Acc Targets

Hel-Pa Sklib

25-03-2009 17:34:31

Here's where everyone can post people they've fought in the ACC or know who are reasonably weak or not too strong of writers. I'll start off with a few:

Seabr'imsto'nedansr, aka Brimstone
Vai Azexel
Windos Helkin Tarentae
Etah d'Tana
Kodais Solatus


25-03-2009 17:45:56

I don't believe Windos is participating.

Vorion - Has a lot of battles going, so keep digging
Legorii - Talks smack about the Clan. Decent fellow to beat on
Horus Blackheart
Quejo - Tends to time out

Otherwise, go through the list and also challenge the more "active" people. They will probably accept, and may not have a ton of time to truly focus on your posts

Also, don't take on too much yourselves. There is only another week and a half to get challenges accepted, but you don't want to overtax yourself. Organize yourself so you have the time to get a good post in. if you can only do one post a day, then don't have more than 3 battles going. If you can do more, up the battles.