Need More Cowbell


11-03-2009 07:06:40

plot isnt moving cause nobody new is posting...

Aidan Kincaid

13-03-2009 00:25:43

Yacks is both sexy and correct. Keep posting people. I know it's sorta boring right now, but think of it as a chance to show off your inner monologue-writing skills.



14-03-2009 04:59:46

Bubbs, where are you?

I want to post, believe me.
But I already have 2 posts in.

In past RO's I was told to tune it down.
I'd love to post once or even twice a day, but that would probably gut the story.

I don't want that to happen, but I do so badly want to post.
RO's are my thing.
Lucky that Vardar's in. He always knows how to keep a story flowing.


14-03-2009 11:34:42

Due to the Orders of the week, there is only so far we can go with the story. We're hoping however for a larger variety of posters since it's a good time to get started. In later week though we should have more to do, so we can expand on things much more.

Tarax Kor

19-03-2009 01:51:25



23-03-2009 03:47:52

You called and I'm here Sena hun...just a little late ;)

Anywhere inparticular you want Phoenix to be heading?? Got to run to work now, but will try and get a post in in the next 24 hrs.


25-03-2009 12:42:32

Old people, post now.

I can't carry this RO alone


26-03-2009 03:03:23

I posted...need someoen else to take their turn now - common guys, it's been 2 days now, we should've had a whole plethora of posts by now!!!

Tarax Kor

30-03-2009 10:54:52