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09-07-2006 08:09:51

I should have opened one of these ages back. Anyway. Discuss! :D


09-07-2006 16:36:54

Neither Jac is real. Kaiann cloned them both. Real Jac died long ago. Firefox and Anshar know something, but they arent telling. Thats what I get from them.


11-07-2006 16:51:31

yeah, it's pretty obvious that both Jac's aren't real. This gay [Expletive Deleted] making us align with one or the other to play MP games is pissing me off.

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

11-07-2006 22:58:40

There is gonna be some really cheesy plot twist at the end of this. I can feel it.


12-07-2006 02:19:58

Yes, yes there is.


12-07-2006 13:54:11

I just want to know where they got all there cloning tanks from :S

The only stash still left in Cannon literature is on the planet Khomm and they're geared to cloning Khommites not Jacions so who knows.

They might have rebuilt Kamino from the ashes it was reduced to simply to Clone our GM :P


14-07-2006 08:52:24

Must be a few cloning tanks out there somewhere. Just one or two, for "personal" use or something. Seems like the kind of thing you get on the black market.


14-07-2006 14:21:57

You're looking at the equivalent of hundreds of millions of dollars, then. Not exactly the kind of money a small, private, "religious organization" can really field without taking a huge hit somewhere else on its budget.


14-07-2006 20:20:04

Well, thats what you get when you merge two clans. Kaiann COULD have sold off the light fixtures and toilets from CSK and CEK. It would certainly be feasible that the two clans could have been closed for economic purposes, to cut DB overhead and make some sort of profit. Really, with a bunch of dark jedi, would a little bit of graft not be unreasonable?

Or even think how much a VSD would cost. Not top of the line anymore, but still a heavy, combat capable warship, would fetch a fair price. If the DB has funds to periodically award one, who is to say that cloning chambers are unreasonable?


14-07-2006 22:20:49

I'm not saying it's unreasonable, I am saying that it'd be noticeable. You're looking at people being completely inept when it comes to understanding finances for something that big being...uhhh...shall we say, missing?


15-07-2006 13:48:48

Maybe during that ritual, Jac split in 2. We know he used to be an Obelisk and now he's a Sith, so maybe it's related to that.

Or beter yet I took a look at the clues and one says that Jac had low testosteron levels during the Independence Games and he had been suspected for steroid dopping in the same time. Steroids raise your testosteron level, so I'm deducting Jac had a clone during that time. He prolly was the one with the low testosteron and the one with steroids was competing in his place.

And I think the clone got outta control and killed our chef. :) He must of been silenced afterwards, only to appear now to avenge himself?

Is anyone reading this? :P

Sith Bloodfyre

15-07-2006 16:18:54

It's pretty easy to surmise, Jac has a clone. One of them is the real Jac, one of them is not. For some reason, neither of them either knows about, or acknowledges having a clone. Otherwise, one (or both) would've said, "Wait, I have a clone! Something is wrong with the clone! He thinks he's me!" Both of them have basically said, "I'm Jac; he's the imposter." So somehow, either Jac never knew about the clone and the Council (or someone else) created the clone, or somehow that knowledge was erased from "Jac's" memory.

We know from the "Chapter Three" plot fiction (crap) that someone captured "Jac," and that there was some ritual. Within that ritual, someone apparently tried to take over Jac's clone as a "puppet." Apparently, the ritual failed. Maybe it was this bull[Expletive Deleted] ritual that somehow affected one, or both Jacs, and has led to the two of them thinking they're the one Grand Master, and that the other must be an imposter.

It was said in that Chapter Three fiction that someone recognized the clone as the "fake Jac" due to a lack of a scar from where they "could have killed him had [they] not been so slow." Someone close to Jac had to have been able to pick him out. That person said it was 14 years ago. All things considered, this may be a nod to Jac's first term as Grand Master; someone is looking for revenge from so long ago.

Jac's first term was on the heels of driving out Crona. This could be a nod to someone who was driven out with Crona, who now wants revenge on Jac.


15-07-2006 18:22:52

Just to respond to Merlance and then get out of the way for you guys, I don't know jack crap about what is going on with Jac, or with this GJW. I'm only listed as the "red" DGM because they asked if I would mind being listed as it. And that is literally all I've heard on the subject. I've received no special instructions or anything; it is at the point where I couldn't write even a half way decent in-character article for the next DV, or even post something on the main page.

Most, if not all, of the planning was done before I got HM, and I wasn't privy to any discussions on the subject. As for Firefox, I can't speak for him.


15-07-2006 18:52:10

Well, the only people driven out with Crona was...Tau. Original Tau, not restarted Tau with Kaerner. ..

Sith Bloodfyre

15-07-2006 18:59:14

Yeah, I figured as much, Oberst. So, if it's something from that end, they're possibly looking to utilize someone from Tau, or Crona himself. And I doubt they'd use Crona.

I wonder if it's something else from Jac's reign as Grand Master, or something even later than that. I wonder if reading through Jac's bio (if present) would offer some ideas.


15-07-2006 23:53:34

Ansahr, you yourself dont need to be in the know just because your character is in the know. The character merlance probably does all sorts of stuff I never hear about (how else COULD one of our droid fighters have attacked another clan? The only logical explanation is I did it).


21-07-2006 17:42:38

It's all a big dream. None of this [Expletive Deleted]e is real, it's all in Jac's (or Kaiann's) head.


21-07-2006 18:59:32

It's all a big dream. None of this [Expletive Deleted]e is real, it's all in Jac's (or Kaiann's) head.

I suppose that the force COULD be clouding all of our minds throughout the DB space. I doubt it though, its just your standard Attack of the Clones. Pretty soon, one of them (or both) will go insane and kill us all.