Conventions of epic style poetry

Gobhainn Sgath

17-10-2011 12:09:36

Epic style poetry format

1. It opens in medias res (In the middle of action Partway into the story)
2. The setting is vast, covering many nations, the world or the universe.
3. Begins with an invocation to a muse.
4. It starts with a statement of the theme.
5. Includes the use of epithets (Descriptive phrases that are repeated often).
6. Contains long lists (epic catalogue).
7. Features long and formal speeches.
8. Have Supernatural interventions(interferences)
9. Primary characters have exceptional items/weapons
10. have epic digressions (repetition of part of story told before so they don't forget it: usually digression's retold parts relate to part that speaker is about to tell)
11. "Star" heroes that embody the values of the civilization.
12. Uses dactylic hexameter: In dactylic hexameter each foot may have a long syllable followed by two shorts, except the last, which has only two syllables, the first being long; any of the first four feet may have two long syllables.

Teia Coran

19-10-2011 00:15:39

Thanks for the list of conventions!

I just hope we don't have to write in dactylic hexameter...