Full List of alleged crimes


21-06-2006 16:40:58

If this list will help you guys in anyway and so you can have it easily accessible:


During a routine training exercise in the Aeotheran jungle some
Journeymen found an abandoned speeder belonging to Tarentum. Forensic
analysis revealed traces of high explosives.
A blaster registered to Clan Tarentum and set to overload was recently
found lodged in a waste dispoal chute on the cruiser Vengeance
A droid powered fighter was recently intercepted as it attempted to make
a kamikaze run on the Excidium. Its markings had been badly erased and
traced back to Tarentum.
Fragments of robes bearing the Tarentum crest were recently discovered
onboard the Dark Seraphim. The Dark Jedi picking them up fell violently
ill and was barely saved. Laboratory analyses reveal a mixture of
several strong contact poisons.
During a routine patrol of the system, Quejo's TIE came across a sensor
probe that self-destructed as soon as it came within range. His ship
suffered heavy damage to one panel and had to be towed in. Fragments of
wreckage suggest the probe had originally belonged to the training stock
of Clan Tarentum


A remote, unguarded asteroid hangar of Tarentum's was inexplicably
depleted of supplies with no logs of them being taken. Tma'at DNA was
discovered on the site.
Welshman had to lodge multiple complaints against Clan Taldryan with the
Chamber of Justice after Taldryan consistently shortchanged them 5 to 12
percent of consumables acquired.
According to anonymous sources in the Council, the recent feud was
predated by a Tarentum complaint about Plagueis fighters practicing
strafing runs over the Tarentum HQ
An unknown toxin was recently discovered to have entered the water
supply of Castle Tarentum, fortunately it is believed to have caused
nothing more than light nausia. Inspection suggests it could only have
been created from a type of flower found in the Dajjora system
Hostilities between the rank and file members of Clans Naga Sadow and
Tarentum have been escalating due to the major boon of the treaty being
a personal favor to Trevarus (a fact very dispopular with the Tarentum
members who feel slighted), who has been missing.