GJW7 Help Thread

Sith Bloodfyre

04-07-2007 23:17:49

Have an idea you want to build up? Post it here, get with people to work on the idea and get it into the run-on. Looking for some help on new or unique things to bring into the run-on, or for someone to get paired up with so you're "somewhere" in the run-on? Toss a post here. I'd like to see this be a place that will really help enhance the run-on. I don't want this to become the topic that gets more work, or more activity, but I do want you guys to avail yourselves of each other, and to help others out with your ideas and experience.

More info to come as the GJW (and run-on) get started.

Sephiroth Kali

11-07-2007 23:10:00

I'll tell you guys straight up. I'm not a run-on guy. never participated in one. kind of scarred of them. but, I'll offer any observations I have.


16-07-2007 18:36:55

Can we get a list of Tarentum's ships up here? And uh, are we allowed to add to that list with our own large ships like what was posted in the run-on or should be be more realistic in that avenue?

Sith Bloodfyre

16-07-2007 21:00:49

Technically, we should only be sticking with the Clan's ships, or personal fighters. I did see Deatharoc's post, but that's ok. One or two like that, no worries. But we need to stay away from adding in unapproved ships.

For the time being, we will stick with Tarentum's Battlegroup Kraken, and the addition of Deatharoc's ship. Tarentum's Order of Battle can be found here:



16-07-2007 22:42:33

The ships available would probably only be those we had at the RoS, since this is taking place directly after the exercise.


Rekio Corsair

17-07-2007 12:00:04

So far, only the Corsair is mentioned by name. In the Day One story, Battlegroup Kraken is mentioned by name, but since this occurs directly after the Second Darkness military exercise, the Creeping Death is also included in the ships engaged in combat.


17-07-2007 16:36:33

a side note.. the Vae Victus used to be under Korras' command. he's bound to have a backdoor or two, some crewmen still loyal to him, etc.


17-07-2007 22:06:37

I would like to involve a story line to this that requires me to contact my old Fourth Fleet Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet.

it also involves my fellow chiss scientists "discovering" a virus against the vong

as well as my acting as a traitor to spy on the vong.

what do you think


18-07-2007 01:30:47

I would like to involve a story line to this that requires me to contact my old Fourth Fleet Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet.

it also involves my fellow chiss scientists "discovering" a virus against the vong

as well as my acting as a traitor to spy on the vong.

what do you think

I think you made quite a few mistakes already, sorry. first of all, we are outside the shroud. Antei, and Lyspair with that, are inside. second, it was stated earlier by Oberst that there would be no heroics, and no issuing orders if you are not in the proper chain of command. finally, it is impossible atm to hyperjump, short distance is quite difficult to begin with, and you will be pulled into a gravity-mine-thing now as well. I suggest you fix those mistakes, before Oberst reads it, and decides to execute you on the spot. furthermore, this is the start of the Vong invasion. anyone over the rank of PRT has not been in a prolonged fight with them yet, since the Vong invaded after they joined the DB. there's simply no way that one GRD can have flown against them, as well as commanding an entire fleet against them. that's a few years of time between that, while they invaded only recently.

that said, I don't think it's very likely that the Chiss would send in a fleet to begin with. for one, the Chiss are also under attack. second, when you join, you swear allegiance to the Iron Throne, leaving any previous alliances behind. why? well, a chiss fleet would seriously threaten that iron throne, when invading.


18-07-2007 08:59:31

Regarding the Creeping Death... can I use parts of my Fiction submission here? Just "parts".


18-07-2007 12:44:07

ok like what edits. i am not too sure on what you mean

==Post needs editing - Korr.==

The day was going good. Brimstone had just returned from a hunt of training on the Hoth planet. Spending time hunting Jedi and Wampas was exhilarating. The cold of the planet brought back fond memories of his past life on Csilla, the Chiss home world.

Earlier that week, he received a summons for all clan members of the Tarentum Clan to be present to the Right of Supremacy Ceremonies. Unfortunately, where Brimstone was, that was going to be hard to get there as he was only flying his Nssis-class Clawcraft and it had limited hyperspace capabilities. If with any luck, and the guidance of the darkside of the Force, he should make it there within 2 standards hours of the ceremony.

Checking his nav computer, he was running behind. The Guardian tried earlier to get sleep while his ship was on auto-pilot. His Chiss military ceremonial uniform was hanging in the private racks, pristine to the touch, and read for wearing to the event. Brimstone noted that he will need to get it altered to be battle-ready if there is ever a need to.

Coming out of hyperspace around the Shadow Academy of Lyspair, Brimstone noticed what was alot of capital ships encircling the planet. Radio contact was broken to verify his sudden appearance and after the exchange of authorized passcodes, Brimstone was allowed to dock on the nearest ship of his clan, the M-CRV Creeping Death. Landing his ship in the oversized hanger bay, he can tell that celebration was in the air. Many fellow darksiders were on there ways to being promoted today.

The ceremony lasted 2-3 hours from his estimates. After shaking hands with dignitaries like Grand Master Sarin and Dark Jedi Master Bloodfyre, Brimstone requested permission to leave to head to his ship to get personal trophies he got from Hoth for his private room.

As he worked on his ship, there was a sudden explosion felt across the space over Lyspair. Wondering what had happened, he walked over to a viewport, and saw what looked like another clan's ship exploding. Looking around, he noticed some seemingly familiar ships that didn't belong to the Brotherhood or the other clans. Blaring sirens arrive moments later as the loudspeakers blared a message of orders to battle stations.

Brimstone got on his comlink and messaged his master, Cipher K'oranian Isradia, and asked what was going on. She tells him that the entire system is under attack by reptilian like creatures and their ships. Brimstone asked if what he should do, stay aboard the ship, despite being a low ranked dark jedi or go to his ship to help attack the enemy. Master Cipher told him to let the other Masters and Knights deal with any possible incursions on the ships and he should help the fleet with the eradicating of the enemy.

Brimstone shut off his comlink and rushed to his Nssis-class Clawcraft and climbed aboard. It has been a bit since he has seen battle in his ship, but after 30+ years serving as not only a pilot for the Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet, but also as a commander of the Fourth Fleet. Checking his systems, he engaged active status on all weapons and did a check on his armament. Four turbo-lasers where maxed and a compliment of twenty torpedoes where at his beck and call. Brimstone asked for authorization to depart and engage and was granted immediately.

The ship lifted without any hesitation and his pushed forward the throttle as it sped off out the hanger bay, mere seconds after the lowering of the protective shields. He was immediately fired upon by what looked like animals from the oceans of Naboo, organic and highly maneuverable. Brimstone ran a diagnosis on the ship and when the final analysis arrived on his screen, a pull of hatred swelled up inside of Brimstone, Tsik vai. This was a ship of the Yuuzhan Vong, any enemy well known to him from prior battles he was involved with.

"Open channels to all Brotherhood starfighters" yelled Brimstone, "it is the Yuuzhan Vong. Target their eyes as they are the cockpits of the ships."

"Who is this?" yells back what sounds like a squad leader. "You have no authorization to give orders to anyone."

"Brimstone of the Clan Tarentum."

"Feel free to join in, but let us coordinate the attacks, you just follow orders" said the squad leader.

"Sith-spit" replied Brimstone. "I have dealt with these before and I know how to fight them. if they get close enough to you, your technology is useless against their Netting Beetles. It will ensnare you and you will lose all power to your ships."

Brimstone fired upon a nearby Tsik vai. the targeting was perfect as it hit the "eye" of the enemy ship and within seconds, the ship imploded in the vacuum of deep space. A whoot from a fellow squad member was overheard over the comm system from the implosion and destruction.

The squad leader, also seeing this, voiced his opinion about how to fight these by following Brimstone's lead on these ships. Brimstone knew how to deal with these ships, but also knew to stay away from the massive cruisers that was spewing them out like seeds. In fact the mother ships where living ships and these were their seedlings to it.

Coordinating attack efforts, Clan Tarentum's squadrons were have complete success against the advancing enemy. Minimal casualties where coming, but that was expected. The larger enemy ships kept spewing ships after ships. They were also attacking the main fleet of all the clans.

Brimstone flew his ship nearby one of the large battle cruisers, and through a feeling in the Force, felt the disturbance of the ship getting ready to ensnare him. Banking to the left and rolling out of the way of the turbo-lasers, he was able to release 3 homing missiles into an opened cargo bay of the battle cruiser. As he pulled away, he can tell on his sensors that they did impact inside, but cause minimal damage.

Five Tsik vai were hot on his tail. Apparently they have broken into the transmissions he was relaying and declared him as the leader ship. They open fire on him, but due to his years of training and previous experience with the Yuuzhan Vong, they missed him completely. Brimstone did a tactical short-hopped hyper jump to put distance between him and them. The jump caught them off guard as he was able to move safely out of their projectories. When he came back 1 second later, he was able to spin his ship around and fired 5 torpedoes simultaneously. Within seconds, the enemy ships hand no chance of moving out of the way as each missile hit their targets, causing all five to implode in the vacuum of space.

As the battle continue and the overwhelming odds were stacking against him and his squadron, a familiar voice came over the comms.

"All fleet" barked Grand Master Sarin, "we are taking casualties on the ships and and some have been boarded. We are to retreat to the Shroud. Unless you have Force experience to guide you through the nebula, I suggest you return to your commanding ships and prepare for the retreat."

Brimstone fired his thrusters and banked hard against an oncoming swarm of Tsik vai, release his remaining missiles into the swarm to give him time to make the run for the capital ship. Pursuing ships banked hard to avoid contact with the oncoming missile attack, giving Brimstone and 3 of his squad time to reach the landing bays of the M-CRV Creeping Death. After all ships left alive made it, it changed course towards the Shroud Nebula and made the jump.

Brimstone got out of his ship and noticed bodies of both Yuuzhan Vong and fellow comrades on the ship. Stepping over bodies, he pulled out his charric blaster and blasted the remaining living Yuuzhan Vong in the head, killing them instantly.

The ship started making their way to the Shroud Nebula and was followed by numerous other ships of the clan shortly afterwards. Some heavily damaged and some reporting only minor casualties. Brimstone cursed under his breathe as he headed towards the command center to see what else is going to happen and what tactical information he can provide from his experiences. But first he must check to make sure his Master was aware of his success and ask for guidance in the Force.

Brimstone could tell the pride and courage of the ship's personnel was broken, but he knew that the unifying force of the darkside will overcome.


18-07-2007 13:09:11

Brimstone - A large chunk of the early portion of that post can go. It delves too far back in the continuity already established by previous posts. Also, we're supposed to operate under a thicker blanket of obfuscation regarding the Vong. We might know about them, but our characters should have almost no to negligible contact or information regarding them. Other than that...just minor checks would be suggested (i.e. "Capital Ships" not "Capitalist Ships").


18-07-2007 19:31:36

Brimstone - A large chunk of the early portion of that post can go.  It delves too far back in the continuity already established by previous posts.  Also, we're supposed to operate under a thicker blanket of obfuscation regarding the Vong.  We might know about them, but our characters should have almost no to negligible contact or information regarding them.  Other than that...just minor checks would be suggested (i.e. "Capital Ships" not "Capitalist Ships").

what is obfuscation?

ok on the pre times, just was trying to state what caused me to come back to the clan as I was trying to insert my ACC training times also on Hoth.

what should i do about knowing the Vong being a Chiss? My character, part of his history, does deal with he has dealt with them before. So I don't understand how I should not know them when I do.


18-07-2007 19:39:46

second, when you join, you swear allegiance to the Iron Throne, leaving any previous alliances behind.

why should I also sever my allegance to my race and culture? being a Chiss, that is part of my culture and history. Thrawn didn't remove his allegances to the Chiss Ascendancy when he was with the Empire as a Grand Moff for them, infact used them alot to to try to accomplish his tasks.

Also, Palpatine never severed his allegances to his past contacts, but used them to their fullest extent. Maybe, in a fiction storyline that I was using, it would be like I am requestion from the Iron Throne to use their resorces as it would be wiser to lose numbers of another race, than to lose resources of ours, if I was using them to secure our way of life and our overall victory.

Palpatine did this with the Trade Federation, used them for his own personal gains, and then eradicated them when his job was complete.


18-07-2007 19:47:07

Brimstone - A large chunk of the early portion of that post can go.  It delves too far back in the continuity already established by previous posts. 

I was looking at some of the other posts and they showed that they were also in the middle of doing something before the vong attack, as I was also trying to show too. Just trying to understand what is needed of me. I am more of a past into present writer, not very good at just present as I like to setup my character's whereabouts. Just guess I need help with this post.

please help out before I take off back to work tomarrow as I don't have access to a computer while I am on the road being a trucker


18-07-2007 20:15:10

re: earlier posts, yeah, but they've pretty much established a tempo already. With a runon, you want to flow with what everyone ahead of you has already established. And several posts reaching back into the past into the present tends to make things very choppy.

e-mail me your runon post. I can add more notes if I'm looking at something I can edit in front of me.


18-07-2007 20:24:18



24-07-2007 17:57:45

Brimstone, I deleted your post. 1) we know what the Vong are.
2) no heroics, no godmoding, no Mary-Sue'ing. this run-on is not going to be focussed on one person being able to handle it all.
3) calling for help from Thrawn won't be happening. we're on our own.

also, I suggest you read my previous post in this topic. any similiar posts will also be deleted.


28-07-2007 22:09:37

Not so much of a needing help. we have started writing together more which really helps the flow. what we need is a breifing of either:

1. jobs to perform while waiting for the counter attack. ie repairing ships helping with the wounded or palnning.

2. a breifing outlining the attack upon the vong (this of course depends on day 3 which is to be released tonight i believe.)

A little direct5ion would go a looooong way in the total outcome of the run-on.


28-07-2007 23:23:17

Agreed. We do need some direction concerning the state of the fleet and what people are suppose to be doing. I turn to the clan leaders to fill in that spot and start posting :P Otherwise we are just running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

I only went to do the whole medical bay thing just so my character has a place to continue from once things get rolling again.


29-07-2007 20:36:30

I did it because it seemed like the best place for all availible personel to report after a huge battle.


13-08-2007 10:32:03

so what is going on now? we cant all just be on a ship killing the vong in combat for the entire war. we need to know what is going on with the battle and such.

Sith Bloodfyre

13-08-2007 22:08:32

Go read the fiction for each "Day" on the GJW site. You will see what is happening. The fiction motivates the storyline, and shows (generally) stuff that is pertinent to each Clan.

At this point, you will see that we have reached Antei, that we have begun fighting Taldryan and Naga Sadow, and the Vong are still on our tails.

Adien Falaut

16-08-2007 16:50:19

Since I've already made two posts this week I have to wait till monday to start again or did I read the rules on the incursion page wrong?


18-08-2007 07:03:20

Since I've already made two posts this week I have to wait till monday to start again or did I read the rules on the incursion page wrong?

make as many posts you want. they are just giving that outline to try to get ppl to participate. Most of it will be graded later.


18-08-2007 07:41:08

uhh Yeah Brimstone? You really cant go around killing every crew member cause your pissed off and want to take it out on someone. First off, you keep doing that and there wont be a crew to man the ship and we're all screwed. And second, if your not careful our CON my start taking a finger of yours for each crew member you kill.

Being a Dark Jedi isnt all about what you can do to someone physically, its what you can do to them psychologicly with just a single glance. Striking fear and horror into someone to keep them in line is as easy as putting the right ammount of intimidation in your eyes.

Hell, even Vader didn't kill people as often as you do. And he could!

Just some constructive thoughts.. :)


18-08-2007 11:51:55

I know, just wanted to show, being a new dark jedi and inexperience in the ways of the Force, that I still haven't been able to fully control it.

Hell, look at Vader as Anakin. when his mother died, he just snapped and killed an entire village of tuskins. Me, I just killed two peon guards for snickering.

guess I'll just telekinetically squeeze their nuts next time instead :P

Sith Bloodfyre

18-08-2007 18:56:20

I just want to make sure everyone knows about all of the tools they have available to them, one of them being the Codex of the Brotherhood.


If you look through there, this will provide you with a lot of information. In particular, look over the section about the "Powers of the Dark Jedi," Chapter 12. This will help you to recognize what abilities you have, defined by your rank/Class (Journeyman, Equite, Elder or Grand Master). There's a lot of cool tricks available to you. So please be familiar with it.

Also, after "Day Six" fiction is released tomorrow, I will be making a post to try and put together where everyone is, and what has happened, as well as try to motivate the story a bit and make it easier to see where we can, and should, be going, and offer some opportunities for everyone to have something fun to do in the story.


19-08-2007 16:05:22

hey guys, just a quick question about the runon. With the new release today I think I found the perfect opportunity to write myself into the story as one of the students fleeing the Shadow Academy. merely wondering how long you think it will take to receive the GM's communication from Antei in the runon? Cuz if its still gonna be awhile away, and with my desire to get involved in the runon asap, then I could look for another option to write myself in. Thanks for your time.

Sith Bloodfyre

19-08-2007 18:18:51

If you like, Raiju, you're welcome to write it in. I'm going to work on a post myself, and try to get it in now.