Clan Members descriptions

Sith Bloodfyre

27-06-2006 14:17:11

I was just noting in Elric's post, there was a slight misunderstanding that led to an incorrect accent for Troutrooper; Donitz is Yevethan, Troutrooper is a Mon Calamari. Other than that, it was an awesome post, Elric, and I'm glad you're in the action. :)

In an effort to help prevent some of these minor errors, I figured everyone can provide a very short, basic desription of their characters, along with any helpful infomartion about how they speak, act, walk, whatever. I'll go first.

Sith Bloodfyre is Shaevalian; what that means is he's basically "mostly human," with some differences. Shaevalians are typically taller, stronger, and have a bone and muscle structure that is more dense than the average human. Sith, though, is a runt. He's 6' 1" and about 215 lbs. Shaevalians have great constitution, and as such, Sith is physically tough. He's not overly quick and nimble, but can make up for it by being able to take whatever hits are being thrown at him, and come back swinging. Sith is extremely smart, and has natural, innate resistances to mental Force powers; he's not easily (or often) affected by powers of suggestion and such. Because of this, he's also relatively unable to use mental Force powers; only the most basic of powers, such as some telepathy, are available to him. And even then, he has trouble with anything other than reading surface thoughts and emotions of others. He doesn't often attempt to use whatever mental powers he's even able to use.

Sith hates the light. His eyes are unbelievably light-sensitive. As such, he always has his hood pulled up over his head, and the edge pulled low over his eyes, even at night. He is out in the brightness of noonday sun as little as possible. And when he is out in bright conditions, it gives him serious headaches and affects his concentration. He is an unfeeling individual; he's not "cold," he's not "emotional," unless his anger is so complete, that it has to show through. Only "bad" emotions would ever be apparent in him, mostly anger. Other than that, he's almost like a machine. Unless he respects you, he doesn't even consider you a person, and he'll speak to you as if you are trash. The only people he respects as a whole are the members of Tarentum.


27-06-2006 15:11:44

Oberst's Tarentae bio from I figure you can get what you need there, but here's a physical description as well:

Large for a human, Oberst towers over most others with ease. Add to this his sheer girth, and the man does not blend into his surroundings. If anything, his attitude enhances his nearly titan presence. Bull necked and thick armed, not only does Oberst appear capable of grappling with a fully-grown Wookie, he has. And he has won. No one mistakes him for a simple tough guy. Looking into his eyes, you find yourself looking into a very calculating and very sadistic mind. The pools of dark brown can hide many secrets, but they can also hint at the horrors he has caused. It is often said that if you can bear to meet his gaze for long enough, you will see the faces of the millions of souls that he has dispatched to the grave.

People often hear and feel him before he arrives. His heavy boots will thump loudly along corridors, announcing his near arrival. In the dungeons of Castle Tarentum, or wherever he might be summoned by Master Zero or Grand Master Khyron, his footfalls against the stone floor are likened to the final beats of the condemned’s heart. He is almost always seen in his Infiltrator Wing uniform - the dark olive and gray imperial uniform with the green armband and green sash. He considers himself an officer first, a Sith second. The only consolation he makes to his standing within the Brotherhood are the lightsaber housed within his baton and the great coat he wears instead of the cloak favored by the rest of the Brotherhood. The baton was fashioned when he was bestowed with the title of Marshal of the Armies of Tarentum. The lightsaber, in the silver shaft was placed in a hollowed piece of mahogany, which was inlayed with the Imperial Eagle of his family, and the cross of his Lord’s house. The baton was capped, on one end was the emitter for his blade, and on the end was his own personal seal, a rampant wolf. The baton is heavy and sturdy enough for him to use as a striking weapon. Which has happened often. Many an enemy, or even a failure of an officer, has had their skull caved-in by the heavy metal and wooden baton.

The white marks of scars definitely stand out against his tanned skin. Tanned from the hours he spends swimming the oceans of Yridia II around the Castle or at his private estate upon the Sea of Darkness. His left arm bears a spider’s web tattoo. The tattoo is the subject of much speculation between those who have seen it and those who have heard of it. What those who have seen it more than twice do know is that the design seems to change, a new thread is added from the last time they saw it. Many speculate that each thread upon the scarred, tanned and muscled skin symbolizes another life snuffed out by Tarentum’s own Field Marshal.

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

27-06-2006 22:42:20

Draven is a Rodian. Rodians are humanoid in shape, but sort of insectoid in appearance. They have large black eyes, fingers with suction cups on the ends, and tapering snouts. The species evolved from primitive rock climbing lizards, but they haven't lost the green color of their ancestors. Unfortunately, they also have a very recognizable scent, or rather a stench around them.

Draven, However, does not have a stench. After training with his master in the ways of the force, he developed the ability to cover up the smell. However, he still has all of the other traits of his Rodian Heritage.

Draven gets very personal when people insult his family or his species. Any insult to a Rodian is considered an insult to him, and he doesn't handle his anger very well.

Very rarely will he take of his robes, but he does not wear them when he is flying. As a Rodian, he has a very advanced sense of hearing and smell. His special fingers allow him to hold onto surfaces, and climb up stepp inclines.


28-06-2006 16:53:38

Well a lot of my character's background history can be found on the History part of my dossier. More of the same can be found on my little website I try to keep up every now and then. What these two don't cover is her general personality and I think that's where people get most confused.

Telona has an overly strong sense of loyalty to the clan. It is near the point that she mentally denies any wrong doing on the part of the clan members without strong evidence to speak otherwise. She is extremely loyal to whoever is Consul and to a few other choice clan mates. This all stems back to her earlier years. There are only a few times when she will take action against the clan itself. When the CON is in danger within the facilities or when there is strong evidence that someone within one of the bases is targeting members. Otherwise, it is her philosophy that machines and walls can be rebuilt.

Telona is still somewhat naive when it comes to dealing with humans and aliens. She is quick to pick up on things such as emotions but cannot fully understand aspects of being a Dark Jedi. It is a puzzling challenge she has been working on for many years now and sometimes she may seem overly cold one moment and then overly nice the next. It gives her what seems to be two personalities.

Despite her social shortcomings, Telona prefers to be alone. She can be found many times walking the halls or staring out a window. She carries a sad expression upon her face during these times. This stems back to her past as well. She does not know love anymore and does not seek it from any human or alien. Her only real ties to anyone are her loyalty to them and through that she would die for them.

Overall, she’s a quiet and calculating person. She can have a temper but for the most part she keeps that in check. She can be somewhat impatient to the younger Journeymen but won’t kill them just because they are in her way. Mercy is the only thing she shows too much of.

Well I hop that helps a bit more. I always push for people to fill out their character history so that others can read this for run-ons and such. It makes things easier when you have to write about them.


29-06-2006 12:59:11

Well, I doubt that anyone cares to hear more about me, since I'm hardly ever around...but, what the hell. I'll type it up anyways!

Jason's general demeanor is stoic and serious, but, every so often, he goes through a spat of sillyness. This trait usually shows itself when in people around him are being too serious, and he'll make some off-hand, sarcastic remark to lighten the mood a little. He's not very fond of arrogance, either, and is constantly beating himself down, rather than let any sort haughtiness rot his soul. The only time when any of his downtrodden arrogance shows through, though, is when he's in the heat of a battle. He's the kind of fighter to swagger into the middle of a confrontation, grinning all over himself, and assail his opponent with his unorthodox martial arts style.

Physically, Jason a fairly large. He stands roughly six feet tall, and weighs a good 230-250 pounds. However, most of that weight is muscle. Being hard-driving in his own training, he's toned his body into a fit fighting machine, with very little fat content. While not as strong or intimidating as Oberst, he's still no weakling, either. He can dish out quite a lot of damage with one punch or kick, and lift almost twice that of the average human male.

In terms of Force useage...he doesn't really. He mainly focuses his abilities towards those that help him in battle, such as telekinesis, and anything that augments his perceptions, speed, strength, and allows him to jump super high. That isn't to say, though, that he doesn't use other powers, he just simply prefers not to. Sure, he can affect someone's mind, read their thoughts, or foretell the's just that he's fighting someone more than he isn't, and has simply focused his attention on the abilities of the Force that assist him in combat.

Well, that should be about it. Oh, yeah...I'm Corellian, too, if anyone needs to know that.


29-06-2006 14:27:12

Just a quickie for me (cause I'm busy writing and my descriptions can be found on my dossier): I'm a Mon Calamari. Doni'Tzu is the Yevethan.

More exciting bulletins as events warrants :D


30-06-2006 17:20:55

Spears holds his Clan above all, with his family coming in a close second. The recent attempted assassination of his wife and the attacker still at large has greatly destabilized the Adept; this coupled with the disappearance of Master Caerick has Spears standing on the edge of complete insanity. Spending more and more time using the sight of the Marked to track both his wife’s assailant and his second Master has only served to increase the delusions he suffers. While he is no longer in complete control his sense of loyalty keeps members of his Clan generally safe from his delusions and insanity. Spears has been calling on the Dark Side more and more to keep himself going and it has begun to completely consume him. While it has granted him great power it is also killing him.

Spears is an Elder of the Clan, a Master of Dark Lore and with the disappearance of Master Caerick the Eldest of the Marked. Spears has chosen the Path of the Watcher as his path thru the Powers of the Necromantic. The Adept uses a single lightsaber and is a Master of the Dueling styles; he has also been known to carry one or both of his Sith Swords.

Further info can be found in my dossier #3305 and a picture is included in my character sheet, which can be found on my dossier.


30-06-2006 20:51:54

Armus is a male human. (Man, I feel so... common. :P) Six feet tall, relatively slender. Blond hair cut close, and a short Vandyke beard.

Armus has always been more of an Imperial than a Dark Jedi, and as such usually reserves the use of the Force as a last resort. His rank more reflects raw power than any particular skill with the Force, its very unpredictable nature is why he normally abstains from its use. For all intents and purposes he lives on the Corsair, supervising fleet operations. Wears a vaguely millitaristic plain black outfit while on duty. Not particularly fond of emotion in general, he always tries to calculate gain versus losses before embarking on any venture, instead of relying on impulse. Has no compunction about retreat if needed. Simply put, prestige and honor mean nothing unless you have victory, and Armus is willing to do nearly anything to accomplish that for himself and Tarentum.

There is no excuse for defeat, and victory requires none.



06-07-2006 12:25:34

Here's the description on Lord Khyven.

Khyven - Tall (nearly 7' tall). His dark armor is visibly ancient, but well kept. The fine etchings on the armor look like scratches, but if you stare at them long enough, you notice that they resemble the weird symbols on some of the paintings and reliefs that line the halls of Castle Tarentum. For those Equites and Elders who have been allowed into Master Zero's tower, they resemble the symbols on the few books (real, honest to god books) that grace the shelves of Master Zero's study. His voice is acidic, and echoes slightly within his helm. The visor to his helm does not go up, and he never removes it. In fact, his skin is never exposed. On the off chance that it is exposed, his body looks mummified, the skin runs tight and smooth over the sharp angles of bone.

As a note, someone else might probably get the Keeper's involved again, so some background info on them first. They reside in another underwater structure (the Castle being submerged), and are rarely seen by the rank and file. The Tarentae have constant access to the Keeper's, being the only ones that know where the Ziggurat is. When they do decide to show their faces, Master Tel'Ratha is usually the visible one. He's a sort of everyman. Not too tall, not too short. He doesn't hunch over, but he doesn't stand tall. The only noticeable detail about him, is that his skin is patchworked. Parts of it may be pale, parts of it may be black, parts of it may be brown, etc. And you can always see the stitching from where the patchwork of skin was added. Master Shade doesn' much. Not only does he wear heavy robes, but his skin is constantly bandaged, much like a leper. One is more likely to hear Master Shade, rather than see him, if he deigns to address you. He remains carefully hidden in shadows and darkness, and doesn't travel to well lit areas.


07-07-2006 09:02:38

Name: Welshman Corsair Tarentae
Age: 31
Species: Human
Homeworld: Yaga Minor
Height: 1.90m
Weight: 105kg
Description: Relatively tall and well built Welshman was in one way grateful that he was destined to fly for the Empire rather then the Rebellion as his frame would never have made him comfortable in the confined cockpits of Rebel fighters. Unkempt brown hair adorns the portion of his crown visible from underneath the construct he wears to afford him sight after he lost his eyes in a military campaign for the Empire. His optical goggles at first seem an archaic, ancient from of prosthesis, large, bulky and covered in small bits of machinery which whirr and click at random intervals. Several lenses on the device collect light from right across the spectrum and translate them into impulses his brain can comprehend. Not only can the goggles allow him to see in a range greater then a baseline human it also serves him as a pair of macro-binoculars and a holo-recorder allowing him to gather valuable information.

Personality wise Welshman’s training in the Dark Side has bestowed upon him a confidence which some who are unfamiliar with him would call arrogance. Cold logic and ruthless determination are his companions when dealing with matters of importance or dealing with people he knows nothing about or despises with a reputation of being extremely sarcastic in such situations irrelevant of how damaging such an attitude may be. With friends and companions however his behaviour is completely different. Jovial and warm with a wicked sense of humour, indeed one would doubt his dedication to the Dark Side if a stranger were to walk in on him at one of these moments. Anger and spite however are never far from the surface and like the rise and fall of the tide their resurgence is inevitable.

His prowess in a fighter has increased making him the equivalent of any regular Imperial or Rebel squadron, indeed during the tumultuous years following the destruction of the second Death Star over Endor his instructors had high hopes of him joining the elite 181st squadron, this ambition never came to fruit and his hopes of joining with such elite faded with the successful Rebel invasion the world he was garrisoned at.

His one other passion before he became aware of the Force was marksmanship. He was rated as a sharpshooter with handgun weapons and an expert marksman with rifles due to the hours he spent as a young man with his family and other loyal Imperials slaying the aliens indigenous to Yaga Minor.

Welshman is always seen wearing his Sith robes irregardless of the situation and he refuses point blank to don armour to go into battle preferring to trust in the Force to keep him alive and not some technological miracle material. Clipped to his belt is his pride and joy, a sabre he constructed upon ascension to Knighthood and with which he becomes an agent of death to all those who would dare besmirch him or his Clan.


07-07-2006 22:58:44

Character Description of Minaith Sythe’rae

Minaith is young, teenage human, about five feet and seven inches tall and approximately 59 kg. He has pale white skin, white hair down to his neck, and red eyes. He is slim and does not have much muscle tone. His most notable feature is the Sythe’rae symbol tattooed around his right eye.

Minaith likes to wear his recently constructed Jedi Hunter robes.

Minaith’s arsenal consists of a vibroknuckler, two punch daggers, and his custom weapon, the Dragon Fang. I have copied and pasted the description of this weapon below.
The Dragon Fang is a katana-like weapon(one or two handed) with a black hilt and a silver blade. It also has mystical runes along the blade that give it a blood red glow, and allow it to cut through most substances with more ease than a normal sword, and makes it unbreakable(except against lightsabers). It also causes the eyes of its wielder to turn red.
Minaith is not very fond of ranged weapons in battle, unless they cause some sort of explosion, like a grenade launcher.

Fighting Style
Minaith is not the strongest jedi this side of Endor, so he relies on tactical ingenuity and his agility to win battles. He has been known on occasion to enter into a state of blind rage whenever he feels that he is losing a fight. Minaith also tends to use Force attacks along with physical, as he believes in balance of mind and body as the sign of a true warrior. In hand to hand combat, Minaith uses primarily the Shadow Fist form, and also the Knifist form.


11-07-2006 17:46:01

Name: ShadowFoxx "Demosthenes"
Hieght: 6'2"
Weight: 200 lbs
Species: Zabrack/Chiss


SF joined the emporer's hammer when he was young many years ago and not even a day went by before the imperial remnant force discovered that he was force adept. Therefore he was assigned to the SSD Avenger and joined the Brotherhood. His skill as a pilot quickly increased under the tutalge of Dras Hempor until in a short while he would best his instructor. In the force, he continued to learn from Lady ShadowHawk and SHW Commadore Firefox.

He joined Tau squadron as the grand master's escort and elite dark jedi squadron whom's roots run deep in Tarentum. Later he left the squadron to become wing commander on the brotherhood Super Star Destroyer and eventually taking commadore. However, he could not stay out of the cockpit and eventually would serve Tau 2 more times.

Under the apprenticeship of Grand Master Firefox he grew to be a deadly assassin as well as vital to gathering intelligence information. This was also known to Troutrooper whom used his services as a personal agent as well with-in the imperial intelligence community. During the split however he remained under the apprenticeship of Grand Master Firefox.

In the aftermath ShadowFoxx retreated to do nothing but study martial movements and reflect. Upon his return he served as protection and CoG for GM Jac for a while only again to retreat into solitude.

When he came back he was quite different. No longer young in lust for glory or rash. This calm assassin awaits to serve Tarentum and Firefox well. With the knowledge of his starfighter prowess he has been given command of Tarentum's Star fighters as the Clan CAG (Commander Air Group).

At times he is very quiete and at other times he can be heard making sarcastic comments about some one or some thing. He likes to get a rise out of people and mess with thier emmotions to put people in a weak state. The only group of people he can stand to commune with are those of Clan Tarentum. Otherwise he is short with outsiders and does not pay them mind. He is very much to himself and keeps to the shadows. He is very much a warrior philospher in heart but this is not known to others.

Physical: ShadowFoxx is not very strong and is of average strength for a zabrack his size. However, he more than makes up for this in his inhuman dexterity, grace, and speed in combat. A person of the shadows, naturally as an assassin... he does not like daytime operations. IF he has to he will operate outside during the daytime... but he perfers darkness whenever possible. Eyes are Green, and he has purple vestigile tatooes in the way of the Zabrack.

Weapons: When piloting he preferes his A-9b the "Xenocide (Tau 4) He does carry poison Shurikens with him. His duel custom light sabers are sais with the saber blade extending from the middle. They are duel phase if he ever finds that he only has one. In sai mode they are purple. In saber mode they are light blue.

Clothes: Usually seen wearing a ninjsk dark jedi uniform. When in combat a head wrap is on and only eyes exposed.

Remdan Tyranius

21-07-2006 15:27:06

(As all of the others, my history and other information can be found in my dossier.)

Remdan Tyranius is a Kel'Dorian. He is approx. 5'9" and weighs around 150 lbs. His long jet black apprentice cloak flows down until almost touching the ground to make it seem like he is hovering instead of walking. Like other members of the DB, he also wears is cloak's hood low down past where his eyes should be at almost all times.The only time he is said to get rid of his cloak is when entering battle with an opponent.Though he may still be working towards getting a training saber and lightsaber, he is no newcomer to a blaster. This is because he is a former, very notorious bounty hunter from the Coruscant system.While he was serving as a bounty hunter, he was shot many times.However, one of these times he was shot in a joint right between his torso and arm armor, thus leaving a large dark black scar with long black zig zag stripes going halfway down his left arm. Though he is no padawan to battle, he still has much to learn of the ways of the dark side of the force and is very ambitious to do so.