RO Summary


09-10-2011 03:17:33

K, so this should be a brief summary of the RO so far, will try and keep it updated, but if people don't mind summarising their own posts that would be fab :)

Week 1 Orders: War has been called on the Jedi of Odan-Urr and their home planet of New Tython. You have just received word to prepare and meet the rest of the Dark Council fleet before making your way to New Tython and attacking.

Anubis: Sid/Ash/Yacks/Shadow/Rig/Ben on Justice Comm Deck – Tal has been summoned to meet DC fleet above Antei – trouble with Odan-Urr Jedi. Plan: Old Folks Home to recon, main forces meet DC fleet. Plan for main forces – Vigilance on Justic in Hyperspace, Noobis to Prophet to organize fleet. Noobis (on Prophet) reports that fleet forming + getting ready to move to Hyperspace. Vanguard is staying in Kr’Tal system to protect it while rest of fleet moves out.

Ash: Ash/Sid on Justice: a bounty has been placed on Light Jedi sabers – concerned re internal war

Xander: Xander on Justice: prep for orders, Xander has been spending time with the crew so may know them better than others

Sid: Vice Admiral Slaxton/Sid on Justice: Sid announces potential for warm informs crew of plans, crew a little unsettled by this but move to stations

Bubbs: jumping into RO post on Justice, heading to comm deck to find BTL

Sena: On Justice: joins Bubbs, move to comm. Deck, briefed

Anubis: On Justice: Sid/Ash – Vanguard holding at edge of Kr’Tal system; HomeGuard fleet protecting Rybanloth System (esp Merach). Jac + Sid move to Dark Prophet II, Vardar in charge of starfighters on the Prophet from a TIE defender. Alanna + Bubbs move to Orthanc (Interdictor class). Amiz heading Hyperion Squad. Ash + Yacks to the Valor, Howie leading starfighters on Valor. Erinyes and Nubis on a Corellian Gunship each – providing support for Valor. Gobhainn commanding Sentinel. Vice Admiral Slaxton continuing command of Justice.

Corax: turns up in a shuttle to join Justice just before the jump to hyperspace

Week 2 Orders: New Tython has been invaded by Dark Brotherhood forces. Taldryan joins the fray on both counts. Taldryan is ordered to assist Naga Sadow in dealing with native New Tython forces

Anubis: Sid on Dark Prophet – Mandalorians have joined Tythonian Jedi to reinforce against DJB. Tal forces ordered to condition yellow. Vigilance all within Tythonian system, close to Naga Sadow forces. Jac reports Arcona suffering casualties. Orthanc ordered to stay at a distance and start gravity well generators. Valor, Stormwind and Flamewind to engage directly. Prophet and Sentinel to assist Sadowite fleet (co-ordinating with Final Way). All fighters launched, group troops prepared for invasion. On ground: Dropships in – Sena on board – msg from Shadow – orders for Muraght and Kaltace battalions to assist Sadowite forces upon arrival

Gohhainn: on Sentinel with co-pilot Commander Yrrdanni Szel (Zeltron female, red skin) – placing ship outside Sadow’s targeting range to provide flanking support so minimal risk of being betrayed by CNS. Planning on heavy assault – disable enemies defense, then shields and engines – attacking high power weapons from close range, focusing on large transports and smaller capital ships – primary heavy laser turrts, turbolasers and missile launchers first, must be less than half a click away before firing.

Sena: landed on New Tython - assigned a team (De’Jar, Vrax, Zimmer and Denezz – 3 male, one female).

Yacks: on Valor with Ash – commanded by Saiff Hessen. Letting the commander do his job ? Communiction with Dark Prophet – fighters busy but doing well, Mando forces heavy fighting, Shadow has set up a forward command post on ground, waiting for more forces before moving in, not rendezvoused with Sadow forces yet as lots of little blue tree huggers in the way.

Bubbs: on Orthanc with Alanna, commanded by Commodore Kordoo: gravity well generators started, prep for combat

Ash: On Valor with Yacks: Ash fed up of standing on a bridge, planning to meet up with ground forces. Golari Battalion on ground: Sithspawn + Dralin Forte – Ash meets up, Sithspawn not impressed at meeting up + supporting Sadowite troops, Sadowite troops report they are 50 clicks northeast of Menat Ombo (Shin’ichi reporting)

Gobhainn: on Sentinel – taking a beating but weakened many enemy vessels. CNS pilots doing a good job of catching Sentinel in blast radii + concussion missiles. Gobhainn rather likes Szel…. Reports to Dark Prophet II that Sentinel returning to Battlegroup Vigilance as low on ordnance.

Sid: Shadow on ground with Ateliuc Battalion between central mountain and Menat Ombo: area secure, primary objectives met – Shar with Kaltace battalion, minimal casualties, ready to form up for Operation Ferran’s Spear. Go ahead given to begin Operation FS. Sid gives Shadow free reign in actions with CNS allies, requests comm. Link with Con Methyas

Week 3 Orders: The battle rages on as the Mandalorians and light jedi managing to hold their own against the combined forces of the Brotherhood. The Dark Council has joined into the fray. The Deputy Grand Master has descended upon your battle field, along with more enemy reinforcements in the form of battle droids. Taldryan, along with Naga Sadow, are tasked with assisting the DGM and clearing the remaining forces.

Bubbs: Sid orders available members to surface to assist ground assault. Bubbs enroute to join Sena, Lannie remaining in command of Orthanc


16-10-2011 23:44:13


Sena: Waiting for Bubbs to join him, and continues hunting the Jedis.

Yacks: Ground forces pushing forward toward Ombo with Halc.

Ben: Sniper team advancing on Enemy positions, small unit has ventured pretty close to other Clans.

Teia: Small Sniper Team with Ben ambushed by Mandalorians.

Week 4 Orders: Arcona, Tarentum, Naga Sadow, Taldryan, Scholae Palatinae and Plagueis have all begun to converge on the same point as they make the final thrust at Odan-Urr and their allies. The blending of Houses and Clans causes chaos between the "allied" forces, and old tensions rise in the midst of battle

Yacks: Ben & Teia fight Mandalorians, Howie supports from the air. Tensions erupt with Arcona forces as one of their jedi kills one of our troopers. Shadow declares open season on other Clans except Naga Sadow.


17-10-2011 15:36:32

Bubbs: Bubbs meets up with Sena, Mandalorians closing on their position

Gobhainn Sgath

18-10-2011 02:22:36

I am about to start a new sub story.

Gobhainn in the Sentinel has heard the call for Rainbow and decides to free up Taldryan's troops to focus on who is attacking them rather than capturing the primary target, The Jedi Temple. He returns the Sentinel to the Valor and has it loaded with Heavy rockets.

Ash on the Bridge gets notified by the armory about the requisition and gets curious since there are no longer any heavy targets in nearby space. Calls Gobhainn to the bridge to explain. Gobhainn explains that he's going to bomb the temple to eliminate the Jedi rallying point and Command and Control center. This will disrupt the local chain of command and allow Taldryan troops to concentrate on those forces attacking them rather than trying to capture the temple.

Ash does not like the idea as she knows Muz wants artifacts and documents stored at the temple. Yet she can not deny the logic that as Aedile it is her responsibility to preserve Taldryan Forces and Interests and with the temple gone, Taldryan Forces can focus on defense.

So while she reluctantly gives the go ahead for Gobhainn's plan, after he has left the bridge, she communicates with Shad and Ben the necessity to capture the temple as qiuckly as possible. If it can be capture quickly, she can call the bombing off and please Muz while still having served Taldryan's interests by allowing the bombing if they can't capture the temple. Besides, all the valuable stuff would be in protecte underground vaults ... wouldn't it.

Secondly, from somewhere a few new battle droids have appeared and are fighting with the Jedi and Mandos. It seems somebody got their hands on some YVH-1 battle droids. and they are defending the approaches to the city. These bastards are nasty, guys. look them up.

Feel free to discuss this here, but I would like to start the story some time later today.


18-10-2011 08:14:00

I'd prefer if you didn't start this story, to be perfectly honest. Add in giving some support to our troops, or something like that, but subplots and stuff at this point in the game will only serve to confuse.

We really don't need extra subplots, or anything like that going on.
We basically just want to focus on attacking the city, finishing off odan-urr, and trying to get out in one piece.