have made it to the base via drop ships. I hope this gives you something to go off of. As for Rekio, there has been no mention of him in the RO, however if he was with the Triden's, he would have dropped in with the lot of them.

I hope this helps


24-03-2009 22:07:21

I must admit that Doni has a point... and we can have the Jedi outflanking the Plagueis forces and posing a threat. Of course, we can still keep going with the Jedi doing the behind the lines attack(s) to help make the story more interesting.

A word on the droids with Jorax, and perhaps the other Jedi. Ronovi and I were talking, and we didn't want to use regular battle droids, but we had no real mention of Magna Guards elsewhere, other than with Crask. So, I did some research and found the A-series assassin droid ("> and the BX series commando droids (


25-03-2009 00:57:06

I hope my last post doesn't get viewed as god-moding. I had to go all out assault cause Severon had me basically ignore protocol and go into it full bore. But I did look up the tank droids and chose this one out of the 5 that was displayed only cause it had a more descriptive information on it and the others didn't. Plus without thermal detonators on me, I had to choose the one that was flawed by design of its tracks to help make it where it could be taken out by us.

Sev, next time be careful how you word people into a scene or a fight. I had this same problem before too and got in trouble for it, so i covered your tail by going as descriptive as I could on destroying it.


25-03-2009 01:53:04

As a general rule, if you think your post might be taken as god-moding, chances are it is, at least on some level. Overall, though, I'm still more curious as to how that tank even got there in the first place. Anyway, it is done and overwith, and we go on from here. However, as a reminder to everyone, don't put something in your post unless you have an idea of what it is, or should be. You can still end your post with a cliffhanger, but you should still know where it is going from there.

Regarding my last post, I was hesitant to go this far, with me going off to fight the "big bad" (depending on your view, I suppose), so that's why I threw out Dranik and others stopping the commando raid. Short of an assault by a full fledged enemy force, I think we're stuck with what we've got. We really weren't give much to go on with that. But, I don't see myself, or anyone else, taking our Jorax Tuar right now. And he may yet survive the story. I don't know; we'll see.

Also, props to Oberst for hurting Plagueis, but without giving into the whole "feuds" thing.


25-03-2009 02:56:11

Yeah, unfortunately, Severon, you appeared to do what I actually warned, and that was not randomly setting up one tank droid shambling over to the base. It seems highly unlikely, and it did make you guys look more powerful than you should be. Please be more careful next time and be sure to wait for all responses to your questions before taking the plunge. Thanks!

I'm guessing this will also be the time to incorporate yourself into Dranik's group if you are situated at the base. I can see people like Raiju and others as possible candidates, but it is up to them. It'll be important to make the team set-up clear so they can start operations. I'd join, but of course, I'm dealing with Jedi farther north from the base. :P


25-03-2009 05:38:31

well when he said it was a tank droid, I looked up on wookiepedia under tank droids. it gave me that one and others, but the others were to limited on their descriptions so I went with the better of the 5.

I also didn't want to just post. "Brimstone and Sevron easily dispatched the tank with a lightsaber and armory saber." So I tried to make it look like it was trying to actually kill either of us.

And yes we are still at the landing base with the AA's. so if Dranik or Raiju is arriving to take command, I am more than happy to follow their leads. :D

Severon V

25-03-2009 14:43:55

I guess I'm the runt. I just wanted to keep things interesting. I'm sorry if I disobeyed anyone. I just thought that, as was mentioned earlier, an attack on our base would be a good strategy for the enemy. I know that we want to win, but i was just giving the enemy a fighting chance.

Oh, and Brimstone, thanks for covering my back. I appreciate it greatly. Sorry I am such an inconveniance.

Also, the story is getting really good.


25-03-2009 15:08:37

you are not an incovienance, just new, as everyone has been at one point in their early DJB life. keep up the thought process and the questions coming before posts, only way we can make sure we win this run-on over the other clans is our imagination and our writing abilities. Throwing in a tank once in a while keeps even us non elders active too.

(Can't just sit in our recliners, drinking our correlian ale, while the elders have all the fun)


25-03-2009 16:42:39

Actually, Brimstone, there are a lot of ways you guys can be active without throwing in random tanks to battle (which just looks kind of awkward). As you can see from the storyline, lots of non-Elders are doing different things. Gladians are out inspecting the Plagueis formations, Kazarelth and Saitou (both Equites) are helping Bf scout out bodies, and even Journeymen like myself, Vai, and Jaron, have been out in a Cestian search group fighting and now planning to interrogate Jedi. What you have to do is take the opportunities as they come; one example is obviously Dranik's team to face the commando raid.

While duking it out with a droid at times can be cool, it really doesn't make sense storywise to just have one random tank roll over just for some Journeymen to destroy. In terms of military strategy, it just wouldn't work that the enemy would go, "Let's just send tanks out one at a time!" Vulture droids are really the only droids that would come in close enough distance without being in units or companies, and even then, it's hard to shut them down without some good marksmanship.

Severon V

25-03-2009 18:27:05

I glad that you all don't find me inconvenient, but I have to say that the action at the base is not quite as exciting as I thought. I mean, most of the Star Wars enemies have tried to wipe out their enemy at the source and as far as I can tell, our source is the base. I just want to have my facts straight so don't think that I am preaching.

I don't mean to be annoying, I am just trying to place all of my strategic perspectives in order. Because, if I were the enemy, I would try to destroy the AA batteries so that my fighters could do some damage. Sorry if I am blowing things out of proportion, but that is just what I think.


25-03-2009 20:58:16

I understand what you mean, Severon, and that's exactly what we're trying to show, that the enemies are trying to attack our source. The thing is, though, with Plagueis in front of us, they're taking most of the brunt of the attack. We didn't prefer that sort of set-up, but it was in our orders, and we're following along.

Currently we actually have had some attacks at the base; earlier in the run-on, Anshar had Tarentum forces along with the army do a scissors attack on forces so we could establish the command centre. Also, more than once, we have described fighting breaches in our defense of the batteries under construction. Now especially with at least 78% of AA batteries up (that's what Anshar noted in one of his posts), it's much more difficult for enemy fighters or ships to reach us without being shot down. And with the Jedi Tuar and his commandos approaching the base after our first airstrikes, we're attempting to keep the fighting away from the base so that the landing zone can be built.

Again, I reiterate: Take the opportunities as they come. Opportunities will come and pass, so you need to be vigilant.

Severon V

26-03-2009 13:58:34

Thanks Ronovi. Whew, that's a load off my shoulders.

My post may seem calm, but that is just because there is nothing going on at the AA batteries as of right now. That's not to say that they aren't still doing something, but for Brimstone and me there is nothing going on.


26-03-2009 18:45:49

Okay, since no one seemed to jump at it, I had Dranik set up a team mostly of Tridens member and some Gladians and Cestians, but I didn't put down any names since I didn't know who was going to want to be on the team. Just feel free to jump in, as I've just had the team assemble and now moving to Anshar before they head out to face the commando unit.


27-03-2009 14:19:51

Alright, my reply starts the battle with Tuar. Depending upon the orders we receive Sunday, I may not resolve the final conflict with him until later. At this point, he will likely survive this encounter, and others might get a chance to fight him. We'll have to see how things go.

I've set up another attack on the landing site, to try and give us something to A) give those who stayed behind something to do and B) to give the Clan something that matches with our orders in protecting the landing site. I'd expect the squad of commando droids to be no more than 14-15.


27-03-2009 18:46:00

After talking with Doni for a bit, I would say that the minimum size of the attack on the base should be about a battalion, about 20 vehicles. And I mean minimum. We want this strike to look legit, not just a couple of droids that we can take out. Keep in mind, we've still got the armies of the Iron Throne with us, as well as us Dark Jedi, so anything smaller than a battalion wouldn't prove to be too exciting of a fight. Just keep that in mind if you want in on the action.


28-03-2009 04:32:10

We actually don't have the full Army, if I'm comprehending the situation right. We've got one infantry battalion (if that), a few AA batteries and whatever air support we can muster. Armor is on its way and hasn't arrived yet.


28-03-2009 05:04:43

If this was a full on fixed piece attack, then yeah a battalion would be about right. But the attack is coming from a smaller group. Something we shouldn't be able to see coming because, honestly, that's the point. They want to send in a team that can take us by surprise and hit us hard but be light and agile. So 15 very advanced droids with high end firepower should prove quite a battle to our REMFs. :P


29-03-2009 00:49:10

Ok, I've got work tomorrow, and can't really wait for Muz or Kir to post the new orders at this point in time. So, I'm going to make my post. We'll have to pick up when the new orders get posted, and see how far behind we are. I don't know what the new orders will be.


30-03-2009 11:19:16

SO I have posted the "wrapping-up and continuing" part of the RO. I have used the 1/12 Armour, Bravo Company as the forward part of the DC "armoured column" that would arrive for us.

As always, if you have problems with this, do email me as well as posting the problems here, since I rarely check this page on the move.


30-03-2009 11:31:44

Very good post, Kaz! My only feedback would be that I wouldn't be so sure that Dranik has seen his master in his duel, unless you mean through the Force. Anything other than that most likely wouldn't happen, as Anshar and Tuar are kind of secluded in their fighting.

Severon V

30-03-2009 15:09:50

We are still guarding the AA batteries right? Otherwise my post means nothing at all. Sorry about this, but I was just concerned.


30-03-2009 18:09:17

whoops...accidentally deleted the wrong thing...this was originally Ronovi:

Your post unfortunately doesn't work, Severon. If you read the Orders and the latest RO posts, you'll see that the commando droids that attacked the base have already been defeated, and there should no longer be any droids attacking the batteries or the base (the batteries are around the base, not separate from it, if I'm correct in saying so). We are now preparing to strike droid formations in the Du'sann boundary. I highly recommend deleting your post, if not editing it severely, and asking questions before taking the plunge. Your post is not continuous with the rest of the plot.

This post has been edited by Tavisaen: Today, 12:30 PM


30-03-2009 18:11:15

Sev, I deleted your post because it didn't mesh with continuity. Please see above for Ronnie's advice.


31-03-2009 01:06:42

Okay, for the 1/12th. Now are we using the entire Battalion? And this first company is just the first one to get to us? Or what?


31-03-2009 02:37:09

Okay, as some of you may be seeing in the recent two posts, Apollo and I are trying to add some angry tension between our characters for a little idea we want to add to the story as we move across the Boundary. We're going to ask that no one attempt to write our characters for a while so we can carry out our little plan, and from then on we should be fine. We're just eager to have our epic little side story. :3

This is also a great time, for those who haven't decided where they want to go in this phase of the run-on, to place yourself somewhere. Get yourself into an AT-TE if you want, do some scouting, partake in stuff like that. This is the opportunity for you, as long as you read up on the story and don't place yourself anywhere that's inappropriate or not continuous.


31-03-2009 04:24:15

Hey guys, one thing I noticed. While we're Dark Jedi and all, we don't exactly have command authority over the troops. We're working with them, but that doesn't mean we can give them orders or bully them into a position of our dominance. Remember, they answer to our boss, but not necessarily to us.


31-03-2009 12:35:51

I've made some slight edits in my post in response to that. Hopefully it's a little better.

Severon V

31-03-2009 14:18:38

Let me get this straight, are Brimstone and I still guarding the batteries, or are we also going with the rest of the forces. I read everything, but I just want to get straightened out. If one of you want to include us in your post so that I can know better, I would appreciate it or you can just put it in the discussion. Sorry.

(I'm so confused.)


31-03-2009 17:34:43

You don't have to stay behind in the batteries, Severon. I've said over and over, and it's been written in posts, that people can go into the AT-TEs. You don't have to be specifically named to do it. You are not stuck in the same old spot the whole time. Take the opportunity to move and go with it.

Severon V

31-03-2009 19:07:26

I am so sorry for being a bother. Thank you for feeding my brain with knowledge. I will remember what you said. Sorry again.


01-04-2009 13:19:51

You don't have to apologize; I know you're newer to the clan, so this kind of thing is not as easy for you to do. Just be sure to read up on the discussion thread, read the orders, and read the RO story to know what's going on. That will definitely curb some of the confusion you may be dealing with.


02-04-2009 02:55:09

just wanted to say congrats to SW Scion on his promotion. I know it isn't a part of the run-on, but just wanted to give him his props he deserves.



02-04-2009 12:26:10

The reason I added a post like I did is 1. I didn't feel comfortable writing a Jedi vs Ronovi battle :) and 2. there is more than just one AT-TE out there.


02-04-2009 12:34:09

Don't worry, your post works, Vai. We do need to see other groups of droids fighting other parts of our clan, if not Jedi. Just keep in mind the orders, that the enemy points are becoming mixed and bit cluttered.

However, one thing I will say is that I was not going to put Frosty in that action - I was going to have him come over to me and help me fight. Maybe just remove him from your post?


02-04-2009 12:50:56

Yeah, I will. Guess I should have discussed my post before posting it. I'll do that more so there is no continuity issues.


02-04-2009 12:51:28

Yeah, I will remove Frosty. Guess I should have discussed my post before posting it. I'll do that more so there is no continuity issues.


Sorry about the double post in the discussion, must have replied instead of edit, oops.


02-04-2009 17:28:37

Your post is a lot better. Thanks, Vai. :)

Severon V

02-04-2009 19:33:34

Um, what was the time limit for posts again? I am always annoyed that people do not submit posts after two hours. It dosen't take all day to type half a word document.


02-04-2009 19:34:24

The time limit is four hours. Also, Severon, sometimes very good, detailed posts take a lot of time. If we're in this to win, we need to make our posts a decent length (at least 500 words, I'd say), of good quality, and something that can carry on the story.


03-04-2009 15:02:14

Vai, could you make a few edits before someone else posts?

In the first line, you have "moves" when it should be "move."

Also, later in the post, you have this:

“Dammit, they think were the empty” yelled the Krath Archpriest. From all his time in war, this is one thing that could mess up any operation; friendly-fire incidents.

"Empty" should be "enemy!"



03-04-2009 15:07:18

sorry about the major typo's

*Doni posted already, want me to still fix the typo's?

Ugh..I made a few mistakes there. AAM? should be SAM (Surface-to-Air Missle) No more posting for me today, this cold I got is messing with my writing ability.


03-04-2009 15:52:04

Since Doni already posted, we'll just keep going.


03-04-2009 17:28:09

Okay, what Anshar and I are trying to work through here is a possible move of all of Tarentum's forces to the enemy base while the home base is patrolled by the DC column we have. Attacks from the ground and the air should move work on the enemy points, but it should be the denouement of the week and pretty much the final wrap-up to our Orders. Please keep this in mind if you're going to post.


03-04-2009 21:07:42

I believe I had the spirit of that with my last post with Bloodfyre and his team finding the droid compound near the prison and the failed attempt to bombard it. Get us moving towards the final objective.


04-04-2009 03:00:21

Okay, we've realized that attacking the prison would prove to cause some difficulties in stretching too for beyond our objective. We'll be working around it as best as we can. More details later.


04-04-2009 11:30:12

Anyone posting today... we need to finish off the enemy outposts (now two) by tonight. Apollo and his group have already started the attack on one base, which only leaves the one originally identified by BF/Kaz/Saitou. This base has already been bombed at least once. So, let's focus our attention on eliminating/neutralizing these two bases and being ready for the next phase that starts tonight.

Please do not introduce any more Jedi at this time, at least no named ones.

I'll be at work until midnight myself, so I won't be able to post until then.

Update: we can, for now, concentrate on the base where Apollo's team is currently engaged. The base closer to Codei Prison has been bombed, but we can hold off on wiping it out, pending next week's orders. Temporary neutralization will work; if next week's orders have us going towards the prison, then we have a good starting point.


04-04-2009 18:59:35

who is the leader we are following under the guard of the AA batteries so I know who we are working with at the batteries since me and severon are still here, way behind you guys. Wanted to know so we can write something to get us involved some how. and yes, we are bored sitting here while you guys get to play footsies with the jedi :D If the leader or anshar can pop in a squad of droids or a jedi or two so we can have ourselves some fun would be nice too. :D (especially since Anshar was perterbed by the tank droid we fought earlier)


04-04-2009 23:32:51

I have written the last post of the week. Every Tarenti left at the base should now be situated on that battlefield, having participated in the fight. If there is anything wrong with my post, please type it here in the discussion thread, and I will fix it.


05-04-2009 02:22:16

Hey all,

Just a few things to note:

I went ahead and established a set number of observation posts for us to eliminate (10). I figure this will allow us to avoid any surprises, especially since our orders this week tell us that scouts have returned with this information.

Also, remember what dramatic irony is. In short, it is the difference between what you know as the reader, and what your character knows (or any character). In this case, I'm going to use Anshar's condition relating to his spirit separating from his body. This is a by-product of the incident on the Renegade, during the "Of the Past" competition (that run-on is still on the clan message board). Dranik is the only player character who knows about this.

Finally, two things from Muz's orders that I want to highlight (directly quoted):

* But no matter how powerful you think you are, you will feel the effects of this war.
* Before you make your character a god, remember that heroes die.

Severon V

06-04-2009 13:56:17

I have just one comment to make; could anyone include Brimstone and I in a post. It would help us get our point of view established so that we could help efficiently. Thanks.


06-04-2009 16:08:54

I'm thinking of some ideas of how to post with our new orders and would like to discuss it before I post.

We know from Anshar's discussion post that there are 10 observation posts standing between us and our objective.

Plan 1. 10 teams (1 or 2 Dark Jedi to a Squad) be giving orders to attack each observation post.

Plan 2. Send into 2 teams to take out the air-space observation posts so air operations can commence. Followed by an assault on the remaining posts with air strike package availability. Perhaps a nice battle against some Jedi :)

Also, I feel some members may not be posting because they don't know where their characters are in all of this. Perhaps in early posts we can add in some direction, since they are already a part of the story from earlier.

Let me know what anyone thoughts on this are.


06-04-2009 17:04:50

I did mention in an earlier post in this thread that with my post closing Week 3's orders, every Tarenti (except for Bf, Kaz, and Saitou) was in the same place, fighting off the enemies at the rally point. So everyone should be together, forming teams.


06-04-2009 21:03:12

never saw that post about it stating that we were included with the teams at the rally points, all i have seen is that yours was off fighting jedi and we were still at the AA where we fought the tank droid.


06-04-2009 21:15:59

My post will bring us all together and moving in the right direction.


06-04-2009 21:46:36

ty. we just want to be hooked up with some equite/elder to lead us and help us work correctly in unison to defeat the enemy.


06-04-2009 21:54:50

Some things I noticed with your post, Vai:

1. According to my post and Anshar's post, we are all together. Therefore, there is no reason for Oberst to relay the information to Apollo again. We've already heard the orders, and we're already forming teams. So Oberst has no need to transmit the orders to us; he's right there with us, and we don't need to repeat our forming of teams. That means that writing about our meditation...doesn't really compute with Anshar's post.

2. Elols and I are not generals. Technically, I am a colonel. Also, keep in mind that we Dark Jedi are not exactly in charge. We may give advice, but we are not totally in charge.

3. Be careful trying to write out Apollo and my storyline. This is just sort of a personal thing for me, but there should be no more tension between least for now.

Just some things I think you should put into your post, Vai, even if it means having to edit a bit. Just please read everything out.


06-04-2009 23:13:38

ok, post has been fixed (thanks Ronovi)

Here's where we are for those who would like this update:

Were moving towards Objective Kouhun via AT-TE & APCs. There are teams formed of Dark Jedi and soldiers. The named teams are as follows.

*Elols, Raiju and Cypha with Alpha Company 1st Platoon

*Apollo, Scion and Ronovi with Alpha Company 2nd Platoon.

*Telona, Brimstone and Severon with 3rd Platoon, Alpha Company

*Frosty, Sato and Vai; with Bravo Company 1st Platoon.

others posting, but not listed can put themselves with one of the five remaining platoons.

Severon V

07-04-2009 13:46:58

That helps. Thanks


07-04-2009 19:36:58

Brimstone, I'm going to reiterate what Anshar requested, and that's that we do not introduce any more Jedi characters for now, at least named ones. While your post can be translated as just speculation about a Jedi master and his apprentice, please do not take it any farther than that. This is a good example of when to read the discussion thread in full, so you know what you're supposed to do and what you shouldn't do.


08-04-2009 04:45:22

that's why I posted “Mostly droids but there might be a jedi master and his apprentice too. If so, I will deal with the master and you two the apprentice.” being said by her. Being there have been reports of jedi, and she is a higher up, she might had been told to keep an eye out for any jedi. that was also why I didn't go any further to state that we found jedi. I will let Telona decide that. That's why I was holding off any mention of it, but it would be a possibility since they sent 3 of us Dark Jedi with the platoon, just incase.

plus you in your post posted "Affirmative to engage the enemy. We're getting mostly commando droids and a few detections of Force-sensitives. Air forces are currently approaching the area as well."

so you mentioned the possibility of jedi in yours.


08-04-2009 05:20:36

I'm not saying there is any problem with introducing the possibility of Jedi. I'm saying, if you read my post in full, "at least named ones." It's just to keep things tidy so we don't need to keep up with names or specifics. You may as well read my whole discussion post before responding to it. :P

Also, please keep to the rule of waiting 2-4 posts before posting again. It gives everyone a chance to write and gives the story space.


09-04-2009 11:49:01

I feel the need to put down how I thought of the names for the Observation posts as well how the forces would disperse to eliminate the targets.

Before I begin, let me say that I based what I wrote on Anshar's post that included reports of two of the ten posts being eliminated. Taking this information, I thought of a plan of how the Platoon's would split up to engage the remaining outposts. I threw in some names for some of the outposts to make it sound more like a military operation.

What I am thinking about the posts, and please someone correct me if my thinking is wrong, they are situated in a circular formation with the Aerospace posts being located at the noon and 6 o'clock positions. From that I thought of a plan of how the three companies of the 2/41st Infantry Battalion with support of the 1/12th Armor Battalion would take out the remaining outposts.

Structure / Plans:

Post 1 - Aerospace - Rasp - 12 o'clock
Post 2 - Ground - Bubo
Post 3 - Ground - Mynock
Post 4 - Ground - (Not named)
Post 5 - Ground - Bantha - (SECURE)
Post 6 - Aerospace - Carrion - 6 o'clock (SECURE)
Post 7 - Ground - Wampa
Post 8 - Ground - (Not named)
Post 9 - Ground - (Not named)
Post 10 - Ground - (Not named)

Please discuss before you post if your unsure.


09-04-2009 16:36:40

reading Ronovi's last post, I'm seeing a picture of a weapon-like event the Jedi could caste down upon our forces. With the Volcano being in vincinity, could there be a way the Jedi could make it erupt, turning the ground were all on into fields of lava with volcanic bombs and all that nasty stuff falling on us.

First, could the Jedi have the skill to pull off such an event?

Two, do we feel this would be ok in the RO or not?

Just opening it for discussion.


09-04-2009 17:05:18

I think for now this is all just speculation for the next orders, not necessarily anything happening this week. I'm just following up on Anshar's post with the two's worries over what could happen and what the point of these observation posts really are.


09-04-2009 17:10:17

roger that


09-04-2009 18:21:20

The proper place to affix observation posts, militarily, is not in your rear, but ahead of your front lines. Considering we're already well into the Jedi forces, the sudden appearance of large numbers of observation posts should be regarded as highly suspicious. It is, at very minimum, unorthodox.

And, perhaps, the people who made this up are just winging it, and had no idea what they were doing.


09-04-2009 18:23:32

That's actually the reason why I brought it up in my post, and that hopefully this strange set-up leads to something a little more crucial.


09-04-2009 20:42:39

Yeah, my post about the concerns (thought bombs, atomics, etc) was simply speculation on the future course of the war. As I noted in my last e-mail to the clan, Oberst and I were talking, and we are both of the opinion that the droid forces are largely just a huge distraction. Exactly what will happen, we don't know, but it would not be unlike Raken to at least introduce the threat of something like a thought bomb or mass shadow generator. From an OOC perspective, and even more in character now, we know that the Jedi seek to eliminate us, either through conversion or death.

And Doni brings up an excellent point about the observation posts. Given our orders for this week, and previous progression, I think it is a good bet that the Jedi have reinforced the prison, and our next job will be to take it back. Or, we could possibly be left off the front lines as we were with the establishment of the command center and AA batteries.

So, don't get too far ahead of yourself, especially on speculation of super weapons. And not everyone needs to have the idea of super weapons crossing their mind; my own thoughts were a direct result of a conversation with Aabs. You may not have time to think about such things depending upon your specific location and situation.


09-04-2009 21:17:38

So the Observation posts could be just a large ruse to keep our interest away from something more crucial. I like that idea.


09-04-2009 22:07:39

Who knows what they could be. I just hope maybe the DC, in seeing what we speculate in our posts, could maybe pick up our stride.


10-04-2009 05:07:18

I am wondering, if the jedi do have soething planned for us, wouldn't it been wise for them to have like some sort of bomb under each post to destroy it and us if it was over taken? I am gonna post something like that at our post, to give the story a little twist than the easy assaults we are currently facing if no one minds? And no, there wont be anyone major killed or anything like that.


10-04-2009 14:10:32

I just read you post Brimstone, not too bad. I feel that traps like those could be introduced, its not like a thought bomb anything of that nature, just the enemy trying to extract maximum casualties on us.

Just remember what Muz said, "Heroes die." Medals of Honor in the military are awarded 99.9% of the time posthumously.

With that said, way to save Severon and the troopers, very Jedi of you :)


10-04-2009 15:49:14

thanx val.

I rceived a message from Oberst via email. guess I was suppose to get the post proofread before. I did reply the following.

"ok, sorry, just I was trying to go with the flow other's were thinking about that the jedi were up to something, and the other outposts were getting taken too easily. That's why I thought about the self-destruct, as the jedi are cowards and would destroy the sith than give up to them, i.e. the thought bomb from the Darth Bane series."

If my post is not good with the flow, let me know and I will edit it.


10-04-2009 16:18:59

While perhaps one outpost being rigged is okay, the main problem is character continuity. For one thing, Oberst, as a character, would never send out medivacs or a whole platoon to help the injured. He just lets casualties by, and while you may be a part of the clan, he will not go out of his way to save you.

Just be mindful of the little things, like getting characters done properly. The main thing that should be edited is the way you handle Oberst. While he may send out alerts to other platoons, he would never go out of his way to send forces to save the injured or the dead. It's just not the way he rolls.


10-04-2009 18:26:31

Don't post yet, Severon - We'd like to see Brimstone's post edited first.

Severon V

10-04-2009 19:00:05

Sorry, read the discussion post but had already submitted just before you posted Ronovi. If Oberst wants to edit out posts he can. I am so sorry.

By the way, just a little background on my post. Severon is crying over Brimstone because the only friend he has ever had in his past has been a droid. So he is torn up over this.


10-04-2009 19:47:11

he will not go out of his way to save you.

That's why I didn't mention in the alert he got from the Lt. on which one of us was injured.

As for the detriment of our commander, I have been in the military in RL and when there is an accident and the commander knows of it, they first send out another platoon to help secure the location and medical to get out the wounded.

Being that we are facing jedi trying to convert some of us, my opinion would have been that Oberst would want to evacuate use ASAP since we are vulernable to a jedi attack right now and the possiblity of him losing more dark siders to the conversion is not on his wish list.

I edited it a bit to make it look like he didn't want to lose anymore dark jedi to the jedi for conversion. That was why to the sending of the platoon and medivacs


11-04-2009 00:06:41

I think we need to open a discussion how we want to end this weeks posts. So far from my count 60% of the posts have been neutralized.

Do we want something spectacular with bomber sorties swooping in the blast the hell out of the droids at the remaining posts to reach our objective, or keep pounding the ground until we reach it?

I don't think there is a chance the droids haven't alerted someone by now. Being the location of our objective I could see the next phase in a large battle at the prison against the Jedi held up inside, maybe, I'm just guessing.


11-04-2009 03:52:32

Brimstone, I haven't been able to read your post yet but as for the Military.. this is WAY different. The only things that are similar are the ranks and the unit names. That's about it.

You've read Oberst's writing since you joined, you KNOW he wouldnt do what you had him do. There would be no medivac, there would be no other squads or units sent out to find and secure you. He would let you rot. He would do the same to me too, no matter if I'm the QUA or not. The only thing he would do different in my case would be to move Scion up to QUA of Gladius, that's it.

I know you might think what happens in the RL military translates here, but it doesnt.

Now, as for your's and Sev's posts. As your QUA, I am *ORDERING* you to have your posts Proofread first by Oberst, Ronovi, Anshar or myself. BOTH of you must do this before you even think of posting. Is that understood?

Now Brimstone, since your joined I have seen a very slow, but steady rise in quality of your writing. You're getting better. It's not so much as how write its the details about which you write about. How Oberst acts, how the Jedi or the Droids or even other Dark Jedi act. Once you start to get that down and figure out those around you, your post and fiction writing will improve drasticly. Keep working on it.

Sev, you're new so I know your learning. I think you need to work on your structure and your details a little bit. Read up on some of the other members of the Clan. My wiki article is small (so far) but it might help you a little bit. Other members are quite extensive. Take a look at what they have done and get a feel for thier character.

You both have potential, but I need to see you both work on the above. I know you can do it.


11-04-2009 04:09:51

Okay, Vai, you may want to add this to your list; in a previous post of mine, I mentioned two more unnamed posts being taken out. That means only two posts should be open besides the named ones already assigned to platoons. In my next post, I'm planning to have Apollo, Scion, and my platoon attack one of the posts. So anyone who wishes to take the last one on, feel free.


11-04-2009 06:27:46

ok Apollo, will do. It is that over the years I have seen oberst also go and rescue some of his troops too. but I guess times have changed. I will send all my posts to you then. I just hope that when I get them back, that we haven't fallen behind where it can be inserted. I am trying to keep up with the continuity and if my post falls behind, I don't want it make the readers go, wait why is he there when he was here.

What ship or base is the medical one we use for troops. Want to know where they will take me to get healed so I can write and send you guys my part of the story.


11-04-2009 07:10:34

Oberst would rescue his troops, but these aren't his troops. They're Sarin's. And, I expect the Clansmen to know how to keep their neck off the chopping block. Oberst sees the members of the Clan as Khyron's pawns. If Lord Khyron wishes you saved, then Oberst will save you. Otherwise, you've just proven your worthlessness to the Sith King.


11-04-2009 17:46:16

well, being you are Marshall of tarentum and that we are Tarentum, thought we were your troops.

and call me dumb or what ever, but who is Lord Khyron? I never seen this name or person or anyone known as the Sith King in the Brotherhood. Only leader I have known was Sarin and now Muz, who is Tarentum, which I thought would give us a leg up since one of our leaders is becoming the Grand Master of the Brotherhood.


11-04-2009 18:54:51

First of all, Muz was never a part of Tarentum; his home clan is Naga Sadow. Also, Lord Khyron is a former Grand Master which Tarentum now holds highly as their king.

Finally, we are not using our own clan's troops; they're Sarin's troops because they're from the Army of the Iron Throne, which was formed by the Dark Council. Also, Oberst has an excellent point in that his character would not go out of his way to send troops to help Dark Jedi when they should already know how to stay out of danger. Especially if only someone like a Dark Jedi Knight or even a House leader is in danger; that means a lot of people, regardless of whether or not they're liked in the clan, may not be saved because it's too extraneous to do so and the focus must remain on the war. There are always casualties.


11-04-2009 20:47:12

Clan Tarentum Prospectus

Read it. Learn it. Love it.


11-04-2009 21:37:54

Yes, exactly as Oberst says. Read the Prospectus...

Also, I'm working on the wrap up post this week. Unless we get more details in our orders or the fiction for week 5, we're going to have to make up our own challenges. We've started hinting at the Jedi having something up their sleeve, and that these observation posts are too easy, and don't make sense. We'll play it by ear, but we'll need to use next week to not only meet our objectives, but also challenge the clan as a whole.

Of course, more participation would help. The past couple of weeks, we've had to wrap these orders up pretty quickly without a lot of build up, and that's not the best story telling method.


11-04-2009 21:44:25

I think the main problem with the orders we've received so far is that they don't provide a lot of space for us to build up on anything. It's fairly simple what we need to do: Destroy the posts and set up a firebase. If our next orders are to attack Codei Prison, then we're going to have more centralized action, which is a major plus for a story rather than just this scattered sort of action we've had to do so far. After all, having to do this spread out sort of work distracts a core focus in the story, which drags it down.

I do think last week was a little better carried out than this week, if at least in the sense of character development. Maybe discussing some challenges for Tarentum would be excellent so we have a universal plan to initiate.


12-04-2009 01:21:00

Ok, I got a question, if we have a Sith King, how come I have never seen him post or write to the clan or even make an appearance in the last 2 years, even to help with the two GJW I have seen.

Not being Naive, just wonder why I don't see this player/character or never heard of him till now


12-04-2009 01:25:17

Brimstone: Lord Khyron, like I said, was a Grand Master of the Brotherhood. In a way, he is not someone who has always stood alongside Tarentum, physically fighting. If you read the prospectus, you would see that he is revered by Tarentum as their king, so even if he's not actually fighting or "helping," he is a symbol of Tarentum's power and what we look up to for influence. We have sworn our loyalty to him, and that is why Oberst, as a Tarentae, holds value in revering Khyron.

Also, a note on my post to everyone else: I emphasized not striking before Oberst gave the word for a reason. It's so we have an organized effort to strike, without people jumping too quickly into the conflict. For the beginning of this week, it will be best to get your character situated, and then we'll partake in the great climax of our clan kicking ass at Codei Prison. And if your character's just been wounded...well, don't be too quick to put him or her on the battlefield for continuity's sake.


12-04-2009 01:33:38

NP Tav, just I had never even read the Prospectus nor heard of it, so I never knew we had a "sith king" to follow. They only leaders I knew was Oberst, Sarin, and Bloodfyre and all the other's were part of our middle leaders.

Alot to read about.

also, I didn't see any mention of a previous question, where do the injured get shipped to so I know where I am incase I can get better and get back to the fight.


12-04-2009 02:38:57

Also, Brimstone and Sev. When you send posts to be proofed, send them to all of us (Oberst, Anshar, Myself and Ronovi) as a group. One of us will be able to get back to you in a timely fashion so it doesn't screw anything up. :)


12-04-2009 06:20:06

can you post all 4 emails here to make sure I have everyone and well as sev


14-04-2009 01:29:46

Ok, to sum up the ideas from the IRC chat:

1. Codei prison is lightly defended, at least regarding the Jedi and their droids. There are no Jedi left inside, and the droids, if any, will likely be clustered around the entrance and the central control room.

2. Codei prison housed DB prisoners; those who had committed crimes against the DB. One of these prisoners might have been Bane, were he not supposedly left in the Dune Sea. However, his "sister" Sun Vail is still a viable alternative. Or, we go with Bane, and his "execution" all a farce. However, the wiki does say Bane was stripped of the Force, but it also says he could use holoprojectors to decent effect.

3. The Jedi made a deal with Bane/Sun Vail that, in return for his/her staying out of the way, he/she could have Antei after the Jedi were done with it. Neither side expects the other to live up to this bargain.


16-04-2009 03:27:18

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to make a contribution to the run-on without disrupting its flow. Most of the contributors so far have made their way into the prison, so I was pondering whether the Brotherhood would maintain some kind of auxiliary or reserve that I might be able to slip into?

I've been advised that as an Acolyte, Brin probably shouldn't be sticking his neck out through combat - I'm more than happy with this.

If anyone is interested in using Brin as an off-sider, assistant (or cannon-fodder) I would really appreciate being eased in this way. (It also gives me the chance and time to properly read character sheets, wikis etc, so I don't misrepresent anyone who I work with).

My PIN is 10540, if anyone finds anything there that they can use - it's yours.

Thanks Everyone! :)


16-04-2009 08:58:14

Brin, your willing attitude to get involve in any position is nice, however we are coming near the end of the RO and adding in new characters now, unless they are absolutely needed for the end, would hurt us.

Now, you could help write some of the events that a currently taking place in the Prison, I would advise reading all posts from mid-page 5 and write with that knowledge. Before posting, please email a draft to Ronovi, Apollo, Anshar and Oberst so they can verify continuity, etc.


16-04-2009 10:12:19

Now, you could help write some of the events that a currently taking place in the Prison, I would advise reading all posts from mid-page 5 and write with that knowledge.  Before posting, please email a draft to Ronovi, Apollo, Anshar and Oberst so they can verify continuity, etc.

Sounds good. :) It's past this Krath-n00bs bed time, but I'll try and get a draft through to the team well before deadline.


16-04-2009 10:38:27

Sounds good. :) It's past this Krath-n00bs bed time, but I'll try and get a draft through to the team well before deadline.

Just remember that the RO is constantly evolving so if your going to post make sure you mark that you'll be posting next and then you have 4 hours to actually get the post in.

Severon V

16-04-2009 14:03:51

Am I in the prison as well or making my way towards it? I would like someone to let me know so that I can write a post and submit it to all the ones I have to submit it to.


16-04-2009 16:36:05

Per Ronovi's post, the only one's in the prison are "Apollo, Scion, Raiju, Vai, Frosty, and Ronovi."

Oberst gave orders that the remaining Tarenti forces work with the army to maintain a secure perimeter. So, some ideas could be random droid encounters; nothing bigger than a squad at this time or coming across a IED (Improvised Explosive Device) like the one that messed up Brimstone. Just some ideas.

Remember to send your post to Anshar, Oberst, Apollo and Ronovi to proof and verify before posting it.


16-04-2009 19:45:41

no need to worry about me, I am with the medical evac. being worked on


16-04-2009 23:32:02

Let's establish one thing right now...

Sun Vail's "children" are not zombies, draugr, or anything of the sort. They're genetically engineered prisoners. She basically had their minds and bodies completely rewired, but they are living, breathing beings. They require food, and they don't eat brains, drink blood, or feast upon souls.

I set it up so that Sun Vail will be trying to release a plague of some sort, using Mt. Ashfire to shoot it up into the atmosphere. Your goal is to stop her from doing this, once you actually learn about it. And my character is pretty much out of it right now; there isn't much I can do in my present state.


17-04-2009 01:46:20

Okay, here's the deal. Chaser, I've established a spot for you to jump into the run-on. Work with your team to find Vai and assume control of the control room. That should also be the place where the main power source is, maybe giving an answer as to why only one lab stayed lit while the rest of the prison went dark.

Now, Anshar and I have discussed this at length, and we figured that we want to build on a climax that paints an excellent image of insanity and tension as well as apprehension. Sun Vail has this plan to release some pathogen to mutate genetic coding of each individual by unleashing it into the atmosphere via Mt. Ashfire, but as I've introduced in my post, it seems to all make sense to her...and no sense to anyone else. It's a great way of adding a crescendo only to have such a crazy plan fall flat on its face.

So I'm expecting Raiju or Frosty or Scion to finish up their blurb on defeating the peons, while Apollo and my character try to decipher the screen before moving through the tunnel to find Sun Vail attempt to release the pathogen another way. How? Keep in mind she's more than a bit mentally traumatized. All in all, this could be very interesting.

Severon V

17-04-2009 13:58:43

Can I request being a part of Chaser's team? I have nothing better to do without Brimstone. Besides, it'll help me brush up on my run-on skills.


17-04-2009 15:49:37

For now, Vai will be out of the story until he recovers from "minor" injuries at the hands of Sun Vail (he doesn't know it was her).

He will be back hopefully before its over.


17-04-2009 21:47:52

Severon, I put you with Brin's group so you've got a firm location. On the scan that you run, I wouldn't worry about finding anything else alive since we're so close to the end of this week.

Oberst will be posting about the bio/genetic agent tonight. Raiju will likely be finishing up the fight with the children. Ronovi and Apollo get the honors of confronting Sun Vail as she tries to release the agent through the erupting volcano (getting it to be shot up into the atmosphere) since they're already down there.

That'll pretty much wrap up this week. No Vong, no Jedi, and no droids in the prison. I personally like it.


18-04-2009 07:00:07

Hey, guys, just wanted to say I will happily write the last post of the week should someone post after the post I just did. I had a few ideas in my head and wanted to hear what you thought - we know the pathogen fails, but how about a dramatic death of Sun Vail? I was thinking we'd capture her, but I can picture her throwing herself into the lava of the volcano? Like it? Dislike it? Let me know.


18-04-2009 08:43:44

Just to clarify, there is only 3 of these mutant things that Scion, Frosty and I are fighting, that have been left alive; correct? Nothing else exists in the complex?


18-04-2009 11:23:05

Just to clarify, there is only 3 of these mutant things that Scion, Frosty and I are fighting, that have been left alive; correct? Nothing else exists in the complex?

Yeah, I'd just go with the three that you guys fought. I never really wanted a lot to begin with, as we've seen in previous run-ons how that can get out of hand. Any others were killed by the Vong or the Jedi.


18-04-2009 19:00:59

Okay, guys, I'll be writing what I think will most likely be the last post of the week, so don't worry about throwing any more posts in until after midnight EST. I found it quite awesome that we all really picked it up by the end of the week - Anshar and Oberst will probably agree with me that this was a very good choice of climax compared to anything else we could have possibly done.


18-04-2009 20:55:36

Nicely done.


19-04-2009 00:35:26

Hey everyone,

Well, this pretty much will wrap things up, this week. We don't have a lot of action going on right now, with the Jedi and droids being destroyed. I say we take this week to wrap up things that are open, and not worry about a counter attack. We can still fortify the positions, of course. I guess it might be worth calling this a reflective week. Use it wisely, but take some creative liberty with your character. Show that this experience has actually impacted you, and not just physically.

If anyone has any ideas, definitely post them here. But, we do need some activity in the run-on this week; I'd prefer that we not have just four or five of us post once or twice and call it a night.


19-04-2009 10:49:41

At some point this week I'll have Raiju meet with Agnan and wrap up our agreement from the beginning. How it will go I haven't decided yet but that should only be a concern for me.


19-04-2009 22:38:52

from what I read on Muz orders, we should prep for a counter attack. Since we haven't seen any vong, and this was supposed to be our retaking from them since they kicked our buts last war, shouldn't we at least fight them or if not, find out why they were dying on the way to here


19-04-2009 22:46:53

Fortifying ourselves for a counterattack does not necessarily mean a counterattack will happen; it's just precautions. Also, as far as we know, we're pretty aware now how the Vong died (which, you know, means they're dead...meaning we CAN'T FIGHT THEM). We may as well end this RO with wrapping up the action, not necessarily adding unneeded action into the fold. The death of the Vong, in a way, is in the back of our hands, considering we've been fighting Jedi for the past few weeks.


19-04-2009 22:55:55

well I was just wondering, cause the last few posts of hardly any jedi in the prison and a disease that was all for naught, seems a little week for a storied ending. There should be some sort of epic battle I would think to make the story an exciting finale to the chapters we have been writing.

Just my opinion.


19-04-2009 22:58:57

Who said an epic battle had to be our finale? Did Lord of the Rings end in an epic battle? No. It ended with Gollum falling into the lava with the ring. Does that make it not epic?

We had tons of great battles in our RO; who's to say a good climax isn't in the tension that ultimately just fizzles out? Good stories don't always have to end on an epic scale, and we as a clan wanted to try something original and not so overdone. The clan leaders took a lot of time molding out the idea, Brimstone; the least you can do is not call it weak.


19-04-2009 23:22:04

The climax worked out rather nicely, in my mind. We wrapped up the prison issue, and got away from Jedi and droids. We also dealt with an issue from the DB's past. The Vong are dead on top of it. It is too late to change any of it.

Now, let's wrap this thing up.


20-04-2009 11:55:44

Who said an epic battle had to be our finale? Did Lord of the Rings end in an epic battle? No. It ended with Gollum falling into the lava with the ring. Does that make it not epic?

Actually, it ended with Frodo going to the otherside and death and Sam going home to his family

But it was in the middle of the last battle when Gollum died and the ring destroyed and there was the implosion/explosion of the Eye, so that was Epic.

It just seems that with chapter 6, we have Sarin dead and taking over another body, Muz probably accension to the Throne, you with your infected bite, Anshar in Ghost Mode :), and the fact that there was no Jedi leader or 2nd in command in the Prison. Look at the Clone Wars. Most outposts or planets defended by the Jedi, usually have a jedi at each point of interest.

Plus, it just seems like most star wars novels/movies/series end with a terrific battle. In LotF, it pitted Jaina vs her Brother who turned to the Dark Side. RotS had the Massacre of Jedi and Yoda/Sidious - Kenobi/Anakin epic lightsaber fight, just to name a few.

I guess it just me, but with Muz saying defend the location for any possible retalliation just seemed like we should have an epic conclusion.

Plus we are behind in the Points, so something spectacular at the end would help us win alot of points with the Run-on :)


20-04-2009 13:10:49

Look, again, a gargantuan battle in the last week, to me, is not needed to write a good RO. Also, this is not the Clone Wars. We did have droids and a couple of Jedi guard the prison, and really, what's the point of having too many guards for an empty facility? Out of all the buildings on Antei, Codei Prison would most likely be the least protected, considering its decreased significance compared to, say, the Dark Hall.

Also, in terms of Star Wars movie always ending in an epic battle...actually, most of them hit the climax with duels, while the ending of the films, very much like a wrap-up of the RO we're planning, is simple. The prequels end with a calm, or at least "calm", aftermath - Obi-Wan takes up Anakin to train him; Anakin marries Padme; Vader is born and his children are sent away. The originals, also, end in a calmer way - they get medals; Luke gets his cybernetic hand; Luke watches his father's body burn as the apparitions of his loved ones appear.

It's funny, because you nag me for noting the climax of Lord of the Rings rather than the ending, which I'm aware of, I've read the books. And guess what? LOTR is similar to the Star Wars movies in having a powerful climax and then a calming denouement!

We do not have to end in an epic battle; good movies and stories don't end on epic battles. They have a winding down period, a time of calm, a time for recollection. We've had our share of epic battles already, as well as duels (C'mon, Anshar and Jorax? Me and Ara?). But we don't have to do more at the very end. Just because Raken wrote it one way does not mean we have to. And I'm sure he will have a final chapter done after this week. Our RO can be good without too much extraneous action that will eventually leave no room for final characterization or settlement of plot.

And I will add, our lower points are the result of a lack of participation and placing - making an action-packed denouement will not change that.


20-04-2009 16:18:03

As it was, after some discussion (mainly between Ronovi and myself, but with others giving some ideas), we believed that something rather anti-climatic would give the story a different edge to it. Whether it costs us or not remains to be seen, if we ever get that detailed of comments about it anyway (which we likely won't). This decision was also necessitated by the fairly low number of active writers we have had during this event, with even fewer as it went on. We did not have the quality participation to have anything more dramatic to be done. That, and the situation with Sun Vail gave us something different, other than Jedi and droids. But I've already said that.

Without getting into too much literary theory, all stories follow the same basic outline (intro-rising action-climax-falling action-resolution). Each Star Wars movie has the same structure, and the two individual trilogies play out the same thing on a larger scale. I could make an argument that "Return of the Jedi" is nothing but the falling action and resolution of the overall trilogy. But, I won't, because we're not here to debate it. In short, though, don't confuse "climax" with "ending." If you want to see a story that essentially ends on the climax (very tiny falling action, and no determined resolution), go read "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell.

At this point, though, it doesn't matter. What's done is done. We can't go back and rewrite things even if we wanted to. Having been a judge for this exact type of event before, I can say that the overall story is what matters. A spectacular last chapter (or first chapter) won't do us a bit of good if the rest of it sucks. To be honest, I think we've done a pretty good job given the limitations the orders imposed on us. Ronovi is correct when she says participation and placing are what has hurt the clan the most, but I'll address that after the war.
To add some more: with the Epilogue now posted, characters can even begin to return to the clan fleet if they wish.

Severon V

21-04-2009 21:13:55

i've submitted my post and yes Apollo, I sent an advance copy to you, Oberst, Anshar and Ronovi and Ronovi told me some revisions. I took care of them but if any of you think that it has any problems, I will edit it or Oberst/Anshar can delete it.


22-04-2009 14:53:54

I too also sent final post to all 4 of you. would like the ok before the GJW is done so I can get it submitted in time


23-04-2009 23:59:30

I'm thinking we need to wrap things up with this. If you haven't already, you can start posting about returning to the ships, and getting ready to go home. I've already got a draft of an epilogue post, and I will post it come Saturday evening after work, so at about 9:00. After that, the run-on will be over. So, if you want to get a final post in (constructive only), now is the time.


25-04-2009 20:13:39

All, I will be posting the final post tonight at about 11:00 pm EST, or 1 hour before the close of the GJW. You have 2 hours and 45 minutes from the time of this post to get some final (constructive) words in if you wish. I will lock the topic after my post.