Run-on Plotting

Sith Bloodfyre

17-06-2006 02:36:59

Hey all.

I figured I'd start up a new topic right fast, one which we can use to discuss plot ideas, and talk about things that we want to do, or accomplish within the run-on. Use this topic to brainstorm and pick up ideas, as well as to offer ideas for other people. We can help offer advice and ideas, and give everyone else a chance to pick up some creativity through group effort.

Have an idea? Toss it here. Need some help for an idea? Drop a line here. It's teamwork and group practice to help each other out, so let's do what we can to succeed as a Clan. Remember, we're all in this together. We also need as many people as possible to be active in the run-on, so do your part!


17-06-2006 17:27:11

Should we start an attack from/towards Taldryan?


17-06-2006 17:55:19

Do not fire unless fired upon. If you can confirm the first strike by Tal (let's wait for something along more official lines before starting with an all out assault this early in the runon).

Sith Bloodfyre

17-06-2006 19:04:28

Yeah, I'd keep aggression to a minimal here. For now, assume that Taldryan's ship is probably here to deliver another shipment of goods. Also assume that they'll continue to shave some of our profits. I think we need to act as if things are "going normal" at this point. In the Brotherhood, I'm sure there's some politics and backstabbing and minor irritation from all angles basically every day.


18-06-2006 00:03:53

I'd say the Tally ship could be carrying a diplomat to object to the tax and is wanting to discuss things with Welshman alone. The communications problems could be another strange equipment failure.

Now would be a good time for other members to write their character in, perhaps just their impression on what has been going on or small talk filled with suspicion.

Something that might cause a nice little plot twist would be the discovery of missing equipment when Oberst takes stock himself. Maybe discover a cover-up by whomever was in charge of the equipment.

Just throwing some non agressive things out there.


19-06-2006 12:44:01

To give some action and adventure to the Clan Doni, Oberst and I discussed the idea of assasination attempts being carried oout against the summits in following with the shadowy, covert attacks on the other Consuls. So if you summits want to, write your own assasination attempt on you and the rest of you can write what you're doing or your reactions to the attempt. Should cheer things up abit for us :)

Rekio Corsair

19-06-2006 14:22:04

I have to say, that the run-on is thus far dreadfully boring; which is not in any way the fault of our contributors, who as always write a good story. Nevertheless, I'm quite sure that it is due for the most part to the fact that the pile of [Expletive Deleted] to which Kaiann refers to as a "plot" is completely and utterly frivolous. With that said, how can we make this intresting? Our ability to work together to create a uniqe and dynamic story as demonstarted in the In the Shadows sotry can produce some of the best run-ons I've ever read. However, what we've been given to work with is no less than unentertaining drivel.

Anyway, I'm bored at work and don't know enough to make a post so time for some thinking out loud. Feel free to comment or to tell me to shut the hell up.

Doni has thrown out some good logical conslusions on where the overall story might lead and as best as I can tell the story is suppose to be one of those "support your ideas and you'll be right type things" so we should explore those possibilities (perhaps the Order of Serpentis or some such is involved??). I saw that Bloodfyre has put in a bid to get the Keepers involved, which is always intresting to see their interaction with the Clan. But so far the story is just Tarentae/Summit discussion and doesn't involve the Clan at large. The assassination will be a good chance to finally get some action (face it, action is entertaining) into the sotry. Let's also not forget the fiction asests we have to play on, with secruity issues being a promient concern in the system right now, the appointed military commands the Aegis platform will be key locations in the coming and going of the clan on/off Yridia II and others in/out of the system on their way to Haydian Way. Like wise, there are a variety of titles and such that will help govern the actions to be taken by individual characters.

Anyway, with Welshman under attack and Telona apparently "too soft" and thus being put out of the loop (or did I get that part wrong), I'd anticipate the Marshal taking charge of the Clan if Welshman wer.e to be incapacitated. Or possibly the Tarentae as a Council, which would make a good source of drama as we've seen it can do in RL. Who know what involvement the Keepers would choose to have, if any, though I'd leave those characters to Oberst and Bloodfyre to play with. Has anyone given thought to how this new taxiation will affect our own trade within the sector, or will this be on which is only applicable to trade passing through the Shroud (i.e. trade between factions of the Brotherhood). And does anyone know if the other clans ever moved their systems? That could likely effect how they would react to our new demands and if they have any alternatives.

Though military actions makes for the greatest conflict, and thus the most intresting part of the sotry, I don't feel particularlly threatened by another pact between Acrona and Tally. As stated, our outside military assest alone could repel them, not to mention our alliance with CNS and CP and we have a stacestation ... tell invaders to suck on that!

Ok, so, I'm out of ideas for the moment; that's probably enough for now anyway.


19-06-2006 16:06:50

Believe me, this is quite possibly the stupidest theme/topic I've ever encountered for a Runon, and I recall the first DB-wide runon with an Erad Revbor or something...and that just turned into one huge gang bang at the end. This "plot" makes Erad look like The Cask of Amontillado or The Old Man And The Sea - it's that obscene (and I don't mean that in a happy fun Oberst style of obscene, I just mean that it's bad).

Just to help anyone else, here's what we do know (coupled with statements from Goat in conversation)

1) Speeder turns up on CNS homeworld, speeder bears Tarentum's markings
Tarentum does not have spare speeders, Goat stated that we have assets beyond what is "formally" listed. What's the likelihood of someone losing, since it would have to be reported and I'd end up seeing a Quartermaster summary on my desk somewhere about missing equipment? Recycled, was supposed to go to Arcona, but Muz or KaeK screwed up so we got the short end of the stick here. Same with the Blaster.

2) Poisoned water supply.
Goat conceeded that this wasn't likely since Yridia II is 99% water. Possibly one of the "recycled" clues that was originally supposed to go to Arcona.

3) Taldryan's failure to remit terms.
Goat was tight lipped on it, but it would be pretty stupid for any Clan to shortchange us considering we control the only mass market access that they have.

Anyway, I'm out of ideas. This thing isn't fun because it's so vague and convoluted. Can we just turn the runon into a list of why Kaiann's plot sucks? :P


19-06-2006 17:14:03

Reardless, we make do with what we're given. And whilst what we're given isn't exactly the best we need to show what makes this Clan good and salvage something out of this plot and turn this lump of coal into a diamond. Go forth and post!


19-06-2006 17:25:54

Yes, yes the plot sucks so far. What has been put up for a plot should have been up weeks before the actual GJW started. Blah, blah, blah. Live with it guys.

The current RO is supose to be more of suspecision and events taking place to bring about more suspecision. Attempts on summit and Tarentae lives is a good start for members to write themselves in and add rumors. This plot so far looks to break down the small amount of trust clanmates have, remember we are Dark Jedi.

I've tried to start those threads of mistrust with my post and Sith continued it with his. Aside from Welshman, he should be the only one to really pick up on Telona's indifference and 'softness'. If someone were to come along and have Welshy in the medlab and me not there looking in on him or missing altogether, that'd be a good place to start a nasty rumor.

The 'clues' we were given were possible rumors themselves.

1. The speeder and the blaster. These items have potential despite being recycled. We could back track them to Tally. Tally purchased them in our name with our profits they've stolen. OR These items could have been from our equipment and just reported as being destroyed. A reportedly destroyed blaster or speeder is not really something for a quartermaster to investigate.

2. Poisoned water. Yes this one was off the wall but we went with it. So how could so much poison be dumped into the ocean and have an effect on us? Possibly some of the more disgruntled natives did this slowly over time. It's like ammonia building up in a fish tank only on a much grander scale. This could have been happening for a year or so before the levels got high enough to affect us. OR We could look at ocean currents and figure someone dumped a ton of poison into one of the currents that runs closest to the castle's water intake valves. The poison would be fairly diluted but it would require less effort on the poisoner's part.

3. The shortchange. What if Tally wasn't actually doing the shortchanging? What if its someone in our own clan who's embezzling money? It would be easy to blame another clan. 12% isn't all that much and might have gone unnoticed for a little while especially if the books were being cooked.

These are actually all good things to get rumors pumping through the clan. People can start finger pointing, break out in fights, or reenforce their loyalities. We need to get our members into this so they can start all this up. We also need to finish up the tension between some of our fleet and the Tally ship and continue to hit on the tax situation on Antei.


20-06-2006 00:06:44

Agreed. The plot sucks, but such is life. We can make Kaiann's life miserable after we win this thing.

I like the idea of having non-summit members start rumors. With the recent attempts on the summits' lives, people will talk. Heck, people will talk about anything, but this is juicy stuff.

Also, I would like to see Telona take more of a role. She's the PCON, she needs to be involved. Of course, what might be fun is have her investigate the speeder misplacement and poisoned water, then have her report say nothing happened. Then rumors could spread that she volunteered for the investigation because she was the perpetrator of those acts and knew this would be an easy way to cover her tracks and/or pin the damage on someone else.

/me wonders when he, the recent addition to the Clan and former enemy of the DJB, is gonna become a suspect :D

Rekio Corsair

20-06-2006 09:46:48

Telona should have more of a role: hell yes.

I completely disagree with the idea that the members turn against each other and start pointing fingers. Sure that what dark jedi would do, but [Expletive Deleted F-word] that. We're Clan Tarentum and that's no who we are. I'd rather see us play our the hardcore clan loyalty that most of us have. If you want to make it intresting, have that level of fanatical loyalty be our weakness, whatever. I just think all this "we're evil, dark emo jedi kids and don't trust each other" stuff is crap, that's not how Tarentum is.

And yea, if there are hit ours on all our promient members, there is going to be a lot of whipsers in the hall of Castle Tarentum. It might be one of those type of things where "loose lips sink ships."

As far as Tally being the real bad guy, well, we have plenty of people there we don't get along with (Pyralis). I ask myself what reason they would have to conspire against us since they already think they're the best (they won the last GJW), but there are plenty of people there who would love to see us fall apart for personal vendetta. Same goes for Acrona who they have a pact with. And between the two, there are plenty of "fallen" members of Tarentum who left in the wake of various turmoil. These people would all have intimate knowledge of the Clan and would obviously use that against us. I don't really know where I'm going with this, I'm just my mind wonder on how to spin things.


21-06-2006 02:16:47

Some confusion on where Summits are...Bf is on Yridia II, not in the Castle. Frosty is on Yridia IX or en route to Yridia IX. Everyone else and the rest of the Tarentae are in the Castle. Castle = sealed. I think a cordon sanitaire should be in effect, no one gets in or out without approval from me. Telona, too. Welshy is incapacitated.


22-06-2006 11:12:57

Something with the Order of Serpentis would be cool actually, the thing is... I'm actually a member of that and a student of FF, wanting a true sith to retake the throne. :: shrugs ::

Rekio Corsair

22-06-2006 12:13:55

When Bloodfyre took over as SHW, he denounced the Order of Serpentis as a radical Sith cult. In its place, we worked together to elaborate on the Sith'ari legend giving most of the same people (which should include Firefox) the new honorific.

But yea, the Order of Serpentis would be a good plot device because they're mixed into all the Clans, and if you read how some of the other Sith cults (Disciples of Ragnos, Naddist, etc) have acted, this is exactly the type of thing they do. Being in the various Clans, they'd have some intimate knowledge of how the Clans work, rivalries, ect and be able to exploit that through agents within the Clans.

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

22-06-2006 13:08:20

I know this is strickly for plotting, but I have a question. My computer is not letting me access the run-on, but I can access everything else on the GJW forum for us. Does anyone have any Idea how I could be able to read it?

Rekio Corsair

22-06-2006 15:31:26

Draven, I don't have the slightest clue why you can't access it. If you can get to this thread, you should be able to access the run-on as well. Are you experiencing any particular problem when you're trying to load it? Getting any errors, its slow loading, anything of that sort? Don't know if it would help, but it might help to clear your browser's cache - easier to start small and work your way up. Be sure to send me an email if you're still having problems.


22-06-2006 17:47:13

Am I the only one who's confused? :(

Perpetrator is someone in Tar = wrong cause that's not how Tar does things
Perp is someone from another Clan = wrong cause the Clans just announced they've never ordered any attacks against other Clans.
DC is behind everything = no proof
Another group is behind everything = no proof (and where would uninformed writers such as myself get info regarding these groups?)
Everything is one, big misunderstanding = completely lame

If there's another scenario I'm not seeing, please post it. If not, should we simply agree on one of the above and use that as the basis for our run-on, whether it's true or not?


22-06-2006 19:29:04

I think we should actually explore the first two. The perp could be someone from within the clan (hence the whole suspcision and rumor thing) or it could be someone who was once from our clan (which is very likely).

I think we should just continue our run-on as we have been doing and see where the GJW plot goes.

Sith Bloodfyre

22-06-2006 19:58:32

Actually, I have to agree. No one within Tarentum would pull a stunt like that. In the past, any members who have had issues have left, and have bitched and complained, but done little else. Fictionally, that represents people having "bad splits" that cause emotional issues (we know there's too many emo Dark Jedi running around), but even in "wayward children," there has never been an attack on "our own." It's just not the way things work.

As far as some "outside force," it's hard to say. The problem is, currently, there's too much crap being flung around to define exactly who/what the issues have been caused by. Probably the best solution is to leave them "unknown," assume they have access to hit us in moderate-to-severe ways, send out some people to "collect intelligence" (which likely yields little-to-nothing in the beginning), and factor in other things. One thing everyone needs to remember -- the universe doesn't stop just because of "a GJW." While all this crap is going on, there's still going to be the run-of-the-mill stuff.

Maybe even have the "unknown assailant" duck into hiding for a while, knowing that they've left (perhaps) too much of a trail as is, which is still not enough to figure out who it is. Things stay on a heightened alert, other stuff happens. It's also quite possible that this may not be caused by a living entity, but by the dead. If Tarentum is the Clan of Death, and the souls beyond have "unimagineable power" (Obi-Wan hinted at something to that effect in ANH), then we may start looking into alternative possibilities for these attacks. Or for the reason behind these attacks.

Then again, we could just blame it all on the Yridian sheep flocks, looking for vengeance against our beloved Consul.

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

22-06-2006 22:27:09

As I am now able to access the Run-on thread ( Thanks to Sith Bloodfyre's cache suggestion) I guess I should join in on the plotting. I noticed how the people participating in the run-on are all "needed" in the debate situation going on. So how would a Protector enter? Also, with the last thing about the reference to "unimaginable power" among the dead, are you suggesting that the perpatrator would have some connection to or be one of the dead? Just trying to keep up.

* Walks off into corner and ponders* Maybe my flight member position could work me into this. Chasing the assailant? No, I would be in no connection to the rest of the plotline. Any ideas, anyone?

Sith Bloodfyre

23-06-2006 03:50:05

Actually Draven, I think that was Rekio's suggestion. ;) The thanks goes to him. We're glad that you can access the run-on now.

As far as the assailant (or multiple assailants) having connections to the dead, yep, that's a possibility. Tarentum is the Clan of Death; that is, our Clan's powers are Necromancy, and we not only have power over death and the dead, but I'd imagine we have enemies among the dead, as well as the living. It's just one option to consider.

As far as how you would be connected and "enter," your entrance is just being a part of the Clan. You would be involved through having been in the Castle (since Tridens lives in Castle Tarentum), and perhaps you have seen some of the strange things, and have decided to help with the investigation. Or, alternatively, maybe you are apprenticed to someone involved in trying to discover things. If you haven't yet found a mentor, I'd be glad to offer my help as a master. If you'd like that, I'll be in touch, and we can figure out ways for you to place yourself into the run-on.


23-06-2006 06:29:50

My vote goes for the sheep flock. Those bastards have started becoming cold and restless recently. I think I should just let Spears loose on them, teach them some respect.

And to second what Tel said, we should just carry on with the run-on in the vain we've established and see where the GJW taakes us (if anywhere).

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

23-06-2006 10:38:17

I am sure that Castle Tarentum has a hangar bay, correct? Well, maybe that original assialant is working with somebody else. Altough it would only add to the problem of " Who did it?" It would also give an explanation of how all those bombs went off at the same time. The perpatrator could attempt to destroy the hangar bay, sensing that we are becoming angry, and commiting a last ditch bombing to keep us out of the war.

None of these really matter, only suggestions. I am trying to think of how to add on to the story and enter at the same time.

Oh, and , too answer you question, Bloodfyre. JH Sepiroth Storm is my mentor.


25-06-2006 22:56:55

I've read a lot of the posts, and yes it does suck. I do have an idea though. other than the fight between our and Tally's ships, maybe there could be a paramilitary force of radicals. They could take matters into their own hands.

For instance, they could hunt down and arrest innocent and guility, making havoc in the Castle until Welsh is back.

But that is just an idea, what do you guys think?

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

25-06-2006 23:14:59

Would these radicals be actual players, or would they be stircly NPCs? If they are people, I could be one of them.

"Listen! Listen! Listen to the newbie trying to get himself in the story! LISTEN!"


26-06-2006 00:32:05

You become a 'radical' and I'll kill you quickly or order you killed.

You could start your character out with the room to room search that is to take place or in the cockpit doing extra patroling. You could even start with being on one of these teams I ordered. If anything you could just be laying low on one of our many ships, spreading rumors or listening to them.

I know you guys are wanting action, action, and more action but right now things are to be low key. It may be boring to some of you but it makes for a great buildup to what is to come. You can try your whole radical thing but remember who your PCON is. >:)


26-06-2006 00:32:22

The problem with anyone siezing the Castle would be access to. No one aside from Clan members is allowed past the Itanna Belt. And the planet is 99% water. The Castle is under water. To get at the castle, you'd need to get past our forces, past the Platform Aegis and then somehow storm and take the hangar. In addition, the native population on Yridia II is pretty much at the Feudal tech level, except for what equipment we have given them to fish and harvest kelp and other foodstuffs.

Rekio Corsair

26-06-2006 09:02:27

Isn't the Itanna Belt out past the orbit of Yridia IX?

Still, Oberst is right, no one is going to move in system to Yridia II without a full fleet prepared capable of fighting off interceptions and taking the Aegis.

As for the radicals (if you really want to call them that), we do have two or three titles that fit the bill of "hunting down and arresting guilty parties," Seraphi Ater and Equite Noctis being two that come to mind. And there are a lot of vigilante-type personas in the Clan, but I'd rather see people acting with direction (currently under Telona's while Welsh is dreaming about sheep) rather than several factions forming to administer their own brand of justice.

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

26-06-2006 12:35:56

We have to keep it lowkey? Great. I wrote a 2 page post involving the hangar bay getting blown up. But then again, not all that lowkey. Guess I gotta start from scratch.


26-06-2006 17:28:34

Well you do know the hanger bay of Tridens is underwater and an explosion there would damage the walls holding that water back, flood the bay, and make an all around mess. We don't really want to do that to ourselves now do we? An explosion in say, Gladius' hanger bay might be easier to clean up and give those folks something to write about.


26-06-2006 17:32:14

Yes, but then there's a chance of venting the whole base to vacuum and/or damaging the cloak on the base. It's a bit easier to breath water then it is to breath nothing ;P


26-06-2006 17:57:25

Yes, but then there's a chance of venting the whole base to vacuum and/or damaging the cloak on the base. It's a bit easier to breath water then it is to breath nothing ;P

Definitely easier, if not preferable to breathing air :D

Seriously, anyone planning an attack must also have an escape plan (unless they're 1. suicidal or 2. legendarily stupid). Perhaps destroying the hangar on the way out would be better, or leaving a timed explosive.

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

26-06-2006 19:07:37

Wait, I thought we were talking about not destroying the hangar. If we are, I already have a post to set it up. I could quickly edit my post before posting it to work in the water and flooding of the hangar upon detonation. I am sure that Tarentum would have some precautions.Besides, we are a VERY Smart clan. Wouldn't we have precautions incase someone blew up the hangar. Like an Auto-Sheild that holds off the water for an alotted time until we can fix it?


26-06-2006 20:19:44

There's also the problem with the escape. We have specially designed shuttles for underwater travel. It'd be hard to do an escape in anything but those shuttles and I don't expect they go very far outside their route from the planet to Aegis.

How about foiling a plot to destroy the hanger bay? Be part of that group going around searching rooms and stuff.

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

26-06-2006 22:00:45

Sure. I can do that. But I have to think of some people that would be in the group. And how to stop the bomb? Open an airlock and hurl it deep into the ocean?


27-06-2006 19:31:54

Ok. It seems we've become slightly bogged down with planning the details and not writing much in the RO. So sorry for being a dictator but we really need to get this Run-on moving with some posts which move the story along.

Now we've had a lot of ideas here and I'd like to see some of them implemented. One of these being some groups going out searching for bombs or other devices planted around Castle Tarentum or any one of our bases in Yridian space (check the Tarentum website). These groups provide an excellent excuse for you to get whole circles participating as each group searching for a device could be one full circle. Regardless I'd be obliged if someone could work up a post with this.

The Taldryan ship in our dock. While repairs are being conducted and Rekio mining the datacore for information you could be part of the team "repairing" the ship. I.e going over it and looking for info. If we do find something of interest on the ship perhaps someone could post an act of sabotage against the ship while its in our base? Again, just a thought.

Telona's meeting the Captain of the Taldryan ship to hand over the prisoner, that's all well and good. Maybe someone can be part of her entourage up to the station? This is at Telona's discretion, talk with her first about this one.

I'd also like to bring the Gladius base more into this fiction. I would be grateful to any Gladius member who will post something about their base or indeed anyone who can feasably bring them in.

Anyway, it's getting late. I'll try to have a coherent plot direction by tomorrow after work.


06-07-2006 12:39:33

Just a quick recap of where everyone is:

Bloodfyre, Kane & Oberst - Council room of Castle Tarentum, just off of the Grand Hall.

Spears & Welshman - Hospital Ward in Castle Tarentum

Elric, Telona & Rekio - Aegis

Trout & Donitz - Somewhere within the Castle. Note as a senior officer, Donitz would have auth to let people leave, bug him if you want to leave. I'm sequestered. :P


08-07-2006 14:31:30

I'll try a comeback and use Gladius I initialy intended. So much to read though. :( :P


16-07-2006 09:25:58

Yes, we need to bring Gladius into this.


But yeah, maybe investigate a strange going on in Sword's Sheath or something, just don't blow up the whole asteroid. And remember, we've caught the main perpetrator so there can't be many more large attacks.

Concentrate on the Taldryan attack and our response.

Maarek Stele

25-07-2006 02:46:35

Can someone even holding a rank of 'Apprentice' participate in this? Because so far I've only noticed senior member involvement.


25-07-2006 02:52:42

Yes. Everyone can participate.


25-07-2006 18:09:29

Definatly everyone can participate, the more the merrier


06-08-2006 22:17:52

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to throw out a quick comment for you to take into consideration as needed.

The reason for Anshar's rather quick decision to side with Red Jac was in order to get close to the Jac to determine whether he is real or fake, if at all possible. Telona's comment about me moving to fast inspired this, and the upcoming DV article I wrote.

So, if you need it, use it. If not, ignore this.