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02-10-2011 19:00:21

Before we continue, this is NOT a thread to argue on. If you begin to bicker about petty things, I will not hesitate to escalate things and come to you directly about it.

With that, this is where I expect you ALL to check before you go start to write a post on the Run-On. This is where the Summit and other privileged members will be giving (for lack of better words) orders and or ideas on what to post, to make sure that the RO is staying in the right direction.

These privileged members are: Shadow Taldryan, Keirdagh (Yacks) Taldrya Cantor, Anubis Annedu, Ashia Kagan Keibatsu and myself. If either of the above state something to you directly or through this forum, please try and heed their orders. This is not to be nit-picky or pick on anyone in particular, rather to make sure we stay on target and on the real objective.

This is also a thread to ask any questions you want to in regards to the Taldryan Taste of Blood RO. Hopefully we can answer you before long. There also is no limit as to who can use this thread, and is not limited to those who were listed previously.

So, get to posting, gents!


04-10-2011 21:52:57

As I mentioned in my email to the House over the mailing list, also feel realism.free to post how your character interacts with others - so that they may be better written by others and we don't break realism in half like the fragile little twig it is. I'll start!

Personally, I'm trying to setup the main posts of the RO, as to give other members ideas on what they can do (while trying to furthering the story so that we meet the orders within the designated time limit). As Shad said, the whole point of a Run-On is to further the story; not have a million different posts about just your character. Try to branch out - writing other characters is easy, as long as you're aware of how they'd interact with others or just what their personality is right. The best way to do this is to first check their character sheets, wiki articles (if applicable), and most importantly... ask the member themselves! Who knows best than the character's player, right?

Here's an example for.. of course... Anubis! It's taken directly from his character sheet, because if someone can't get a hold of me, I still want them to get the jist of exactly what Anubis is about.

Anubis Annedu is strict. Having been involved with galactic military forces more then once, he has seen many things that have driven him to develop a strictly military personality regarding almost all matters. If someone strays too far from his standards, he will not hesitate to ensure they do not make the same mistake twice. Still, Annedu is quite proud of the work that he has accomplished; during his time as a soldier, as well as Dark Jedi. Taking away the Lorrdian's pride would cause him great anguish, and greatly diminish his ability to accomplish tasks.

During stressful situations Annedu remains relatively calm, but will sometimes break out in anger and will somehow find a way to shift his anger to the person closest to him; whether they did something wrong or not. Because Anubis is a Lorrdian, and was traditionally raised as one, he has the uncanny and unique ability to read people's emotions and intent from their physical actions alone called Kinetic Communication. A skilled practitioner such as Anubis can depict all sorts of emotions from a target's actions, including that of fear. Annedu is using this ability constantly to read them, interpreting their actions and studying them with a keen eye. Anubis is not known for going out of character very often


As well, Anubis is very respectful to those that have earned it. Usually, these are prominent members within the House and Brotherhood. He respects several leaders from other Houses and Clans, because he feels that they are all in it together - but still wishes Taldryan to excel just a biiit more than the rest. He's very loyal to Taldryan, and would sacrifice soldiers without hesitation to see it succeed. He has a very strong devotion to Shaz'air, having served alongside the guy on several occasions in leadership, and Ashia (who was a former master). If you need to know more about him, feel free to give his character sheet a look over. Usually I'd say take a gander at his wiki article - but it's still in the process of being rewritten and there's next to no information on it.

Good luck everyone! Feel free to do the same, and post what ideas you have here. Every post counts, and every participation point is one that is well earned!


05-10-2011 13:36:42

As well, please refrain from taking longer than an evening to write your post after placing your placeholder. Otherwise it just holds up the entire group. Thanks!


05-10-2011 14:29:57

Lokasena is a scientist, above all. People he knows closely, are his friends.
He knows Bubbles very well, considers her a close friend.
Sena was close friends with Sidarace, and still hates the man he considers responsible for his death; Vodo.
Lokasena has the most respect for the Lady Alanna. She has always been en example to him. As far as he is concerned, she is the pinnacle of "Krathyness".
With other people, Sena often displays a reserved decorum. Always analysing the situation, Always!!! He will never loose his calm. The only people who can achieve that, are the ones closest to him. And only if he feels betrayed.
When he speaks, it is often in long, complicated sentences. Except to his friends, which he respects too much to fool with that gibberish.

For a Krath, Sena is quite informal with rules and regulations. He knows them all, but sees them more as guidelines.
Even the laws of nature are there to be bended. which he often does, in his experiments.
Lokasena views the truth as a concept best left to the Gods.
He almost never tells the truth, because he honestly believes there is no such thing. it is merely an excuse for people who lack imagination.
He is an expert in lies. Both telling them and spotting them.

He might hate Vodo, but the two men know each other, and would never underestimate one and other.


05-10-2011 14:30:24

would also be good if people would disable their sigs on the RO posts. Just a tip.


05-10-2011 14:46:40

Yacks' Rules of Run-ons

  1. * Run your posts through a Spelling/Grammar checker before you post.
    * Avoid as much as you can making Rambo style posts that only you can continue with and tie up.
    * Focus on the Overall Goal of the Story, Not on your Character.
    * Don't be afraid to write other people.
    * Pick up where the last person left, MOVE FORWARD, leave it so the next person can pick up where you left off.

Gobhainn Sgath

05-10-2011 17:51:56

As a Coruscanti human of noble heritage, Gobhainn is a bit of a snob. He tends to look down on non-humans although he can accept near-humans. He is exceptionally proud of his heritage in Taldryan of which he has been a member since 15 ABY and is unwavering in his loyalty. He does view himself as the last scion of Archanis.

Gobhainn views himself as an exceptional pilot and not without reason. He may not be the best dogfighter, but send him up against any form of capital ship and he knows how to get the job done. (This comes from the fact that his family developed weaponry for the Imperial Navy, so Gobhainn knows both the ships and their systems, their strengths and weaknesses, intimately.)

Gobhainn tends to live a bit in the past. He has never really gotten over the loss of his best friend, Crix Madine. And even though Firefox has retired into near obscurity, Gobhainn still sees himself as the GrandMaster's personal agent and envoy. He tends to disappear out into wild space for extended lengths of time but does not discuss what hes has found.

Gobhainn is not a military man and only shows respect to those he feels have earned it. He is very informal and some would say rude and his extended periods of soliyude have done nothimg for his etiquette. However he has a very strong sense of honor and will be faithful to the extreme to those he chooses to serve and values those who serve under him and will do all he can to protect them. Contrary to the typical Sith, Gobhainn has a strong sense of loyalty and betrayal is the worst of crimes in his eyes.

And yet he is uncaring and amoral of strangers and enemies, he would destroy lives and slaughter iinnocents if that is what it took to achieve his goals.

One take several people aside, Gobhainn has developed a taste for raw meat, something that is rare in "civilized" human society.

Also remember that Gobhainn's eyes are extremely light sensitive and any light level that wou lbe considered normal for other humans will be painful and blinding to Gobhainn without his vizor. The vizor also allows him to see IR and EM radiation.

Ashia Kagan

05-10-2011 20:18:55

Ok, so quick little note on Ashia since we're posting stuff like that here. She is pretty quiet and reserved. Always observing. She is used to sticking to the shadows. She can kill quietly and disappear without a trace which is what makes her a great assassin. She is also very adept at obtaining intel, whether through her ties with Revan or of her own devices. She is very good at manipulation too, when it is called for. Think grifter. Mostly though, she doesn't speak too much as she's used to comminucating with her family mentally as is the Keibatsu way.

She is Muz's assassin in matters that need to be kept quiet. When an example needs to be made, that's when Fremoc comes out to play and believe me, there are plenty of examples that are needed so the FIST is kept VERY busy!

Her basic transition into Tal (which will be on my wiki as soon as I have time. :-P), is that she was sent under cover to Odan Urr to spy for the GM and discovered Mike Halcyon in ca-hoots with Ji and Rai. She wasn't the only one that discovered this, but it solidified things for the GM and gave him a reason to act.

Upon her return she was sent to Tal as Shaz'air's Aedile to aid in the growing alliance between Naga Sadow and Taldryan. At least that was what the report said. Because her mission to assassinate RH was discovered, she become more of a liability to CNS so the GM wanted her out of there. What better place then Taldryan, right? ;-)

Make no mistake. Ashia is loyal to Muz. Not the Brotherhood and not the Throne, but to Muz. She goes where he sends her. She is very close to her son, Sanjuro and also has Force ties to her brother-in-law, Shin'ichi.

Lastly, Ashia doesn't wear robes. She wears her warcoat, esp in battle. She also wears her long hair in braids (her hair is down to her ankles). She carries both sabers into battle and rarely if ever uses a blaster or anything similar.

If you have any questions that you aren't sure about, ask me. :-)


06-10-2011 01:09:42

Stuff about Yacks
-Human, Tall, Muscular, At this point in his late 50's early 60s (I haven't updated my character sheet for the new DB Timeline... still stuck in the EH days :P)
-Authoritative and Direct. Has spent most of his career in command, and when he speaks, he expects people to listen. Also doesn't have patience for pleasantries and fluffy talk.
-Fiercely Loyal to Taldryan, and extremely egotistical/proud about all Taldryan has accomplished and is capable of accomplishing.
-Renowned Starfighter Prowess makes him heady for battle and willing (and likely capable) to shoot down any pilot the Brotherhood at large can throw at him.
-Strong with a lightsaber, only fights with a single blade, pretty average at shooting anything with a blaster.
-Generally easy going, calm and collected and even humorous while in pitched battle, but knows when to buckle down and when to follow/give orders.
-NPCs and Military forces generally still refer to him as Admiral out of Military courtesy. Also makes him a good liaison to the troops.
-Not actually ranked DP, just DJM

Edit: And I honestly don't care what I'm wearing. Flight Suit, Duty Uniform, Robes. Naked as a jaybird. Done it all :D


06-10-2011 02:36:31

Thanks guys this is really useful, a few years back I could happily have written about the characters in Tal but am a little out of the loop these days so this is fab :)

So, Bubbles, has been in Taldryan since the year dot, her loyalty is firmly with Tal, and specifically Phoenix Phyle. She has never moved far beyond Phoenix, turning down offers of leadership positions in other Clans to stay close to her roots. While she generally has a very easy going attitude, and often comes across as not taking things seriously enough, there is a much darker side to her that those who know her well have had glimpses of over the years. Any holders of the Phoenix Medallion she will do everything in her power to protect, she was very loyal to Sid and Vodo, and Vodo's betrayal of Sid left her more than a little confused.

The current house leadership she doesn't know particularly well, and while she will obey their orders without too much questioning, she can be headstrong and if she sees other members of the team getting into difficulty she may be prone to interpreting those orders in her own special way (tho the good of the House will always come first). She will question orders that don't make sense, and is not afraid to speak out of turn, tho she is more likely to wait until she is alone with whoever gave the orders to question them, rather than risk undermining their authority in front of too many people.

Bubbs is certainly not one to stick to fighting fairly if backed into a corner, her up-brining wasn't the smoothest and she learnt at a young age that there's no point being honourable if it means you're dead...

Oh, and if she ends up near Vardar, don't forget he's her 'ickle Pixie', whether he likes it or not.

Hates wearing traditional robes, they get in the way far too much, pretty much anything else is fine (hmm, think I may regret saying that...).

Hope that helps a bit :)


20-10-2011 20:16:01

Xander is n't really quiet at all, he's outgoing and often very gregarious. He tends to have a pretty sadistic sense of humor, and likes puns. He is oretty unpredictable though, and not many peopl really know the real him. He is prone to inner monologues about what is going on. He's a good fighter.

In terms of alliance, he doesn't really say. However, he worked for Muz for a while, and his master was Shin'ichi Keibatsu.