GJW7 Run-on Outline

Sith Bloodfyre

04-07-2007 22:47:43

This thread will be used to formulate a rough outline for people to use as a guideline when trying to figure out "where to go" within the story and such. Summits will be keeping track of "where we are," and "where we can go right now." Basically, we will be trying to pace ourselves, and help each other make for a better flow of the story and such.

More info to come.

Rekio Corsair

17-07-2007 13:33:24

Day One

A ceremony aboard the Vae Victus concludes the Second Darkness military exercise (i.e. last RoS).

Tarentum's forces (Battlegroup Kraken and the Creeping Death). Are standing guard at the time.

The Brotherhood forces at the edge of the Shroud are attacked by a Vong invasion force.

Tarentum, along with Arcona and the Scholae, forms the left flank of the Vae Victus. Naga Sadow and Taldryan form the right. Plagueis is rearguard toward the Shroud.

The first wave of Vong starfighters destroys many of the Vae Victus' compliment.

The first few volleys of turbolaser fire are distorted by gravity generators, only a few shots hit their targets.

Another wave of Vong fighters and now cruisers join the battle. But this time, all of the Clan battlegroups are reportedly engaged in combat. Most of the formations (likely excluding Tarentum's) have yet to form properly and half of Vae Victus' fighters have been destroyed.

Judecca, the Scholae Palatinae throneworld, is reportedly under attack. Their ship, the Vibre-class Assault Cruiser Emperor's Shield, it destroyed.

CSP's flagship, the Excidium, fires on the Acronan Modified Strike Cruiser Eye of the Abyss in an attempt to disable it, thus sacrificing it in order to flee from combat.

Six DB 'heroes' are captured by the Vong; Welshman Tarentae is among them.

The story suggests that the Jusadih system, home to Clan Plagueis is under attack.

The Nebulon B-2 frigate Mnemosyne is destroyed and collides with Dark Council escort carrier Fading Song.

Sarin orders Muz to withdrawal all Brotherhood forces to "emergency rendezvous point gamma." Sarin also says that he is going to the Roche system, where it is suggested that some secret project is being worked on.

The Taldryan ship, Dark Prophet is destroyed.

Every holo-plate on every ship’s bridge in the fleet broadcast the same message from the GM: “ships...int...he...Shroud...four-oh...tw...mark...seve...ecute,” was all that could be discerned.

Sealed off from escape, the Brotherhood must flee blindly into the Shroud.

The Vae Victus is swallowed by a large Vong ship, destroying it.

Day Two

Muz and the the Vae Victus get eaten by a Vong ship.

The Acronan syo Thanatos accidently fires on another of its ships, the Eye of the Abyss, and destroys it.

Muz is tortured by the Embrace of Pain.


20-07-2007 08:21:12

So... what now? Where do we go after the destruction we've just witnessed?

Sith Bloodfyre

20-07-2007 08:39:46

We are forced to confine ourselves to "Day One" until they release the background fiction to "Day Two." Then we can do more than what we have been. For now, we're supposed to have gotten hit, alerted all ships, started to retreat into the Shroud.

Rekio Corsair

24-07-2007 00:04:15

The following is a list of characters included in our run-on and their locations thus far:

the Corsair, in the Shroud
* Consul Sith Bloodfyre
* Marshal Maximillian von Oberst
* Kane
* Brimstone - chiss clawcraft
* Spears
* Telona - Cloakshape Fighter
* Jason hunter - A-wing (damaged)
* Deatharoc
* Korvyn
* Doni Tzu

Escaped Vae Victus during attack, location unknown:
* Karel
* Odin
* Sikes
* Korras
* Trouttrooper

Creeping Death, inside the Shroud:
* Kazarelth

Anibus, the Shroud:
* Balnazaar - starfighter
* Merlance

Yridia II:
*Rekio Corsair
*Kessian Armus
*Von Reinthaler

Rekio Corsair

25-07-2007 12:59:20

Here are some notes I've complied while researching material for my upcoming posts. Hopefully, it may prove useful to some of you as well.

According to the wiki, Tarentum administers a platform outside of the Shroud and maintains command over one battlegroup of the Antei Defense Fleet. This should be easy enough to work into the story, even though it was never mentioned. According to Muz, the ceremony took place near the platform, and was likely destroyed or disabled in the battle. He also said that 'several battlegroups' were at the ceremony, and it would be some time before the others stationed in other systems arrived. Please note that there are only six battlegroups, so I assume 2-3 were at the ceremony, the rest are stationed elsewhere or guarding Antei.

Contrary to what I thought, this means we only have Battlegroup Mako (currently 2 ships) to help defend Yridia. Which means, if for some reason someone would attack us, we're probably be pretty [Expletive Deleted F-word]ed. The Vong will not be a treat because they never get near the Minos Cluster during the entire invasion.

With The Clan summit and Marshal gone, as well as most of the Tarentae, Armus and I will assume command of Yridia's martial and political forces respectively. This is something I will introduce in my first, as I've already discussed the appropriate reactions with Oberst which were on que with my own responses.

Also, there's the shroud. There's nothing to prevent the Vong from following us into the Shroud, after all, its just a big nebula cloud with rock and dust and such. However, the electrical interference and, more importantly, the [presumed] gravitational interference (from the two stars) should effect the Vong ability to coordinate their forces as a collective mind (Though, I can't confirm this for sure since I'm not sure how the strong the gravitational forces of the binary system really are). Since they are cut-off from the Force, it also stands that unless they follow ships by line-of-sight or have some method of tracking, then they'd be running around blind just like anyone else. I don't know if Raken has taken this into consideration, though I think Muz is wanting to try to work in some sort of 'biological adaption.'

That's it for now, expect more updates as we go along. Email or PM in IRC if you have questions or want to bounce around some ideas.


13-08-2007 10:28:37

please update the posts of all personnel and locations of whereabouts


17-08-2007 14:56:43

Granted i'm a late joiner, but I'd like to atleast get in a few posts. I just got my net access back.

Mind if I am in the Corsair??

Rekio Corsair

17-08-2007 16:13:06

Apollo: you can pretty much be anywhere you want to be within in reason; just make sure you're following along with the story so far and you'll be OK. If you have any questions about what is acceptable, shoot someone an email or ask them over IRC.


18-08-2007 07:05:29

please update the posts of all personnel and locations of whereabouts

As posted above, when is this going to be updated with new info. Need to know the wereabouts of this war is happening.

the only thing for sure is that my character is in the kitchens for punishment per Field Marshall's orders.


20-08-2007 03:53:29

Nothing much to update, Brimstone. Except that Apollo is orbitting the Corsair in his ship.


Er.. to all those who are concerned: Where do we go now?